Palestinians: Is it ok that women receive half of men for inheritance?
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Palestinians: Is it ok that women receive half of men for inheritance?

Ramallah Abed (Bedouin)
Jerusalem Which do you think is better? Inheritance for women be equal to men
or inheritance by Islamic law (50%)? 20 something woman
Bethlehem She agrees with (Islamic inheritance) I am with her taking inheritance
according to Islam So only half (of what a man would receive) Ibrahim
Ramallah Ziad
Ramallah This has been Women receiving half the inheritance
than a man is a wisdom from God so there is a reason behind this For a simple reason because the man has obligations other obligations that he has to fulfill like spending on the household other responsibilities and duties also towards his wife Hassan
Hebron Do you want her to take half like the man? A woman’s inheritance should be according to Islam Should women get equal inheritance? It says in law No No, half the inheritance
like the man, no but what Islamic Sharia says, yes Mohammad

43 thoughts on “Palestinians: Is it ok that women receive half of men for inheritance?

  1. Corey if you have a few more videos filmed with these people then just upload them all at the same time instead of uploading them separately after a long time

  2. Don't you see Corey that Arabs don't have self hate like you..Arabs out of Israel..I will keep the good looking Arab women and give them to my Jewish brothers ..In War Corey we as Jews are aloud to take sex slaves with a ritual…Do you know this?..I love being A Jew and I don't kiss Arab tuchus..Kahane Chai!

  3. It's much worse in Jewish faith, check this out: much of the shit in the Islamic faith is inherited from Judaism, because Mohamed created his religion based on Judaism, the difference is that Judaism enhanced itself with some reforms, while Islam is getting backwards.

  4. The inheritance law is flexible, if everyone involved agrees, a daughters, wives, or whoever can acquire whatever amount they like. This is muamalah (matter between persons). Only when dispute arises that the law is used

  5. A woman that receives a half of inheritance can spend it as she likes on herself but the man must spend the inheritance on his relatives or his family.

  6. Obviously the man has to get more since he burdened with the obligation to take care of the family and the household. Women have no such burden, it's not even obligatory on them to even work. They can if they want to but it's not obligatory unlike with men who are sinning if they are not working or earning a living to take care of the family.

    That's why you guys will never understand Islam because you are the most close minded people and the people who have the worst law of all, the no-law basically everybody is free and everybdy can do what they like and be who they like. That's exactly how you get a uncivilised and failed nation.

  7. Is this question relevant? I thought the Palestinians were penniless and this is why the rest of the world has to give them vast amounts of money.
    More importantly, who gets the key to the house they lost in '48? Is that split on the same basis? What about the house they actually live in? Who inherits that?

  8. What happens when a husband predeceases his wife? Does the money go to the wife or the children? I suppose if the wife dies first, does her wealth go to the husband or the children?

  9. I would like to know more about the taxation system in Palestine.

    I assume Israeli Arab citizens and residents, as well as settlers pay into the Israeli tax and national insurance system, but what about those in the PA?

    I've found out about Israeli tax here:

    I googled income tax in Palestine and while there's a law, facts seem to be rather thin on the ground.

    Besides customs duties on imported goods, which IL collects on behalf of the PA, are Palestinians liable for income tax, inheritance tax and all the panoply of a modern state? What about VAT?

    How are things in Gaza what with it being under separate Hamas administration?

    Any SIMPLE answers?

  10. As an exmuslim i used to be highly against Sharia law in terms of inheritance. Now i dont see it as unfair at all, sure it sparks outrange when understood through the lens of feminism and modern society, but thats not what muslims want or aspire to, I still feel the same way towards a women's testimony in court within sharia, thats unacceptable but the inheritance part isn't unreasonable at all actually.

    The reasoning for this is explain brilliantly by @Merciful Hearts
    "Obviously the man has to get more since he burdened with the obligation to take care of the family and the household. Women have no such burden, it's not even obligatory on them to even work. They can if they want to but it's not obligatory unlike with men who are sinning if they are not working or earning a living to take care of the family. "

  11. The first Israeli asked about the Arab Inheritance tradition said, "I think everything should be equal." ….. HOW ABOUT allowing The Palestinian People to be EQUAL to the Illegal Zionist Squatters who stole their land? …. HOW ABOUT THAT?

