PROVING GOD with science 🔥 – Silly CHRISTIAN comments #14
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PROVING GOD with science 🔥 – Silly CHRISTIAN comments #14

Hi everyone, welcome back to TheVeganAtheist. This week I deconstruct and critique a YouTube
comment found on my channel in order to expose some of the many incorrect assertions made
by online theists. But before I dive in, I wanted to respond
to some of the many comments in last week’s video. Thank you all for you kind words, and yes
I am definitely alive. I also wanted to reassure my fans and subscribers
that while I have changed as a person over the year I was away, I am still very much
an atheist, vegan and skeptic. The changes have been more in mindset and
approach rather then a fundamental abandonment of who I am. Anyways, lets get to it. When some one makes a positive claim (and it doesn’t matter
what the claim is) and that person has a desire to convince others to their way of thinking,
they have an obligation to provide sufficient evidence that demonstrates the truthfulness
of it. Atheists, generally speaking, don’t make the
claim that no god exists or is impossible to exist, since that is a positive claim that
needs defending. We don’t try and use science to prove god’s
non-existence, because proving the non-existence of anything would be an impossible task. Instead, skeptic atheists regularly use a
method of observation, testing and 3rd party verification to uncover natural discoveries. Using this approach to unsolved mysteries,
we come up with explanations that are grounded in realty. Humans once believed that lightening was a
sign of an angry all powerful being, but now we know better. When robust scientific theories are formed
to explain some element of the universe, we move further away from the need to appeal
to a mystical unsubstantiated abstraction. Freedomfighter777’s assertion that science
supports a god’s existence is ungrounded. Science deals with coming up with the best
explanation that fits the evidence. The evidence for a god existing is poor at
best, and should be dropped until such a time when good evidence is forthcoming. Now, lets get into the claims regarding the
sun’s position in relation to the earth. It took me all of 20 seconds to do a google
search to come up with the following information. The distance between the earth and the sun
fluctuates as we travel around it. At our closest position, the sun is 91.4 million
miles (147.1 million km) away, while at its furthest it is 94.5 million miles (152.1 million
km). This variation of approximately 3.1 million
miles (5 million km) is far greater then the millionth of a decimal that was claimed by
Freedomfighter777. There really is no excuse for this level of
ignorance in a day and age where information is so readily available. In regards to the big bang and the chaos that
ensued, scientists today believe the start of our universe happened 13.8 billion years
ago. That is a heck of a lot of time for the universe
to settle down a bit and form some semblance of order. Like so many theists before him, Freedomfighter777
continues the tradition of inventing crackpot notions of how the universe operates in order
to straw man the rational scientific explanations and make god come out as a winner. If i could pose some questions to Freedomfighter777,
and those who believe as he does… a) Please provide evidence for the assertion
that a big bang type event should be popping up every moment. How have you come to that conclusion? b) What day was it that astronomers announced
they were stopping their work? And
c) What good evidence is there that leads you to the conclusion that humans have been
engineered? Lastly, in this final section of my critique,
I will address the final sporadic ramblings in rapid succession. 1)The universe was formed by a seemingly natural
process known as the big bang. Their is no evidence of intelligence behind
the process or within it. 2) Nobody of worth is saying the universe
and the life found within it is an accident. The cosmos operates under certain constraints. With an inconceivably large amount of time
and matter, natural process emerge. 3) The Angry Birds video game is the result
of intelligent minds because all past examples of video games were made by intelligent minds. We know something was created by contrasting
it to what naturally occurs. What would you contrast to nature in order
to determine that IT was created? Remember complexity is not a sign of intelligence. 4) We definitely do not agree that everything
points back to a god, since atheists represent a fairly large (and growing) portion of the
human population, we do not accept the poor evidence and arguments for a god’s existence
and finally 5) The big bang theory is currently the best
explanation we have. It is the end result of multiple lines of
verifiable evidence and can stand up to honest scrutiny. A god has not been demonstrated in any way,
and any attempt to do so has been met with failure. Want to appear on an upcoming video? Send me an email at [email protected] If you enjoyed this video, click the like
button below. To ensure you don’t miss out on future content,
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forum. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “PROVING GOD with science 🔥 – Silly CHRISTIAN comments #14

  1. The most promising physics theory states that our reality is virtual. Therefore it was programmed by someone. And I'm not defending any theosophy as they all are bogus.

