Romina, binalaan si Daniela sa kanyang paghahabol sa pera ni Robert | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)
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Romina, binalaan si Daniela sa kanyang paghahabol sa pera ni Robert | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

I won’t allow that, Attorney. We need to keep her
from getting her inheritance. She has no right to my money. [PHONE RINGING] Hello, Romina? Bernard, Daniela is planning
to claim her inheritance. Does she have a right
to my money? Well, technically, she does. Why? Because Robert died
while you’re still married. Daniela is his daughter
and compulsory heir. But I already filed
for annulment. Yes, but Robert died… …before it was granted. So… …you’re still married
in the eyes of the law. Everything I have now
is due to my own hard work. Robert didn’t contribute
to any of it whatsoever. So she has no right
to my money. Regardless, Romina, the fact that you’re married
means that all of your fortune
also belongs to Robert, especially since you didn’t
have a prenuptial agreement when you got married, right? I’m sorry, but Daniela
has a huge chance of receiving her inheritance. And for what?! So she can use it to
commit more crimes?! I won’t allow that, Bernard! Nanny, why do you keep
staying here? You could stay with me
and Daddy. I can talk to him about it. Or you could also go
to Aunt Romina. That’s because your Mommy
needs me more, Marga. I’ve known her since
she was just a child, so I know she needs my guidance
now more than ever. Daniela. – Mom.
– Dear? How are you? I thought I’d never
see you again. You didn’t even
visit me in jail. I’m so glad you’re here. Mom, I’m not here for you. You’re talking to
your mother that way? Who taught you
to be like that?! So you really don’t care
about me anymore?! Did you care about us before
you committed a crime? – Margaret!
– I need to go, Mom. I think it’d be best for you
to be alone right now so you’d have some time to
think about what you did. So, the criminal
has been released. What brings you here? Oh, nothing. I just want to know where
you got your audacity. Did you buy it somewhere? Was it on sale, Daniela? Looks like you hoarded
a lot of it. Seriously? How dare you
say that to me? You’re the one who barged
into my home. After everything
that’s happened, you still have the nerve
to claim your inheritance? I can’t believe this. Mom, what are you trying
to do this time? Don’t be ridiculous. That is my lawful right
as a daughter of my Daddy. I have a right to that fortune. And besides, it’s for the
future of my daughter, Marga. You can’t stop me. And you can’t stop me, either. It’s my right to protect everything I’ve
worked hard for, and I’ll make sure
you won’t get a single centavo
out of it, Daniela. Aunt Romina,
I’m coming with you. Marga.

100 thoughts on “Romina, binalaan si Daniela sa kanyang paghahabol sa pera ni Robert | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

  1. Mawalang galang po manang esther. Pero yung paggabay nyo hindi na tumatalab kay daniela. Ni isa ata sa payo nyo noon hindi nya sinunod.

  2. Hindi ko alam kung may silbi ba ang role ni manang ester? Like ang sama parin ni Daniela Diba??? Kahit andyan sya to guide Daniela??

  3. Hindi mo na po kilala c daniela manang ester.. Baka po Mali nmn pagpapalaki mo.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  4. haistt… paulit ulit na lang ang writter nito sa scenario walang katapusan ang ksmaan ni daniela. nakakaumay na… baka gusto nyo pong ayusin ayusi ai

  5. If you will look back at the whole picture. This is all Robert's fault and not Daniela's. As a parent, Robert failed to raise Daniela properly because he continues in pining over Romina. Robert was the one who raped Romina. Yes it was Daniela who made the order for another person to do the bad deed, but what did Robert do,.

    Daniela loves Marga and showed it to her by spoiling her like the way Robert did to her before by giving her whatever she wants aside from being there as a Father. Hence why she thinks that she is doing it for Marga's sake.

    Daniela is a result of a bad parenting which is why I can't hate her. And I can't fault her for doing all the bad stuff to Romina because at some point, Romina is not really innocent. Yes she is also a victim. But Romina continues to get in Daniela's way knowing it will add fuels to Daniela's growing hatred towards her.

  6. May twist siguro Ito. Baka c manang Ang tunay na Nanay Ni Daniela tapos inampon lang sya Ni Robert at ng mommy Nya.

    Marga is Daniela's down fall! Parang mas mature p sya na Nanay Nya ngayon! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  7. Tapuain na yan paulit ulit na lang ang storya hehe….i thought binigyan na ng kanya kanyang mana si daniela at marga kuha ka romina ng magaling na abogado …

  8. kakasawa na bang may evidence na nabuking na pero inosente pa din si daniela paulit ulit na lang un istory na bangayan..pinapahaba na lang kaya kahit ano na lang na pede mapagsabong si romina at daniela sana tapusin na yan..

  9. Ayokong makulong c Daniela gusto ko mamatay sya , sa lhat ba nmn ng kasalanan niya wala ng kapatawaran dun walang wala na andami ng namatay ng dahil sa kanya.. Anong klaseng writers at directors ba merun tung KG nato laging kampi sa napaka demonyong DANIELA nayan 😝😑

  10. Yung story is very pinoy, ganyan tlga mga pamilya nag aaway away AHAHA. tapos minsan yung anak kakampi pa kay tita or tito. Gets? Galing.

  11. Sa pag kaka alm ko at ng marame eh tao na ubos na ang mana ni daniela at inobos niya un tapos ngun my makkuha paren siya na kakatawa talag ang ang dame niya pera

  12. Ang gulo ng istorya niyo. Namatay si Robert tapos hinati-hati na iyong mana nila. Tapos ipinatalo ni Daniela lahat. Now maghahabol ulit ng mana? Ha?


  14. Bakit parang may feeling ako na may twist itong story.. Baka anak n ester si ampon lng sia nina robert kaya d ma iwan.iwan n ester si daniela kac anak nia ito

  15. Subra naman ang property law sa Pilipinas. Wala na dapat na karapatan si Daniela sa pera ni Romina regardless na kasal sya ki Robert. Pinag hirapan yun ni Romina at winaldas na ni Daniela ang parte ng kanyang pamana.

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