18 thoughts on “NASA Science Live: Next Steps to Science on the Moon (Special Episode)

  1. Nice pictures of Earth – but, like everything NASA puts out, they are not real are they? US$20 billion a year for what? Cartoons! The Earth is not a tilted, spinning ball but is FLAT and ENCLOSED. So, no one has been in "space". The jig is up.

  2. Add solar panels to the lander or sail to the space craft, would take less time to come back. Would have to make speed slow enough for the reentry.

  3. Things were done in a hurry in Kennedy's time, astronauts died, it was very risky and insecure, and today America has a lot of problems, huge external debt and increasing unemployment and poverty and extreme poverty, and trying to starts wars all the time, bombing people, selling guns to both sides of the conflict as many gun manufacturing Countries do, in Europe and even Russia and others, this is not a good time for America to invest money in Space Exploration, even make a Space Force, a very stupid idea, this is a time for American to have a better Gov. led by The People, not Gov. Direct Democracy, a Resource Based Economy or something similar, this is wrong and delusional, America should invest in Practical Science, a way to help Corps to not pollute and deal with the toxic waste they produce, maybe even make an industry out of it, Every Country first needs solutions and be economically stable, as that is the kind of reality will be reproducing where ever we go

  4. I’d love to see the producers of this content to improve the production of these videos. Very interesting, however for such a technologically impressive content, the technically amateur production is incredibly annoying. Audio clicks and vastly different audio levels. Camera colour that doesn’t match. Video transmission signal breakup. All comparable to a launch failure in my option. This content is interesting but you’l love viewership and support if it’s painful to watch.

  5. NASA I can show you how to Tele port a space station to Pluto /Mars and the likes for a price if you are not interested I will go to a other country with my findings .email address [email protected] contact me thank you (larry).

  6. Just a quick question: If teleportation is real would it be considered time travel if I teleport to a ridiculously far location in the universe where its light hasn't reached to earth yet?…

  7. How come there are no comments for this video? The announcement of 3 commercial lunar landers is the beginning of a new era for space exploration. These are the first steps towards Mars.

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