Promo for the 2015 Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting
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Promo for the 2015 Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting

The reason I come to this meeting is
because I learned about genomics across all of biology but all of it put
together helps me do my work plus it’s very unique meeting that way what I like in that JGI users meeting is the fact that we can interact with people from
different field in two or three days I can interact with microbiologist, plant
biologist, marine ecologist so it’s just open my mind in this day and age of the internet and Twitter and so on I think it’s just refreshing to see the faces
and talk to the people and then learning about what other people are doing and
telling them what I am doing so that new collaborations can be established I love to join the JGI conference because I think that it’s one of the biggest
conferences that are held annually there are several workshops that I could
attend and meeting different people, different
professors with different ideas I think meetings like this are very important I
think we as scientists create so much data that’s almost impossible for these
groups of four or five people to analyze all the data themselves we work on
things for five months at a time sometimes and don’t see any positive
results from an experiment but then you come to a meeting like this, you meet someone
they say something may not be related to exactly what you’re doing but it kind of
sets out to take off in your head that makes you think oh maybe I’ll do
something a little differently and then I mean it works I think that when we are exposed to a larger community of scientists and this is very important for
me personally instead of only working as in closed rooms together as scientists
we need to see how scientists are thinking and where the applications of
this work is going to be and also we need to build over each other’s
experience inside of each one just working separately so such conference
really did offer me this opportunity.

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