26 thoughts on “Origin of Life: Intelligence Required (Science Uprising 05)

  1. Awesome!! It is mind bending how so many will not look carefully at the incredible evidence for design.

  2. Atheist scientists practicing scientism and telling outright lies and deceiving people? Atheists don’t lie. Lol

  3. a wristwatch, a well kept home, a backyard landscape, an ancient cave painting, an ancient hieroglyph, an iPhone, a Ferrari, a Hummingbird, a living cell, a perfectly tuned for “life” Universe…What do they ALL have in common? Intelligence. ALL had the same beginnings…products of Mind.

  4. I wish I could say the ‘we’ had access to knowing and understanding the cells of a woman who in many ways is like a Savior to to speak…her cells were taken without her consent, they are still being used today and have assisted western medicine, science and humanity. Her cells are immortal and are still used today although she transitioned many years ago. Her cells are still being sold to this day, her family never received any compensation. Her name is Henrietta Lacks. Also another amazing woman who agreed to do cell research with her cells is Dr. Mae Jemison. She was the first woman of color to go into outer space. Her bones did NOT become less dense as her non POC astronauts, but instead became stronger.
    Also it appears that after China first played and was ‘successful’, we were too here in the USA with the work of Shoukhrat Mitalipov of Oregon Health and Science University. His goals seem to be to create a embryo free from diseases that would be contracted from the male Y chromosome. I also found this of interest on the subject of cell/embryo/soul http://www.portlandbranch.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/The-Embryo-In-Us-Jaap-van-der-Wal.pdf

  5. I love everything Myer has produced. But I would like to at least see a generic , transcendent intelligent Creator given the credit . They shy away from that and leave it, at best to innuendo. I’ve listened to numerous Tour talks and he doesn’t believe in intelligent design, at least that it could be proven scientific. I’m mean that doesn’t make sense to rip in to them as liars if , as he says, they might somebody produce the goods though they haven’t thus far m.

  6. I like how you don't swing around the Bible but beat them with their own tools and on their own field by using real science instead. Well done!

  7. It is not easy to unsuck a brain-dead theory, is it? Darwin's ideas are literally the stupidest in pseudoscientific history and the "theory" is in the state of meltdown.

  8. The ancients knew about atoms and moreover, the origins of life and its purpose. Modern science is being used by the Dark Side to justify their crimes against humanity. The truth is that it took many legions of Angels hundreds of millions of years to evolve the ecological/biological systems on Earth. Angelic beings exist on the fifth plane of particle vibration and planetary creation is their goal/lesson. Archangels are on the sixth plane of particle vibration and their goal/lesson is Star building and solar energies. The Celestial beings have reached the seventh plane of particle vibration, which is the highest and equal to the original force/the singularity. The Celestial Host organizes galaxies. When we Humans graduate from surface planetary existence (takes hundreds of lifetimes), we move onto the Angelic plane.

  9. Irony is if a few cells were found on Mars they would say there is life on Mars, but a few cells in the womb aren't considered as life.

  10. You can hear the passion , disbelief and the lack of any credence that Dr Tours critique has
    for many of these endless evolutionery unscientifically supported claims.
    I'm sure it's frustrating presenting arguments based on empirical science and having
    to listen to counter-arguments that are in many cases nothing more then imaginative
    and unsupported speculations that seems to satisfy the materialist insistent claims
    of their search for the truth , while doing just exact opposite.

    Unfortunately , this type of poor science is accepted only because the only
    other option is totally unacceptable to materialism.

    But fortunately science has advanced and has continued to show the failure of
    of the main evolutionery claims which has become an ideology as much as an
    actual area of science. The believe part of it necessitates omitting the required evidence and then making deceptive claims based whatever is left over that can be manipulated to support the theory and not the science.

  11. God does NOT "exist".. It is beyond existence.. "God is a Spirit…" KJV. God is not a personage. God is not a being. God is not a man. God was before the creation of the universe. God in absolute sense is un-manifested. Pure Mind. Pure, Infinite Intelligence. Pure Love….. Mind, Intelligence, Love…these are not things. These are above and beyond the mathematical equations of science.

  12. these masks look like Anonymous Mask
    They call themselves Legion…
    Is the silent majority Legion as well

  13. Great new content DI! Keep it coming. Believers in neo Darwinism are under a spell. God can use this to snap them out of it. God help them

  14. More problems for abiogenesis, since all living, metabolizing, dividing cells that exist on Earth can only synthesize DNA by the highly coordinated actions of several catalytic, ATP-powered enzymes (Helicase, Primase, DNA Polymerase I, III, Ligase, etc) and yet these highly specified catalytic enzymes can only be synthesized from the specified digital genomic information contained within DNA. The cell cycle proceeding to cell division uses additional catalytic enzymes (Telomerase, Nuclease, Topoisomerase) that AGAIN need to be specified from the digital genomic information in the cell's DNA.
    A blind, spontaneous, natural fairy tale hypothesis for life's origins on Earth has to get around the CATCH 22 PARADOX that you need DNA to make protein enzymes, while at the same time needing protein enzymes to make DNA.
    That's game over, unless you're a willfully ignorant, stubborn materialist who won't dare leave the little bubble of her prebiotic fantasies about one-trick pony ribozymes, Miller-Urey sludge, and mineral geochemistry masquerading as cellular metabolism.

  15. Any origin of life explanation has to account for the information in the DNA of the first cell. Merriam Webster on line features this dictionary definition of information: "the attribute inherent in and communicated by one of two or more alternative sequences or arrangements of something (as nucleotides in DNA or binary digits in a computer program) that produce specific effects." Notice the seamless comparison of nucleotides in DNA to binary digits in a computer program.

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