#OurFCPS: From Molecular Biologist to STEM Resource Teacher
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#OurFCPS: From Molecular Biologist to STEM Resource Teacher

Look who’s here guys! It’s Chips! Hello Fairfax County Public Schools. Today
we’re at Beechtree Elementary with Ms.Daughtery and school board member Sandy Evans. Beechtree is a school of first, and I
think you also have the first molecular biologist. Who switched careers to become
an elementary school teacher. I stole her by looking into the resumes for middle
school and high schools, and I called her when she was living overseas in China. Tell me a little bit about your journey here to Beech Tree and what you’re
doing with kids now sharing your expertise. Well I started out as a molecular biologist, but kids have endless
curiosity and it’s so much fun to excite them in science through experiments,
models and projects. I can trace my interest in being a scientist back to an
an elementary school teacher, who did a special experiments with my class. So I
just think it’s fantastic to spend the time with the students and show them
what real scientists do and to help them you know to learn more about the world. We’re trying to do more STEM and STEAM in all of our schools. What is a neat
science lesson you were just saying and exciting or intriguing science lesson
that got you excited on the path of science. What’s one that you do now with
students that’s kind of cool? First graders when they study animals and
habitats they do stop motion animation. They design their own animal with clay,
and then we use iPads to do a stop motion program. They have to have the
correct habitat, and the animal a has to be eating the right food. So you tie it in
to standards of learning in the program of studies that is already applicable to
that grade level. Yes, third graders will be we’re going to do an adaptation unit
with beavers because we’re the Beech Tree Beavers, and they’re doing
learn about adaptations through experiments and then they will build
their own beaver dams. As a teacher I guess the most challenging thing is
decisions need to be made every moment. Where as a molecular biology you have
more time to plan out your experiments, and think them through. When I do
experiments with my students there’s, there’s a lot going. There’s a lot of experiments going on when you’re doing an experiment. Every interaction
with kids is in a sense an experiment as you as the teacher trying to make the
connection of learning. Right not just if you’re teaching it but it’s the kid in
the student learning it. Well we’re really honored to have you come to Fairfax
County Public Schools and offer your expertise. Again congratulations on your
excellence award and thanks for serving the kids here at Beech Tree . Ready? One, two, three. Beech Tree Elementary Rocks!

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