17 thoughts on “OVERCOMING the STIGMA of an ED! – Eating Disorder Video #38 | Kati Morton

  1. How amazing would it be to have you as my therapist, Its so great that you make these fantastic videos.Thank you thank you!

  2. I have no idea what I would do without your videos, please don't stop doing what your doing, your helping so many people xxx

  3. The other day I watched this and was going to post, but felt like my comment was too negative. It was a really positive video and I didn't want to be like that. But then this happened, and it's kind of what you were talking about. I guess it was kind of an ah-ha moment.

    I thought my dad committed suicide the other day and I was freaking out. Only I didn't have anyone I could ask what to do because I didn't want to scare anyone if I was wrong. The message he sent was really scary.

  4. I didn't want to scare my sister, and I didn't want to drag my mom into it because they're divorcing. He's hours away now, so I couldn't check. He's out of cell phone service, and I was frantic. I ended up crying myself to sleep. Eventually the next day I got ahold of him.

  5. Today it came up with my sister. She said was scared too, only she was protecting me and trying to be brave too! She said didn't feel like she had anyone to turn to either. We cried ourselves to sleep in rooms right next to eachother thinking we were completely alone and helpless.

    There's things I don't know if I can be open about but next time I shut down, I'm going to try to remember this. I thought of this video and how it was kind of what you were talking about. Thanks for what u do. <3

  6. I have struggled with an undiagnosed ED for over 7 years and I'm only 18 but your videos have truly helped me. Thank you kati xx

  7. I'm a binge/emotional eater who's very fat, and that alone is a stigma, I feel extremely picked on and it just makes things worst. I can't stop eating or that causes a problem alone. How can I get better and deal with the huge stigma attached to it?

  8. I shared it on facebook! Your videos are really great! Thank you for doing this because I feel like I'm not alone and that others feel the same way. You explain things so well and are not like "What you're thinking is not true!Get over it!" or "What you are doing is wrong! You have to stop it right now!". I like how you are understanding and not expecting someone to change all their "unhealthy behaiviour" (like starving, cutting etc.) at once. Sometimes I wish I could have you as my therapist 🙂

  9. I Can't remember the last time I purged 🙂 So i'm so far so good with recovery. But i'm in this deep depression, that keeps with me no matter what mostly because of my ed but also with many other reasons going on in my life. If I were to get help with my depression, and I trusted them with telling them about my ED, do you think they would tell my parent?

  10. I am just now watching this video for the first time. One of my biggest fears is telling people about my problems because of the fear that they won't understand what I am going through, but I am going to do what you said and share this video because hiding from our problems only makes them stronger.

  11. I don't know why, but this video randomly popped up on my feed while I'm studying for my psychology final; and I just finished writing my final paper on the stigma against mental disorders. This was a nice break to take. Thanks for what you do, Kati, it's absolutely wonderful.

  12. This is probably the most challenging thing for me. I only tell people I truly, truly trust about my struggle with anorexia and how I've gotten better. I've been thinking and praying about possibly posting more about it, but it scares me to death because it is something so personal that others don't always understand! Thanks for affirming that this is not something that sets me apart and alone. It needs to be brought to light! 

  13. thank you so much for this video Kati!
    I do  feel there is a huge stigma attached to EDs even with many of the general mental heath professionals I have come into contact with over the years.  my mum was ashamed for anyone outside immediate family to know, and I think she still is it is NEVER spoken about even in my house now which is so unbelievably lonely!  work is a problem to, ppl know, its a small vets I nurse in, its a very physical job and as I now have heart problems I do collapse quite a lot.  I actually feel more shame eating when ppl know! they watch expecting u not to eat, or eat a tiny amount etc, I wish no1 knew, it was so much easier! 🙁

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