(Part 2) Adult ADD an honest discussion w/ Mark Suster & Kati Morton | Kati Morton
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(Part 2) Adult ADD an honest discussion w/ Mark Suster & Kati Morton | Kati Morton

100 thoughts on “(Part 2) Adult ADD an honest discussion w/ Mark Suster & Kati Morton | Kati Morton

  1. I am about to be 47 and this sounds like nme. My friend told me she is pretty sure I have it. I can't complete a job and I am argumentative and cram things in. I struggle with people who are slow and I want to extract the good and get to the point. Thanks for sharing. I am going to see a doctor about this next week. Can't wait to find out for sure with a diagnosis.

  2. I really recon I have ADD. Hearing it from someone that has it really helped. Example for me right now: my dissertation is due the end of the month and I haven't even started it yet and have now urgency to but I know I'm going to freak out when it's a week left lol

  3. Is Adderol over-the-counter or prescription? If I have to make an appointment with a doctor to get it, well …….

  4. This video is amazing. Thank you so much for making this. I plan to show this video to all of my close friends so they can understand me better. First on the list, my parents.

  5. I dont understand whats wrong. I am 99.99% sure that I have ADD. I think its what makes me creative. Why is that a bad thing? So I do wait to finish things until its urgent/critical, I have 18 projects that have never been finished, I am very argumentative (no ish…lol). But arent these social things that make up ones personality and whatever part of it you see as "bad" you can find thing to help those specific things? Please help all my kids have it but i thought we were just creative. Should they get help???? Ugh???!!!!!

  6. I am an adult with add I found out when I was 36 or 35 I knew there is something rung with me I was good at school but got into trouble for making silly mistake talking in classroom while teacher teach painting while they teach and also the feed back to my mother was that lack of concentration but then as I am from Iran and in Iran you are forced to do thing no matter what I did well in school I was accepted to university with two majors general biology and pure chemistry I studied general biology and then dropped out after passing 80 credit at the same time in another uni I was doing hotel management I then finished the ba of hotel management and went for MSc of business and information technology systems from strathclyde university in Glasgow I then returned to study marine science at Scottish association of marine science in dunstafnage and graduated with first class but when I started I had a 6 weeks old baby and was working part time so yes now I have 4 university certificate and yet I struggle I have anger and rage issue I am argumental with my in laws over the house I built on their land and I struggle at work as I speak out I want change I want thing to be the righ way I can't be arssed with stupid people and I can't tolerate injustice and badness I stand up to people I have one face only and I am honest but people don't like me and I find it hard to connect to people I also don't like them as they like daily boring talk gossiping back stabbing and shitty attitude so I don't have many friends and I suffer a lot I can't take any medication as this make me worse I went and told to uni I have dislexia they paid 650 pound four hour of assessment by a specialist and after that he said I have superior intelligence and I don't show any sign of learning disability however I had a nervous breakdown over the fight I had with my in laws over child care I then went to mental nurse for therophy and she told me I have add then the specialist assessed me and said yes I have add so basically life is difficult for me

  7. Thank you so much for posting this. I was diagnosed with ADD at age 50. I just wanted to say that ADD can present differently between men and women. Some things are/were socially unacceptable in my generation for women to act out so that's important to put out here. You talking about this might as well be me here with some variations in the way we compensate. Growing up unfortunately my parents didn't understand which added to a huge self-esteem problem. To others reading this, please don't label your kids if they act out. Find out what is wrong so you can take care of the problem with them. Its a possibility it might be ADD. Very important to put yourself with the right professional bc not anyone can dx it and if you end up with a professional who cant dx it they will just give another label that more than likely wont fit and will be hard to get away from. Do your research or ask ADD professionals what kind of doctors would be appropriate and to give you names. I was dx by a neuro-psychiatric behaviorist at a prominent hospital. He was booking out a year in advance. Totally worth the time, effort and money to see the right person. I started this process by first seeing a speech-language pathologist who picked up on the severe attention deficit. Good luck to you all!

  8. this hits way to close to home. i'm not diagnosed yet (i'm going to go to a doctor soon), but i'm failing miserably at university – not because i don't understand the work, i just CAN'T get myself to do it. i think i was overlooked by everyone around me (despite being the stereotypical class clown) because i'm a girl… my uni has just appointed me a tutor to do what they mention as a 'life coach' but my problem is that the more i'm nagged to do something the less i want to do it… ughhh i'm too independent and always challenge authority 🙁 idk how i'm going to cope…

  9. arhh.. my bf has ADD.. and he loves debate!! argue every small stuff until i'm out of air, but i always try to explain to him .. but he always argue for the opposite side eventhough he believes i'm right!!! our relationship is straining because he loves debating..is there anyway to stop him digging down to the rabbit hole?!?!

