REAL Mad Scientists That Did Disturbing Things…
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REAL Mad Scientists That Did Disturbing Things…

– When you think of a scientist,
you likely think of someone trying to change the world for the better. However, not everyone is so altruistic. There are others that use their
smarts to benefit themselves or in some cases even for evil intent. Here are 10 real mad scientists
that did disturbing things. Number 10 is Andrew Ure. The most famous fictional mad scientist is Victor Frankenstein,
who resurrected the dead. But there were many both before and after Mary Shelley’s novel who
not only believed that it was possible to raise the
dead but actually tried it. Andrew Ure is just such
one of those people. He was a Scottish scientist
who took an interest in reanimating the dead. By 1818, Ure gained access to the bodies of freshly hanged criminals. This allowed him to experiment in macabre and frightening
ways, but these experiments were not carried out behind closed doors. Ure was a showman and enjoyed
cutting open the cadavers in front of an audience. Sending large amounts of
electricity through the bodies, Ure and his audience were
captivated by the way that the bodies contorted and
sneered as if they were alive. Number nine is Vladimir Demikhov. Vladimir Demikhov was
obsessed with firsts. He wanted to be the first surgeon to achieve something truly miraculous. After attending the University
of Moscow in the 1930s, he began at the tender age
of 21 to create technology which could be used to keep people alive. Some of it was astonishing, including a cardiac arrest
device which could keep a person’s heart beating for
five hours during surgery. However, after these accomplishments, his work took a decidedly dark turn. He began to experiment with strange transplantation techniques. His most famous and
most twisted experiment involved creating a
two-headed dog by stitching a live dog’s head onto the
body of another live dog. He repeated this with many
animals which usually lived for several days in a
confused and painful state. Number eight is Michael Persinger. Michael Persinger carried out a number of cognitive neuroscience experiments
in the 1990s and beyond which have divided those
who follow his work. Some believe that he’s a visionary, however others an unhinged
scientist spouting nonsense. But nonetheless his greatest
experiment, the God Helmet, still has people talking to this day. Persinger’s helmet looks
like an old motorbike helmet, but it messes with the mind of the wearer. Inside the helmet are powerful
electrodes which create an electromagnetic field which
interferes with the brain. Some believe this allows
the wearer to communicate directly with God or another higher power and bring about spontaneous
religious experiences. Others also believe that
the helmet can bring people into communication with the dead who still walk the Earth unseen. Number seven is Jose Delgado. Many scientists and
experimenters have been obsessed with real life mind control. Jose Delgado conducted a number of strange mind control experiments
throughout the 1950s and ’60s while a professor at Yale. Much of his experiments
involved implanting electrodes into animal brains using a remote control which sent radio commands. This allowed Delgado to
control the movements of the animals. Most famously, Delgado
implanted electrodes into the brain of a bull and
got into the ring with it. When the bull charged, he pressed a button on his remote control and suddenly the bull
stopped charging at him. But most sinister of all, Delgado experimented
on at least 25 people. Focusing on controlling aggression, he believed that he could one
day create an army of zombies which generals could control
with the push of a button. Number six is Robert G. Heath. Like Delgado before him, Robert G. Heath explored the
possibilities of mind control. While Delgado focused on domination, Heath explored the boundaries
of pleasure and pain. At a university in New Orleans, Heath inserted electrodes
into people’s brains, wiring them up in such a
way that he could control their experience of the world. With the flick of a switch, Heath was able to take individuals to
the height of ecstasy and to the depths of pain and agony. By injecting a chemical
called acetylcholine, Heath was able to ramp up each
person’s pleasure receptors to the point that they
would be crippled by joy. However, he was also
able to administer pain on an almost unprecedented scale. Many believe that he continued
his work for the CIA and that his mind control techniques
have been expanded upon since. Number five is Giovanni Aldini. For many, Giovanni Aldini is a real life Victor Frankenstein. His grotesque experiments
on trying to raise the dead were clearly an influence
on Mary Shelley’s novel. In 1803, Aldini experimented
on a man called Forster who had been hanged for
drowning his wife and child. Aldini hoped to clear
the name of his uncle, a man named Volta, who had
supported the ideas decades previously that the dead could
be animated with electricity. In front of medical students,
Aldini placed electrodes on the head of Forster and
sent an electric charge through his body. Watching in horror, they
observed Forster open his eyes, grimace, and raise his
clenched fists into the air. His body stopped moving
when the electricity ceased. Some believe Aldini did
indeed bring Forster back from the dead for one last
agonizing moment of existence. Number four is Ilya Ivanov. Soviet biologist Ilya Ivanov ran a series of disturbing experiments
during the 1920s. His obsession was with
human hybridization. This is the idea that you
can cross a human bring with an animal, creating
a hybrid of the two. While working in Paris, Ivanov
operated on a chimpanzee, grafting a human woman’s
ovary into the chimp. He then tried to fertilize
the ovary with a human sperm. When his experiments failed,
Ivanov traveled to Africa and experimented on
three more chimpanzees, trying to artificially
inseminate them with human DNA. Finally, when none of the
chimpanzees fell pregnant, he found five female
volunteers willing to mate with primates to see if
hybridization was possible. As far as we know, he
was never successful. But rumors persist that the
hybrids are out there somewhere. Number three is Harry Harlow. Harry Harlow was an American psychologist who wanted to explore the idea of love. Love, after all, is the prime
motivator for many people. It guides many of our
actions and decisions and is one of the most positive emotions that a person can experience. But despite this positivity, Harlow’s experiments were anything but. He experimented on rhesus
monkey babies and their mothers. Many of his experiments involved
torturing the baby monkeys to see how they would respond
to their mothers afterwards and whether their bond
of love would continue. His most controversial
experiment was called the Pit of Despair. He would place a baby monkey
in an isolated chamber for up to a year without any contact with anyone or anything. Suffice to say, the
monkeys became psychotic but not as psychotic as
Harry Harlow himself. Number two is Nikola Tesla. There is no doubt that Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest
inventors of all time. However, he absolutely
qualifies as a mad scientist when pursuing his more eccentric works. Famous for producing
novel and innovative ways to harness electricity, Tesla also claimed to have worked on a particle
gun which could shoot down thousands of airplanes at one time, an earthquake device which
could collapse a building, and even the ability to
teleport people across space. While these claims seem outlandish, many believe he’s one of the
only human beings in history who could actually
develop such technologies. Rumors persist that in his experimentation with energy sources he made
contact with a mysterious extra-terrestrial intelligence
with a sinister purpose. And number one is Sergio Canavero. The realm of strange and
sometimes frightening scientific experimentation is
not just a relic of the past. As we speak, a group of
scientists are trying to develop the first ever human head transplant. The idea is to remove the head
from someone who’s paralyzed and then place it onto the body of a recently deceased
person with an intact spine. The work has championed
by a professor in Italy called Sergio Canavero. Many in the scientific
community have argued that the work is highly dangerous, grisly, and risks the life of the participant. However, Canavero and
his team are continuing to push through with their
work and claims have been made that a working procedure
has been developed. Only time will tell
whether Sergio Canavero is seen as a visionary
scientist or a mad scientist for removing people’s heads. (mysterious music)