  2. I simply cut out the middle man, i only believe in the god who created god, who created that god. So i wont be punished in the after afterlife for all eternity. Didn't you realise it? Afterlife is meaningless without after-afterlife. And how could a almight god just pop into existence?

  3. Is this bloke for real? He doesn't even know there are big bangs out there continuously. No atheist says they create, they know that creation exists naturally by nature.

  4. The question where do God came from ? Assumes that your thinking of the wrong God. Because if God was effected by space time or matter, well then he isn't God.

    Space time and matter is a continuum, all three have to be created at the same time. The Bible explains this in Genesis, "In the beginning(time) God created the heavens(space) and the earth(matter). So if space time and matter is around us every single day, God is in it , above it, around it and beyond it. He is unaffected by it. God is in control of it.

  5. bro u r going to burn in hell with ever lasting pain… if u think god doest exist at least ask him to come i ur life and see if he comes! i will pray for u

  6. I prefer the stupid Muslim comments, they seem to get a lot more angry and the threats that they make add a bit of spice as well.

  7. There would be more chaos if it happened without some guide? More than the 2. Thermodynamic law?
    Where does this believer know about dna and cells? Absolutely not from his bible.

  8. Drat, I didn't find this video until now because of the stupid "notify" button… I had forgotten to click it. Why does YouTube not understand that if I subscribe to a channel that I also want to be notified of new videos on that channel???

  9. In the beginning, God gave to all, the fruits of the trees, and the seeds, and the herbs, for food; but those who loved themselves more than God, or their fellows, corrupted their ways, and brought diseases into their bodies, and filled the earth with lust and violence.                

  10. someone just posted a photo of a sliced tomato and asked what people saw…it soon became clear that some saw a tomato, some saw an angry tomato, some saw an angel, and some saw a cross… after i stopped laughing i thought, wow, that post & feed summed it all up pretty well…

  11. You guys think these are bad? Go join an atheist vs theist community on google plus. You will find Christians that think the earth is flat, and that it has a firmament and you will burn in hell if you have atheistic thoughts. One of the atheists in the community found out that one of the Christians there was actually a sex offender. Trust me, you ain't seen nothing until you go on google plus.

  12. Not to mention that the moment the Kepler space telescope came on line, it took a tiny amount of time to discover 5 earth sized planets in the habitable zone. I cannot believe that so many theists don't even bother trying to research.

  13. I enjoyed this very much and look forward to watching more of your videos. Please keep up the good work. It's nice to see real  thought provoking and honest work.

  14. christians christians christians.. everything has a reason yeah? so let us.. were f**king figuring out how to cure your godamm diseases and make you lives easier using technology. thanks to evolution we can figure out how to cure diseases idiots

  15. holysheet … at first i thought you hire thor to read the comment…. and then i look again…. well he still do able as thor, i guess… in the 70s marvel movie

  16. I'm Christian, and I don't go around announcing my faith. I don't go around telling aethists they're wrong. Like really. Come one

  17. Haha there is more scientific proof that God existed than there is for evolution…Just cause a bunch of ape species went extinct doesn't mean we are related. Why do most Atheist vs Theist debates end with the Theist winning ? They corner the Atheist to a point where they…"Don't know". It takes more faith to believe in Atheism than to believe in God…someone try and challenge what I said.

  18. TheVeganAtheist

    You think you can prove any Christian wrong ? Haha I would love to see you in a real live debate with Ray comfort or one of those Christian experts. They will destroy you. Here is something to keep in mind…A lot more Atheists has converted to Christians than Vice Versa

  19. "Impossible to prove that something does NOT exist" what nonsense is this…I can prove that a T-Rex is not walking on the earth anymore.