  10. Fascinating! I'm positive my Mom and her mother has ADD (but they both deny it). My brother has been diagnosed with it. At a young age they thought I had it but then found I have another learning disorder, so they left the ADD dx in the dust…though I definitely see SOME of these "struggles/challenges" he had/has in his life, in my own. So I guess I could have mild ADD if that's possible??

  11. The best video that I’ve came across on ADHD!!! My life is upside down and this video may be the missing puzzle piece to help me.

    Operation research for 10 HRs is now underway, thank you for sharing!

  12. hold on! coffee + cococut oil + butter… where's the protein in that?! Coconut oil has 0 protein, butter has a tiny little bit, what are you talking about?

  13. I was diagnosed with ADD in November 2017, I'm 58 years old and I just want to say I enjoyed the video, but the language that Mark uses is terrible. I don't understand someone using that kind of language in a video that so many different kinds of people will be watching.

  14. Not related to the video, but every time Kati looks into the camera I fall in love. Jesus… Thanks for the video, I really feel like I need to get checked out for ADD.

  15. This two videos are great, he really nailed it! and you wore great Katie! you pick up on his subtle clues of him, you saw his anxiousness, can stopped yourself as someone, who deals with adhd, i really appreciate someone so kind to see that and understand it! thank you, your kindness is seen! my heart goes out to you! i know you dont have a easy job!know people see that and you are importune to us! thank you again!

  16. I have severe ADD and I have Asperger, and cannabis helps me so much, it takes away the negative symptoms and difficulty with ADD and Asperger.. now it's going well for me in school and I've it much easier to be social and I enjoy it

  17. This butter tea is my obsession. lol
    I love it, it's simple to make too.

    It's called Po-cha, butter tea from Tibet. My ancestors drink this to keep warm, gives energy and focus.

    Adding grass-fed butter to your tea or coffee can boost energy, increase cognitive function and help you lose unwanted fat," Whenyou consume quality fats in the morning, your body will preferentially use that fat as fuel, resulting in steady energy throughout the morning without the need for much food. The caffeine in coffee actually helps release the fat from butter into the bloodstream so it can immediately be used as an energy source."

  18. "I was always getting sent to the office for stupid shit, not for grades…" Holy hell. I didn't get sent to the office very often, I think maybe twice in my entire academic career, but both times it was because the teacher irritated me so much I just didn't want to sit in my chair, for what ever reason, not sitting in my chair was my "peaceful protest" and I got sent to the office both times. And both times the deans were stunned to see me and like, "Why are you here? You're a good student. Okay well sit in your dang chair." That's not even something I connected with my (probable) ADHD, but it makes sense now that I've heard you say it.

  19. Katie you're intermixing ADD and ADHD and they're very different so this post is frustrating to watch and moves to slow

  20. I tried bulletproof coffee and I think it's really disgusting xD Really can't eat fatty things in the morning. I do drink coffee with like more milk then coffee in it in the morning and don't ear for hours. That's how I do it for years. 🙂 I I eat right away I just get super sleepy.

  21. I wish he shared WHY marijuana use was particularly bad for people with ADD. Can't seem to find that information.

  22. I've wondered for awhile now if I have adult ADD. I'm pretty convinced now. The only thing that doesn't apply to me is the thing about carbs. I do better with higher carbs as long as they're from whole foods instead of foods like bread and junk food. I don't feel well with higher protein and fat. Other than that, though, everything else was pretty spot on. I guess now I just need to read more about it, and talk to a professional to confirm and to figure out how to function better.

  23. Dang. I guess I'm the winner at having Adderall the longest. I still have like 30-40 pills from four years ago.

  24. such a lovely video!!!! i‘m good at school (17y/o) too and people just don‘t get that. why can participate in class and engage but still have the Disorder of attention deficit. A lack of the ability to concetrate is the only thing they think ADhd is. This video literally helped me a lot. I look for lots of information on ADHD because coping is key for me and knowing it‘s okay is even more important. I know now why I sometimes can concentrate and spmetimes not. If the teaches picks me to say something and I‘m actively involved in the discussion I can concentrate but if only the teacher talks for an hour without giving me something to participate with (a text or so) I won‘t be a ble to listen. thank you so much for this video. I wish mark (I mean the interviewed person) had a channel on hiw own, because he gives such good advice!!!!