100 thoughts on “REAL Mad Scientists That Did Disturbing Things…

  1. Love your channel, never get to be one of the first notified!!! I use your channel as a teaching tool sometimes because my grandchildren are fascinated by mixed history and "did you know" kind of things. They love to listen to your voice, as do I. Great channel God bless and keep the vlogs coming.👍👍

  2. Tesla wasn't a mad scientist he was a genius and was demonized by Edison who stole his ideas from the patent office. His idea of this super weapon was actually for free energy transfered without the use of wires but the air itself. His plans for a weapon was what the government and newspapers said he had when he died and everything was taken from his room after his body was discovered.

  3. Matt, I adore you and love your videos. But, this is the second video in a row where I heard you pronounce the word, "macabre". It is actually pronounced, "Makob" the re is silent. Love the American English language. 😉 Great job with the awesome videos, keep up the great work!

  4. Hey Matthew love your channel! Tesla invented radio frequency in the late1800's we might not have cell phones or radios wo him. Back then no one on earth was doing RF work when Nikolai Tesla started receiving signals from an unknown source. His conclusion was they were extraterrestrial in nature. It's a great story


    #2 on this list is Nikola Tesla. And if you're in the realm of pseudo science, this shouldn't be a surpise. But everything that was stated about him in the video is nothing but blind speculation!

    There was never any solid evidence supporting the idea that Tesla developed weapons of mass destruction, or made contact with other worldly beings. The chief focus of his research and experiments was to power the world in efficient and productive ways. And in some cases, he suceeded to an extent. Not to the grand scale he hoped for, however. But he never dabbled in anything beyond that!

    The majority of the hoaxes that surround Tesla's name was most likely created by his rivals, who were jealous of his success, to deface him from history. One of his notable rivals was his former employer Thomas Edison, who helped in developing the electric chair to ruin the credibility of Tesla's AC power transmission system.

