Peregrine Genomics One Minute Introduction
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Peregrine Genomics One Minute Introduction

Today, most genetic tests in Saudi Arabia are outsourced
to foreign companies. This is slow, costly, and unavailable to small clinics. The methods
being used also fail to detect various genetic variations key to human health. Therefore,
there is a great need for new technologies that make genetic diagnostics more accurate,
affordable and accessible. Our technology works with routine clinical
samples, like blood, and runs on a pocket-sized sequencer. We can sequence multiple samples
together to detect mutations in disease or cancer-related genes, simultaneously. Our
unique targeted sequencing technology allows genetic diagnosis with high sensitivity at
low cost. Our algorithm compares the reference sequence
of the gene of interest and the raw signal of patient samples from the sequencer. Then,
a machine learning method is built to detect mutations in real-time. Our approach is highly
accurate, even for datasets of low coverage. In line with Vision 2030, our technology will
accelerate the development of genome medicine and improve healthcare of the Saudi population.

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