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PreventionGenetics Career Video

Somewhere in Australia a perplexed
doctor and anxious family await answers to riddles that can only be solved by a
team of highly trained professionals and specialized scientists working together
a child is suffering her parents have tried everything at a loss their doctor
turns to a genetics lab in Marshfield Wisconsin these patients have been on a
diagnostic Odyssey some of them are adults and they’ve had this
condition for many many years and no one’s been able to give them an answer
here’s your answer our Tech’s are looking at test tubes and looking at
charts and using fancy expensive computer programs all day long but we
have to always keep in mind why are we doing this and it’s for the patient it’s
the lives that we’re changing on a daily basis Dr. James Weber founded preventiongenetics in 2004 today it is a world renowned genetic testing lab where
technicians molecular geneticists and laboratory genetic counselors use
cutting-edge technology to improve lives through genetic testing and
interpretation of genetic differences called variants generating thousands of
terabytes of data a highly skilled team of informaticians help wrangle all that
computing power. ultimately we’re doing this to help other people to which is a
huge factor I like. I’m not trying to just make money here I’m trying to
better the world than way and yeah it’s cool to hear that word were changing
people’s lives. everyone at prevention genetics is a critical part of that team
and teammates don’t just work together they play together too in the company
gym, exercise room, or in company sponsored diversions that help balance work and
play that’s part of the prevention genetics culture a culture that also
encourages professional growth in a field that is advancing almost daily. the
cohesiveness of it all helps keep the team engaged in the company’s core
mission of delivering clinical genetic testing of the highest quality at fair
prices with exemplary service to people around the world. I mean that is
absolutely the most fulfilling piece of what I do
is the childs been misdiagnosed they’ve been put on treatments that were not
correct some people say oh gosh they have this disease that can be a huge
relief to a family that’s been searching for years I honestly feel privileged
work in kind of this place where the there’s such a brain trust you know
there’s always people are willing to teach you things and the wealth of
knowledge is something I’ve never been exposed to but I worked here learn more
about this special team at prevention genetics dot com

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