  20. Im not super religious but i do believe in God, ion make any arguments tho cuz ofc no one 100% knows, we just have to wait til the end

  21. Proving that mutually exclusive conditions cannot coexist is never an impossible task.

  22. typical atheist dissing cause "there was no evidence".
    evidence must be provided for all claims not just positive ones in order to only convince people .
    even this provision of evidence is only for convincing 's sake not for realities sake

    just cause you have ignored or not found evidence of gravity wouldn't mean gravity didn't or couldn't exist same for god.

    also u can prove/disprove a negative claim . cause +vs claim being proved = -ve claim being disproved (exceptions may apply to this eqn )

  23. lol freaking christians man. give them a break, they have had it rough these last few yrs. but yea they need to understand that god is just a concept of the mind. not real at all.

  24. lol science, history and maths do prove the existence of God as the possibility of us being here by the big bang is near to 0%. Please use common sense

  25. I have a question for theists…They always use the comment…"Something can't come from nothing". I would like to know what evidence they have that there was ever "nothing"? Are they asserting that all MATTER in the universe at one time NEVER existed? Why is it not possible that ALL elements in the universe were always in existence? Why is it not possible that there may be so many galaxies that there may be millions of earth type planets with plenty of other life that we have not found yet? There is NO evidence that there was ever a "NOTHING". So because they can't prove that there was, I wish they'd stop using that assertion.

  26. I was raised a Christian. I eventually rejected the ideas in the bible, yet I just recently became a Christian again… Life is fucking weird.

  27. I have one question, where do the laws of universe come from? Why atoms are trying to organize themselves? Where came the energy to start a great expansion of universe? (Big Bang is a very bad name for this process) If theory of periodical universes is true, where and when the energy firstly came from? If energy is only a effect of existing of dimensions, how they came to existence? The universe is an amazing place. It have so many mysteries and many unexplained things, that is not so suprising to thing about supernatural creature, which created is.

  28. That comment is genius, and so true. I can't believe you people don't see the logic behind that person's comment. Really, it's quite simple to understand. But no…. Atheists think other wise.

  29. You know what…. Im sick and tired of you Athiests thinking you know EVERYTHING!!! when you don't. GOD loves you plain and simple… What is that up in  the sky   ohhhhh the SUN!! which shines down on me and gives me light and nutrient how the fuck can you not see that!!!!! wake up ATHIESTS you are wanted by GOD and you will give your self to him wiether you like it or not. Because he Loves you. Plain and Simple.

  30. Have you come across this group? What's your response to their specific "Creation" model and their claim science confirms Gods existence?

  31. Dude, I hate how you have other people read the comments, why don't you read them yourself? I prefer you to do that rather than have other YouTubers read them because it sounds much better and it would make more sense since you used to do that, I am used to your old format, I just don't like how you have so many guests read the comments and not yourself like you used to

  32. So that's it, God created Angry Birds!!! Mystery solved. But who then created Clash of Clans? Yet another mystery the world may never find the answer to.

  33. Most scholars agree that the bible is a collection of myths, legends, folklore, opinions, letters, fictionalized histories, songs, and poetry. Religion works by generating Fear, Guilt, and Shame. Fear (for example) of burning in hell after you die; guilt (eg) for avoiding paying tithes to the church; shame (eg) related to having normal sexual desires. Religion is a business. Many insiders call it the "Faith Industry." It's all about the MONEY folks. Money that is Tax-Free under 501(c)(3) IRS regulations that Preachers and other involved in the industry can generate for themselves and their associates religious leaders. Now you know the truth. Cheers.