  25. The college part… It's just me now… I'm struggling in college and asking myself "Where did that concentration go?" I was a gifted child, I skipped grades because I've learned to write and read at 2 years old, but now I suspect that it was because the hyper focus on studying, and the motivation of the grades (Here in Brazil is from 1 to 10 and exercises count for the grade), but in college we just have the grades and boring classes even though the subject could be interesting, the classes aren't and now I'm so confused and afraid of the stigma and also what I remember of my infancy fits with the hyperactive part… I need help.

  26. IF is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO real deal! For focus, for My migralepsy, narcolepsy, for weight regulation, mood, exercise! It’s honestly amazing.

  27. I am confused. I thought the term ADD was no longer used and was replaced with the 3 subtype categories (inattentive, hyperactive and combined).?

  28. I don't know why the title of this is adult add when it is actually adhd . I think I have add, and I am not hyperactive can you find any people that actually have add without the hyperactive part . That's all I can find is the ones that are hyperactive. They are always mixed together and most always about adhd. I want to hear more about add and what are the results of that when you get older and never having been diagnosed.

  29. I agree on the ADD-pot thing. I've smoked 10-20 times in the past and afterwards my ADHD would go fucking nuts! I forgot the drivers window open for two days, I forgot my apartment door open, I forgot my keys ON the car as I was writing exams (lol), I would not be interested at all, in engaging into converstations and stuff..so yeah, sadly no pot for us , lol

  30. Fasting is a form of disordered eating and fucking promoting it especially for "treating" ADD? this is garbage

  31. hmm kati im sorry to say this, you nodding always get my attention somehow idk and mark voice become unclear and i dont think i can say i understand what he was saying 😕

  32. Nothing is more ADD than watching a video as an adult about an adult having ADD when you have a list of things you've promised will be done for the morning. Hmmm. #underpressure

  33. I'm building a 3D printer while watching this video and while I should be studying for 5 different courses, while having no idea for which I should study first. Thanks, ADD. Very interesting video though, thank you very much Kati & Mark.

  34. Intermittent fasting is not for everyone. Not eating in the morning or doing something like bulletproof coffee, especially as a kid, is terrible for my ADD. Other than that point, this video speaks a lot to my experiences figuring out my ADD diagnosis as an adult. Personally, I had no trouble sitting in class as a child or in college, I just did all my essays at the last minute (and I was really good at it). I work with a lot of kids with ADD to help them create "urgency" to get things done with enough time to complete them well (with my coaching). Watching them and recognizing the nuances of their challenges actually helped me to figure out my own ADD as it presents differently (often does in girls). I also working with a therapist and psychologist – I didn't diagnose myself and no one should. I take a drug almost every day (time-released Ritalin) and it has made a world of difference. I feel like myself, just better at some of the everyday life things that have been so frustratingly challenging for so long. Thank you!

  35. Great video but he’s explaining adhd. add is basically the same thing but without the hyper activity.

  36. LOL! This is how I feel I talk when I’m on a roll focusing on something I’m excited about, and later realize I’m super annoying. So I like this guy.

  37. Wow. Get this. I went to college without being diagnosed and I had a really difficult time going and doing the work. The worse part being that the tutors were really 'laid back' meaning that the deadlines I had for papers and whatnot weren't reinforced, there was literally not punishment for not handing them in on time… So I had nothing to trigger me to do the work 1 or 2 days before it was due… That explains quite a bit.

  38. do you feel hungry if you drink bulletproof instead of having the breakfast you're used to? because if I'm hungry I am liable to bite someone's head off… and certainly not concentrate

  39. It’s Unbelievable to see most people in the comments attaching disorders to meaningless experiences. this is a serious disorder.

  40. When I ate healthy, cut out alcohol, cut out caffeine, and took prenatal vitamins + DHA to try to conceive, my ADHD brain could focus better. So now that I'm postpartum and I can't sleep enough, my symptoms are going into overdrive. I'm trying really hard to get more sleep, I got back on a multivitamin (gluten free this time for my protein intolerant baby), and I'm looking for some DHA next. It's already hard being a mom to an infant, add ADHD onto that and it sucks sometimes. But it's comforting to have Katy's videos (Jessica is great too).