    So, I can't speak for the rest of the scientists on the list. But I believe Tesla was done a great injustice.

  6. I have a chilling mad scientist story!


    Once there was a scientist who dissected a dead frog in his science class!

  7. also as far as the head transplant thing goes, they could simply transplant the brain itself, useing criminals convicted of serious crimes, like child molestation or murders, or rapes, or even those who just minutes ago died, the reason i say use the brain only is becuase the brain is the only organ in the human body that does not suffer from rejection, meaning no drugs would be required, like if you transplant a kidney for example, and i know becuase im a dialysis patient, that afetr transplant you need massive doeses of anti rejection drugs, becuase the body recognizes the new kidney and being not its own and rejects it causing failure again, but the brain is the only organ that doesnt have that problem, the brain if transplanted succesfully would not reject a whole new body. look it up if you dont believe me, its all over the web and in medical journals.

  8. What about the Japanese one that conducted operations and experiences in humans without put them to sleep got immunity in exchange of intel by the USA

  9. You can’t expect me to see a thing about a helmet that lets you talk to god and not spend the next 4 hours scouring the internet about it

  10. Dr Robert Heath is still listed on Tulane University’s website as the Founding Chairman of the Dept of psychology and neurology in 1949 thru 1980. He was trying to prove that schizophrenia was an autoimmune disease 😐

  11. Sergio Canavero will be one of the greatest people ever in medical science if he can make his procedure work.  People might say he prays on the hopes of those who are disabled, but if it works, he would effectively end the majority of all disabilities on Earth that involve the nervous system.

  12. Johann Dippel is probably the biggest inspiration of Frankenstein.
    He to tried to animate the dead and unlike the other guy actually grew up in castle Frankenstein.

  13. not every doctor and scientist can be sane,some can dig up body parts to create a monster. or even kill those that have committed crimes and gotten away with it.

  14. the God helmet proves that there is no god by making people think that god or a higher power is with them. It proves that god is a creation of the mind. It has been said for decades that the religious leaders were influenced by gas leaks from the earth of even electromagnetic waves…

  15. Experimentation on humans? No one comments. Experimentation on animals? Crazy animal lovers begin hissing like the frilled dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

    Personally, I think we need more mad scientists in the world. Can't make an omelette and all that.

  16. So you're telling me theres women out there who mated with monkeys….is this how we got aids orrr….

  17. I can't believe Nikolai tesla is on this list. The world we live in today has been possible by his work.

  18. Oh dude I kept up on those articles. He can do amazing things! It's a shame his volunteer died of natural causes I believe. His subject was a quadriplegic from a degenerative disease. They have the tech to adhere each nearoreceptor. Quite interesting

  19. I learned about a lot of these in my AP psych class it was so sad to read about the inhumane things people did in the name of science

  20. Hey have you ever thought about doing 100 things that Matthew Santoro just made up in his upside down head ?

  21. Hey i love your channel! You should do a video on real human experiments done on the down low like when Puerto Rican women were fooled into taking birth control which actually sterilized them.

  22. I was really hoping that Matt would put dr. Mengele the WW2 scientist in Germany at 1, since he did some of the worst things to people you could think of.

  23. Goes to show most mad scientist are doctors that wish to butcher humans. So enshort most doctors are licensed butchers.

  24. Omg.. the guy torturing baby monkeys is one of the most horrible things I could possibly imagine 😢 I am practically a pacifist and even I want to hurt that man. Lock him in isolation for a year.

  25. I love how one of the scientists in the thumbnail is a cosplay of the mad scientist from Nightmare Before Christmas

  26. I love all your videos Matthew! I noticed though you pronounced Macabre the way it looks, but actually it's pronounced more like "Macob". Like that's my corn! Get your hands off macob! Lol

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  28. Why would you transplant a live head to a dead body? What's up? Spine works, but he dead anyway! Besides, brains can stay alive for seconds tops.

  29. If I was crippled completely below neck level, God forbid, I would volunteer for experiments with #1
    The risk is worth it. I am grateful that I am healthy.

  30. That word… macabre… I know it's spelled funny, and looks like it would be pronounced mac-ah-bra, but it's actually pronounced muh-cob/ma-cob. I am absolute not making fun of anyone or commenting to be mean… I've just heard this word pronounced wrong in many of the videos on this channel and thought I'd comment and kindly let you know that it's pronounced differently than spelled.

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