26 thoughts on “NEET 2017 – 50 Important Questions (Ecology, Environment, Ecosystem & Pollution) Test – 5

  1. Sir it would be more efficient when the questions will display on the screens too . 😊 Otherwise great lecture

  2. Nmste sir. Sir mene one yr medical coching ki h Bt Ho ni paya Phir Mene Bsc ND Msc biotechnology kiya,bt ab mujhe ni smjh Aa rha ki me Kya kru aage Bcz mera intrest only medical me hi h ,kya me avi preapation krke Es Felix me ja skti hu? plz sir reply Jarur kre m Vry confused I Requst u sir

  3. Sir hr ch ke neet aur aims ke notes pdf mil skte hai kya kyunki sir videos idhar udhar hai confusion ho rha hai

  4. Sir I prepared 4 neet 2017 without any coaching or extra curriculum tests…… and Sir your videos are like blessings to me like literally God actually sent you to help me and I am very very grateful to you Sir thnx a lot…..! 'You are no.1'

  5. u r doing well sir….some imp. point from my side
    a)liver convert ammonia into urea hepatic vein carry largest amount of urea while Renal vein least B) manganese help in photolysis of water c)HCL convert pepsinogen into pepsin d) sickle cell anemia an example of point mutation
    e) codon is triplet unambiguous degenerate universal f) AUG is starter codon & codes for methionine g) In cockroach sperm are stored in seminal vesicle h) root hairs are unicellular i) guard cell differ from other epidermal cell in having chloroplast j) tadpole is ammonotelic but frog is ureotelic reptile Aves and insects are ureotelic k) cigarette smoking leads to emphysema (alvelor walls are damaged) lichens grow on rocks without soil and convert rocks into soil for other plants (pionner species) l) first transgenic cow "Rosie" have alpha lactalbumin gene

  6. Sir, kya aapke NEETwale revision videos se aiims ki bhi taiyari ho jaygi ??
    Sir please upload revision videos for the remaining chapters as well

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