  12. I'm a non-muslim that grew up in California and I think It actually makes perfect sense that a woman should only receive half of what a man does. Say what you want, but in ANY society a man will always be expected to financially provide for his family. Not only his wife and kids but his immediate family as well if they are in financial need. Nobody ever judges a woman if she's unable to provide for her family. Feminists in the west have little desire to have and raise children, they want to work for themselves so they see themselves as independent and would demand an equal inheritance. All of my female neighbors are in their 30s and they live by themselves, go to work all day and come home alone to their pets. A man can not work hard if he does not have the peace of mind that the elderly and his children are being taken care of well by his wife. That is how society has functioned forever like it or not.

  13. How does this question relate to the "Palestinian/Israeli" conflict?
    It is a question that relates to the Islamic law of inheritance.
    Not all Palestinians are Muslims.
    Will Corey ever ask Israeli Jews about the Rabbinic inheritance?
    Few quotes from above link:
    "Each of the sons of the deceased receives an equal share of the estate of his father or of his mother, except the first-born of the father, who receives a double share"
    "The husband inherits from his wife, but the wife does not inherit from her husband"
    "order of legal heirs: (1) sons and their descendants; (2) daughters and their descendants;"
    In both religions, women are at a disadvantage when it gets to inheritance. On the other hand, Christianity does not dictate any rules when it gets to inheritance because Christianity does not provide a "divine" civil law as Judaism and Islam do.

  14. Hello, in Islam, men have to pay all the bills, maintain the family, wife and possible elderly parents. This is why men get 2x portion of the inheritance , because men have more financial burden, its not just for disposable spending. One of your interviewees also raised a good point, you can allocate 1/3 of your income as you wish to supplement the inheritance portion to whom you wish. These are God's laws no man's. What is the Torah's break down on inheritance?

  15. Why does he always seem to be asking Palestinians questions about scripture. There's a lot of fucked up shit in the Hebrew Bible that orthodox people follow. Notice how is questions to Israelis are always about progressive things and he doesn't grill them enough with follow up questions but when it comes to Palestinians he picks stuff about their traditions that is pretty hard to defend. By the way it's racist to assume that they (Arabs) themselves haven't been questioning these issues in their own families and communities and are still stuck in a barbaric time

  16. It may seem men are getting double but there is an important point there. Inheritance that women get is unconditional. She can spend that money any way she wants. She is not bound to spend it to take care of her family. But inheritance that men get is conditional. He has to spend that money to take care of family including that sister who also got part of inheritance.

  17. Yes man should have double bt woman can get none for all i care. Woman stop trying to be part of this world of sin created by men. CREATED BY MEN

    You make the men so your inheritance is the Earth itself

  18. As a Palestinian that recently lost his grandfather, Palestinian law doesn't work this way. Land was split up evenly among my aunts and uncles regardless of what they believed.

  19. You should only receive what was left in the will, but if there's no will then all the money should go to the spouse, and if the kids are adults or when they become adults it should all be evenly split among everyone, if there is no will.

  20. The most significant thing about muslims is that they contradict themselves all the time, they keep bragging about how Islam brought justice to all nations, at the same time, they believe that this unfairness in regards to inheritance is ok because it's brought by their "prophet"! This contradiction applies on all other aspects of life, therefore it's impossible for a smart human being to keep up with this so called "religion" .

  21. I am non muslim and i think this is right. A man is thr bread winner and one of the major things a woman finds attractive about a man is how much $$$$ he has whether she is arab, black or white. All women are the same every where and the man is expected to support finacially, food and the woman to watch over the children.

  22. A woman in Israel needs her husband’s permission to get divorced. A Jewish man also needs his wife’s permission to divorce, but without it he can live with another woman and have children recognized as Jewish in Israel, WHILE SHE CANNOT.

  23. Women inherit 50% because they are NOT required to provide the house, husband or even children. So her cut would be hers only.
    Men are required to provide their women, children and sisters which is why they take the double.

    Think about it and you'll find it logical.
    & Fuck you Corey you're biased af.

  24. Why do Arab Israeli’s + Palestinians even cooperate with this so called “project” ? Don’t and walk away. The intentions of this “project” is to receive shekels and to shine a bad light on you.

  25. No other religion guarantees any inheritance for women other than Islam, as a matter of fact even the Romans and the civilised Greeks give no rights for women what so ever and considered women as simple possessions without any rights and some Romans/Greeks throw their bodies in the public trash dump when they die and not bother to bury them.
    Women in Islam take the half the man and keep it for themselves when they get married by the man is forced to use his inheritance to support his family and to be divided by his children when the women can choose to dispose of her inheritance as she sees fit!

  26. This segment is undoubtedly influenced by the current debate in Tunisia to amend the inheritance law. Please give credit to Tunisia 🙂

  27. According to Judaism girls are not heirs … Today it is not valid because of the social change in the status of women in general.

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