NCERT Biology 1 MOOCs Introduction
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NCERT Biology 1 MOOCs Introduction

Biology is a science of life forms and
living processes. The living world comprises a wide diversity of organisms.
The observation of the diverse forms of life on earth was made initially to the
name dice a letter by using instruments such as magnifying glasses and
microscopes the organisms were described on the basis of observed structural
features, what external and internal. The detailed description of life-forms on
the basis of appearance of external and internal features brought out their
concept of diversity it is the cell theory that emphasized on the unity
underlying this diversity are formed that is the cellular organization of all
life forms. So my dear learners a very warm welcome to all of you in this
Course. This course will deals with diversity in living world structural
organization in plants and animals and cell structure and function from class
11 biology . Myself Dr. Yash Paul Sharma and professors Sunita Farkya will be interacting
with you during the courses each module of the courses will have five quadrants the
text, videos, weblinks. weblinks means to know more about the concept from other
resources over the web self assessment questions that includes the MCQs,
right wrong one word answers etc and transcriptions of the video. Hope you
will enjoy the course wish you all the best

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  1. Hello sir! Please make chapter wise videos describing each chapter and place them separately in the playlist with the topic name . So that it will be easy for us to find any chapter . Thank you sir!

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