Network Day at XOVIS and certus molecular diagnostics
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Network Day at XOVIS and certus molecular diagnostics

First, I presented the company so what we do. Then I was talking about our startup journey so what have been the problems on our journey what were the achievements. There are a lot of interesting people, who have done similar things, build up their company that have already brought products to the market. Because we are all facing the same challenges. The philosophy from XOVIS was very impressive. XOIVS is a sensor company so we are producing and selling 3d sensors for person tracking applications. Our main markets are airports, where we do passenger flow managements. So this means we measure passenger flows. In the retail space we sell our sensors to mesure footfall and we chose to serve to optimize store, store layouts and so on for the retailers. certus diagnostics provides molecular rapid tests for the direct detection of pathogens, microorganisms like bacteria virus fungi and we have developed the method and based on that method we can detect specific pathogens. I think it was a fantastic experience to see these two companies like one of them already very successful and very professional and the other one still in a startup mode. It was a lot of information exchange for everybody, I think. I really enjoyed it. It’s great to see the startups again after so many years. I just think it’s very important that the startup see each other exchange knowledge have also feeling for each other and of course then just to find each other maybe one experienced startup is an investor of a new one.

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