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Queensland Science…ENERGY…making a difference

Supplying reliable affordable energy that is also sustainable Is about the greatest challenge that
our society faces for generations. We have people who are working actively on new discoveries that will transform the energy system. Things like making solar and bioenergy more scalable and more affordable. Doing it in the lab is one thing connecting it to large scale demonstrations – that’s, that’s how we really make an impact. We’re working on energy storage which is the missing link in intermittent renewables and how they fit into the energy system. It’s critically important that we do transition to a low carbon energy future and using agricultural waste will help us to achieve that. We work at QUT here on a range of technologies looking at things like biofuels, things like ethanol or advanced drop in fuels. We built the Mackay Pilot plant which is the only plant of its kind in Australia to do that – to work with industry partners to develop and demonstrate the technologies. We’re going to have at least some coal and some natural gas in the economy for many decades to come. So we have people looking at traditional energy systems to work on their efficiencies. Coal will remain a major source of energy for foreseeable future. My team have developed an automated system. The major benefit is improved mining safety. And also improved productivity and mining efficiency. This unique technology was developed in Queensland adopted in USA, and recently have been successfully demonstrated in China. The electricity supply industry is changing rapidly. Science underpins that change and the transformation of the industry. At Energy Queensland, we’re using lots of new technologies. We’re getting lots of interest internationally The Energy Queensland large scale battery pilot is the first time a large scale solar PV system and a battery energy storage system has been integrated with a distribution management system. I think this is a challenge that we happen to be leading the world in We partner with Queensland universities at all levels to help us solve the challenges that we face today. Queensland science is making a difference to what we do. Queensland science Making a difference

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