#Reproductive health 10th class lesson |How do organisms reproduce| biology |ncert class 10 |science
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#Reproductive health 10th class lesson |How do organisms reproduce| biology |ncert class 10 |science

Reproductive Health my reproductive system started producing sex cells, Can I participate in a sexual act and produce babies ? No, before you participate in a sexual act, you should consider the possible consequences. What are the consequences involved in participating in a sexual act ? The major consequences involved in participating in a sexual act are health consequences Do you know during sexual intercourse, there is a very intimate contact between the male and female bodies There may be a chance
of transfer of germs and infections between the partners. It may cause diseases. What kind of diseases are spread by sexual contact ? The diseases that are spread through sexual contact are called sexually transmitted diseases In short form, they are called STDs Here are a few examples of STDs gonoria and syphilis these two diseases are caused by bacteria warts and HIV or AIDS these two are caused by virus The sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented by using a condom. What is a condom ? condom is a condom is a rubbery covering worn the penis or inside a vagina. During sexual intercourse to prevent the sexually transmitted diseases up to some extent condoms help to prevent pregnancy also. When a girl is ready to be pregnant, To become pregnant .. A girl should be physically ,mentally ,socially and emotionally ready. If not the health of
the girl will be adversely affected. How to stop pregnancy ? We can avoid pregnancy by using contraceptive methods 1. Mechanical barriers : condoms By using male or female condoms one can avoid pregnancy. Condoms act as a barrier and prevent the entry of sperms into the female reproductive system. 2. Chemical Contraceptives : oral pills These pills change the hormonal balance of the women and stop the release of egg and
fertilization. But changing hormonal balance leads to so many side effects. 3 contraceptive devices: copper T or loop The-loop or the copper T are placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy they can cause
irritation and leads to various side effects. 4. surgical methods of contraception : vasectomy or tubectomy. Vasectomy if the vas difference in the male is blocked by a small surgery sperm transfer will be prevented. This method is called vasectomy. Tubectomy: if the fallopian
tubule in the female is blocked by small surgery the egg will not be able
to reach the uterus. Surgical methods are permanent they are safe in long run and
followed by families who doesn’t want pregnancy what happens if contraceptives are failed and unwanted pregnancy happens medical termination of pregnancy pregnancy can be removed by medical
surgery but it will be done only under some special circumstances. Abortion or
medical termination of pregnancy is illegal if it is done by someone’s choice. It is misused in our country. Many families have reluctant to girl child it is leading to illegal sex selective abortion of female fetuses for this
reason prenatal sex determination has been prohibited by the law

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