  41. Talking about leaving the structure of school and home life and going off to college hit me right in the gut.
    I was an excellent student all through school; but in college I couldn't bring myself to do the work or go to all the classes and I prioritized the classes I enjoyed and was passionate about over the classes and projects I needed to work on.
    I was diagnosed with Adult ADD at the age of 24 after having dropped out of college TWICE and I grew bitter and depressed thinking I had failed, my doctor actually tested me for depression first and then followed up with an ADD test.
    I recently found my calling in entrepreneurship, and while I'm passionate about the projects I have planned, and despite taking medication, I still find myself struggling with time management, prioritizing tasks, and motivation. I'm absolutely going to try some of the tips Mark offered and am going to seek help from a life coach or therapist.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you both so much for this.

  42. I like this and think you should go into more depth with the topic. Also you should note that there is a difference between ADD and ADHD

  43. I’d take drugs more if there weren’t a whole myriad of horribly dangerous side effects! Also re: the bulletproof coffee w/coconut oil & organic grassfed butter…where is the protein in the regular roast beans, or so you add your own protein powder or collagen? The cold brew reasy-made has collagen. Would like to try it. About how much of the fats per cup approx? ☕️

  44. I have ADD, and when I went vegan it helped a fair bit so can't say I agree with this diet advice. 🤷‍♀️ 🌱

  45. Wish he would have explicated further on the 'marijuana is bad for add' subject; I only find that it may be helpful, for add, on the internet. I would like to know his source of information on this subject. Does anyone know? Thanks!

  46. I Suddenly say FUCK! loudly when I remember something embarrassing, I argue all the time with people online, I jitter and make noises with my mouth or hands when sitting….

  47. Every time 'problems sitting still' was mentioned in the video, I noticed how I wasn't sitting still… And I got a bit embarrassed and tried to force myself to sit still. Then next time it was mentioned I saw that I was no longer sitting still again… Ahhh… The blessings of ADD 🙃

  48. This video just answered SO Many questions ive had in my life!!!
    I've know about my ADD for a very long time but i never really knew what all of it meant. This video describes all that i do and why And how to overcome it!
    Its Awesome!! Thank you for making this video!

  49. I really feel this! I haven't the diagnosis yet, but they really suspect it. I really hear a lot that I have too.

  50. I have had severe adhd all my life. Honestly I wouldnt have done nearly as well if I didnt have medication support. HOWEVER behavioral assistance therapy and a good support system is IMPERATIVE. Medication without those in place is not likely to be helpful at all in my opionion.

    Also if you dont feel like yourself, it may be too high a dose. I tried a stronger dose as a kid and my mother said I "zombied out" as a shadow of myself. We cut the dose in half, and I was 99% back to myself, but with the support of a medication that aided my brain and physical functionality.

    I strongly recomend that behavioral therapy, a strong support system, and a personalized small dose of medication TOGETHER creates the best outcomes. 🙂

  51. I use indica to help me sleep, and it is NOT a social recreational thing for me to take… rarely comfortable for me that way.

  52. Kati i really want to explain my situation to you and get your opinion ..is this the place to have such a discussion?

  53. First video that makes sense to me. I didn’t realise the helpful tips he mentioned I already implement in my life but I didn’t realise why it was helpful. I IF, can’t tolerate alcohol or dope or sugar very well. But the mention of ADD past on thru the mother was mind blowing… my son has ADHD and I believe my mother has it too.

  54. I can’t argue with anyone bc they always win bc I can’t formulate my thoughts the way I need to unless I have time to type it all out first and often that’s not an option. I leave arguments feeling dumb and angry. That’s why I don’t do it. It really makes me doubt my ADD. I also hear about those with ADD not being able to be lazy but I get so drained I can’t do anything the entire day (especially when I get a day off from work) I can’t live my life to the fullest bc I can’t really function that well. Maybe I don’t have ADD I don’t know. Damn I need therapy

  55. I was diagnosed with ADD 3 months ago. I take meds and I definitely notice a difference in my behavior way of thinking. I still am forgetful when it comes to certain things but I am more motivated to complete tasks.
    Suster is right when he speaks about diet, avoid processed and refined carbs. I chew nicotine gum from time to time because nicotine has been shown to be a cognitive enhancer.
    Exercise is very important since it releases dopamine in the brain.

  56. Just got diagnosed with Adult ADHD. Great video and I can identify with a lot of it. I disagree with some of the diet advice. I animal products are terrible for you and promoting that for children is starting a bad habit. There are a ton of non animal protein you can give kids and yourself. Having worked on the cardiac floor of a hospital I can attest that the diet he is promoting will land you there in the long run.

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