Phosphorus Cycle in Ecosystem – Organisms and Environment 1 – Biology Class 12
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Phosphorus Cycle in Ecosystem – Organisms and Environment 1 – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and Press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos. Hello students Phosphorus Cycle when I say about ADP USA it is adenosine triphosphate it has three phosphorous groups you remove one phosphorous or phosphate and you get ATP now M is made up of various kinds of molecules oxygen carbon dioxide phosphorus nitrogen and all these different gases has some other other function in atmosphere similarly phosphorus has got variety of functions in atmosphere consumers that is be a required phosphorus producer that is plants require phosphorous even soil needs phosphorus for the growth of certain back products like for a growth leguminous plants phosphorus is needed for the growth of all the carbohydrate glands like be dry starchy plants phosphorus is needed even phosphorus is readed or produced during drop mineralization your mountains bigger mountains has huge amount of phosphorus in them phosphorus is basically a gaseous siphon and it takes this as a quicker rate and every component in ecosystem whether it is Phi or it or over it a component in ecosystem every component in ecosystem somewhere contributes to this phosphorus cycle my phosphorus is so important because ATP gtp that is adenosine diphosphate GDP that is CONUS and I phosphate has got some energy from phosphorus molecule and if this molecules are not present your respiratory cycle will you not come into existence that is your Krebs cycle your glycolysis cycle EPS pyruvate oxidation some wells require ATP even the photosynthetic cycles that pigment system on pigment systems uses ATP so phosphorus cycle is that important in plant if human beings don’t get phosphorus there are certain reactions that take place inside body even a depletion of phosphorus in your diet phosphorus has to be present in minut County it is a macronutrient and it has to be present in some other form in your diet the efficiency of phosphorus can lead to certain dietary deficiencies during phosphorus cycle what happens is producers produce phosphorus consumers make phosphorus eat phosphorus and when they die decomposes decompose the consumer body and give phosphorus back to fun during rock decomposition phosphorus is even produced first the recycle it is an important constituents of nucleic acid or DNA ATP ADP a MP GTP gdp NADP and phospholipids all these compounds are responsible for some or other cycle even they form a major component of deoxyribose nucleic acid and phospholipids are out the layer of herself you all know that first recycle is basically a gaseous cycle and all its components remain in circulation during different phases that is why fossil cycle is called as a perfect system or a perfect cycle the phosphorous cycle works in this one the consumers when they attack they’re composed of various minerals they are decomposed by organisms present in soil and they’re called converted into small fragments by the process of leaching humidification and inorganic compounds that come but converted into once the T terrorists are formed that is they are converted into inorganic substances through human occasionally Chi that does decomposition process it comes back to soil by the process of decomposition even rocks that is high mountains during the process of weathering when soil falls and then when air flows or waterfalls they undergo decomposition and weathering causes the soil to be rich in phosphorus even producers like plants have huge amount of phosphorous in them which decompose and go back to soil to produce phosphorus even some amount of phosphorus from the soil runs off and go back to other sources like water nearby mountains fields and crops so this is the whole process how phosphorous cycle works students in this part of the chapter we have studied how important phosphorous cycles is and what are the various components or parameters on which foster recycle basically runs I hope you are clear with phosphorous cycle thank you

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