  34. I need consolation from videos like this, I feel good when I listen to logical arguments and I am fed up with stupid ignorants around me here where I live! I am surrounded by people who are passionate about their beliefs and they are offended when you say to them that it is impossible to be swallowed by a whale and stay alive, that it is stupid to believe that a group of persons slept for centuries, that it is silly to believe that you should hate misbelievers just because their book said it. I feel so lonely surrounded by those totally hypnotized people.
    Thanks for sharing! Great content! keep on!

  35. all of these comments you show are intelligent god is the only way to salvation and if he can't convince you he exists he will punish you with hell a place that you will be tortured forever and ever and he will leave you there amd forget you exist…he is the greatest most kind being I have ever heard of and my father survived a mysterious disease by praying and my mom got a deadly virus that nobody has survived and she died a painful death that lasted 8 days when it should of lasted 1 hour god punished her for not believing and now she is suffering even more in hell I love god he is merciful and peaceful…I also love god so much I would do anything if he asked me to I would torture a baby if god asked I will burn in hell if I don't pray my sin of lust away but I can't pray it away it just keeps coming back so I have to die after I pray it away but if I can't I will be stabbed In the genitals with red hot rusted pitchforks for alll eternity…so choose to believe or burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Of course the can be a code from chaos / accident. If you have 0&1 and then mix them randomly you most likely get a code for something. Then take time and much randomness and you get the code for angry birds. That is actually more believable tham that a being that is just there and then created everything. But how did it came to life or being? By freedom fighters logic it had a creator because there must be intelligence to create. It is a never ending chain that leads nowhere.

  37. You atheists are so funny not only there is a god but i saw him personally he is Jesus
    i meet him in a lunatic asylum (true story) 🙂 Why was i in a lunatic asylum ?? Well just dont ask :d

  38. Thanks for the Video.
    Why do some stupid people try to prove the existence of god using Science (!), they hardly understand ? There is a fundamental difference between the two. One does not allow you to doubt anything that they have been brainwashed in to believing right from the moment of one's birth and further by their schools, society etc. The other does not take anything for granted. The task of Science is trying to find out the truth by seeking "Why" and "How". The theories are only "Mathematical Models" and one theory may disappear and replaced by another. Why ? Because that one fits better. There was a time in my childhood when, the word "Science" was scorned upon by fanatics saying Science is unholy. Now it seems to me that their descendants are trying to prove the existence using Science ! Their idea of causality is determine the conclusion and then find "suitable" science" to justify it.
    Incidentally I have been told to go to hell, "be damned" and what not.

  39. Mistake —————— 5.42 states the age of the Universe is 3.8 billions years old. Science says it is 13.8 billion years old. Correct please.

  40. If the claim is that it requires an intelligent being to create the Angry bird game so why God (supposedly an intelligent being who created the universe and men) is not a creation of another intelligent being and so on?

  41. I'm loving the fact that you're atheist which shows you do have at least half a brain because the notion that there is some kind of higher being known as a god is just ridiculous we have that in common so cool. However vegans/vegetarians are complete and utter pussies so go out to the grocery store buy yourself a nice sirloin some A1 sauce to go with it and you know quit being a little faggot. 🙂

  42. well, that commenter has a point though: the evolution of both the universe and of life is in a big clash with the second law of thermodynamics: disorder always grows larger. In other words, the world goes from order to disorder. Hence the argument: how can life and universe become more complicated and more ordered with time? Cheers 😀

  43. The issue is rather simple actually, if you see it once:

    "GOD" is the truth.

    I hope nobody will start arguing that "There is no truth!"…

  44. A Big Bang type of moment should happen every moment since the claim most atheists have is of something literally coming from nothing. I don’t claim that this happened and I DON’T have any evidence, but for the atheists that claim this what evidence do you have?

  45. Humans were for a fact engineered. Organisms are the most complex things on this earth. How everything in the body functions is just so complicated as to disclaim that there wasn’t an intelligent designer.

  46. proving the non existence of something is not an impossible task. You can prove that there are 0 dinosaurs today, you can prove there are no dodo birds in existence today. You can 100% prove the non existence of something.

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