NR220 – Natural Resources Ecology and Measurements at CSU Mountain Campus
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NR220 – Natural Resources Ecology and Measurements at CSU Mountain Campus

The mountain campus is a phenomenal
place. Our main classroom is the outdoor
laboratory. It’s nice to be in this pristine
wonderful location where students get to learn all about natural resource
management. NR 220 is by far my favorite part of my college career. All the issues
we face right now and all the environmental challenges need all of
these disciplines working together; Watership, wildlife, human dimensions,
forestry, range. We need it all, we need to understand how all of us work together.
We are one of the unique opportunities in higher education to provide
high-impact experiences for students to learn, to become global citizens if you
will. Our biggest advice to students to succeed at NR 220 is to immerse yourself.
I actually really enjoy living where I’m learning because it creates a whole lot
more of a learning experience. Students spend a lot of time together,
and they work in groups together, do projects together, live together, and that
helps them a lot as far as teamwork. Working with hands on problems is really
important because that’s what these students are going to be doing for their
careers. I think individuals can definitely make a impact just by coming
and studying Warner College of Natural Resources, or understanding the issues
better, we’re able to come together and know the problems that were facing more
in-depth, and we’re learning that even individually we can make smaller impacts
that on a whole can really make change.

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