13 thoughts on “OSHO TALKS: Meditation is Not Part of Your Biology – but Your Freedom

  1. Nature is of God not an evolving entity of it self. God and meditation on God and his word will be sufficent for eternity.

  2. @gustavonarez Google it , what i know , it make you happier and smarter almost like when you where a child , now ask me how to do it

  3. You don't walk with the hands. They are so useful, so necessary, but you keep walking with the hands. The hands are so useful for certain tasks. But feet are needed to walk with. Meditation grounds you to the Existence. And for that, mind is not necessary. For being happy, you don't need mind. For experience the true Ecstasy of Living, in any single present moment, you don't need mind.Mind is useful for certain tasks, but …you are not it. Meditation reveals and makes u experience Yourself

  4. Meditation is like a Flower. By daily practice, one can carry the flower through out the day. Meditation is my freedom, my responsibility.

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