NAMS Symposium 2019 –  Shiela Asiago ’20, Biology/Pre-professional
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NAMS Symposium 2019 – Shiela Asiago ’20, Biology/Pre-professional

My name is Sheila Asiago, My research
project is called Chacco and Scandium Complexes Synthesis and
Characterization So my research project basically we synthesize and
characterize a series of charcoals and so we took the NMR the UV-vis we did
spectral electrochemistry and we also template a scandium to these
complexities chacco and we wanted to see how the scandium will
change it so we took the observance with before and after the scandium was added
to it and as well as the NMR and the spectrum electrochemistry to see
the changes and that’s what we went over I started doing the research process a
little later than most people do I did in my junior year so I just went
online on the NAM’s website looked at the different professors and the
different research that we’re doing and I saw a few that I was interested in I reached out to them I emailed them or I went to their office The symposium?,
it was it wasn’t as hard as I expected I was a little nervous public speaking is
not really something I’m really good at and comfortable at but because I want to
do this in grad school I figured this is something that I should get used to and
start being open to so it was really easy my professor helped me a lot he
walked me through it and once we started it was really easy because this is
something that I’ve been working on for all 4 semesters like this started since
the first time I started this is something that’s been an ongoing project
so it was really easy to talk about it and it was easy to write about it and so
it wasn’t too bad Coming out I’m more independent like working in a lab for like when you have the chemistry labs It’s you think that that’s your
experience in the lab but it’s really not because you’re kind of told what to
do exactly how to do it and it’s being over you’re being watched over but being
in the researcher you told what to do but you also love to do it on your own
and trying to figure it out by yourself and it’s been really it’s something that
I enjoyed a lot is being able to have my own way of doing it
just figuring out how to do the different little things so a lot of
independence a lot of I’ve been able to be more public and more being able to
talk more to people it’s been something that’s improved that way and it’s just
given me a lot more confidence in my own ability and chemistry and research

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