Russian Scientists in Antarctica battle Organism 46b, Antarctic Creature, Lake Vostok Octopus
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Russian Scientists in Antarctica battle Organism 46b, Antarctic Creature, Lake Vostok Octopus

The ancients believed in monsters of the deep,
serpents hiding under the waves, threatening to capsize the heavy crawling ships of men. Today there is no ocean or lake that has not
been probed, and found wanting for sea monsters. Except for the freshwater lakes buried beneath
the ice of Antarctica. There is a hidden continent under the ice
cap of Antarctica. Ground penetrating radar established the existence
of hundreds of lakes on this continent. Because of pressure exerted by the ice, these
lakes are not frozen. They are liquid, containing fresh water that
has been isolated for at least 15 million years. The largest of these is Lake Vostok, covered
by a glacier two miles thick. On top of the ice sits the Russian Vostok
Research Station. It took ten years for the Soviets to drill
a vertical tunnel in the ice in which a special elevator was built, designed to hold a single
man. In 2012 the eliptical drill bit finally reached,
down to the eastern shore of the lake. A team of eight scientists was lowered to the original
surface of the continent, one man at a time. What followed was a closely guarded state
secret, until a Russian scientist defected to the West. Dr. Anton Padalka was a member of the Soviet
research team. He became a defector after learning his government
had military plans for a discovery made in Antarctica. Granted sanctuary in Switzerland, Dr. Padalka
disclosed the existence of a life form native to Lake Vostok… a strange and lethal creature
designated as Organism 46-B. During a scuba dive for which they required low-temperature wetsuits, the creature was encountered on day one of the expedition. Organism 46b is a species of giant octopus,
but with 14 arms rather than eight. It shares traits of its nearest known relative,
“vitreledonella richardi”, the glass octopus, which hunts by paralyzing its prey with venom,
then seizes and dismembers the food source, cutting it into bits with a powerful beak. But 46b can do one thing that its smaller
cousin cannot. It can paralyze from a distance of 150 feet
because its venom is contained in the sac that is normally used for expelling ink. Expedition member Alexis Vindogradov, the
radio operator, met his end in this way, and the radio was lost. Like the Mimic Octopus of the Indo-Pacific,
46-B has remarkable powers of camouflage. The Mimic physically changes its form to resemble
one of fifteen other aquatic species, such as a lion fish, or a sea snake, or a jellyfish. Again organism 46-B takes this ability one
step further. Dr. Padalka witnessed the creature in the
shape of a human diver. They thought it was a member of the team swimming
toward them. The scientist nearest to the creature, a marine
biologist, became the second researcher to expire when the organism resumed its
shape and wounded him mortally. At this point the expedition chief, A.M. Yelagin, decided to use a specimen tank to
capture the organism. The only female member of the team, Dr. Marta
Kalashnik, was used to lure 46b, not because she is a woman, but because as a former professional
athlete, she was judged best able to defend herself. The trap was a success, but one of the sea
creature’s arms confronted her. Kalashnik was forced to use her axeto defend herself. According to Dr. Padalka, when the man-eater
was brought to the surface it was confiscated immediately by Soviet security. The international press was told nothing was
found. The entrance to the hole was plugged. Russian President Vladimir Putin now intends
to weaponize the venom of the prehistoric beast.

100 thoughts on “Russian Scientists in Antarctica battle Organism 46b, Antarctic Creature, Lake Vostok Octopus

  1. I heard that when they broke through the ice they released into that fresh water all kinds of oils, other chemicals & metal particles they were using to drill, which pretty much poisoned parts of the creatures’ territory & putting it in defense mode… it was simply protecting itself & its own environment. + They had no idea what the creature was capable of doing, they’re lucky it didn’t make 100 copies of itself or something even more bizarre than what they already experienced… + I would never go into an unknown territory like that without a damn camera or robot drone or some technical equipment being sent in first to make sure it’s safe before exploring…

  2. Russian woman named Kolishnik? its either a male surname or non russian surname or a made up name for whatever reason. Other than that, interesting info.

  3. This sounds true. Why or how could someone make this up? Or choose to make this up? This particular “malarkey”? ☝️🤔

  4. dont see why any powers that be would cover it up when theres bigger larger stonger octopuses and giant squids that the authoritys have said are real dont hide makes no since

  5. I would lure this story as bait onto an alt-right conspiracy website, slowly lowering the line bit by bit, until I feel the guppies nibbling.

  6. So if we couldn't get under the ice of lake fostok for millions of. How were the scientists braifed of an organiam then??

  7. Organism46b still has useful eyes because of the bioluminescent diatoms that swim freely in lake Vostoks icy depths. When Organism46b's forage base swims thru a swarm of the luminous diatoms, they light up, and 46b's tentacles snatch up an easy meal

  8. Damn!! You scared me for a second. I thought the title of this was Orgasm 46B. Another great show Bill. I had not heard this one before!!

  9. I had an octopus girlfriend for a while. I had to break it off. She got too clingy. I felt like I was being smothered.

  10. My ex-wife had tremendous powers of camouflage too. She could make herself look like a normal human being until you got too close and then she'd change in a blink of an eye and try to kill you.

  11. Hey, is this really true? This creature? It’s a fact that they like to dig. They dug 13 miles or so way back? Remember? So what would they gain by making this whopper of a story? Why bother? ☝️🤔

  12. Anyone remember the Plant 42 boss in the original Resident Evil game? It was a giant, T-Virus mutated plant that had many tentacles & attacked with poison. It sounds like the devs at Capcom had heard this story & adapted it into their now legendary game…. Interesting stuff.

  13. Not Stupedety but lack of knowlage
    is man s biggest enamy..
    Pressiur under 3000meter of ice or water
    Will crush any form of diver …
    Are you by any chance a FLAT ERTHER..!!! Had to ask lol
    ( Rememer thoes Words .. water is fluid under ice becaus of the pressiur )

  14. @EveryOne… absolutely hilarious!! @3:34 "radio operator Alexa VandogglerogglerwogglerOff…'hooooyes laughed for 15min straight!!

  15. Putin gave a few of these 46B Creatures to Donald Trump as a gift. You can see 1 of them in the lobby of the Trump Hotel in DC. The display tank has a sign on it "Do not put your hand in the water". I counted 14 tentacles.

  16. Russians should just make a dinosaur it would be way cooler, and what's the deal with the chick doing everything ?

    You know, if you're going to attack us with Prehistoric octopus Venom, we're just going to throw the Marfa lights at you, I don't see what the big deal is..

  17. Once they train it to be the perfect killing machine, and use it's surrounding environment to disguise and camouflage itself to adapt to any situation, it will then secure its place in the soviet arsenal under it's new identity as AGENT 47.

  18. The interesting features about antarctica are the capabilities of the organisms to handle the dark energy. The skin chemical composition can handle contact with dark energy and is important to space exploration. You need to think camouflage and space ships not of physical atomic structures but of plasma/physical atomic structure. Be careful as the dark energy/dark matter created and dispersed is the result of the secretions of a gland taking the surroundings and physically using the light energy. They are the nearest key to Nibiru. Dark energy using light energy. This is dangerous to mankind but scientists need to understand how atomically they achieve this. Also chemical protection in handling dark matter through the lining of the glands. It is important not to kill them for experimental use because they create a ecobalance in nature by the southpole. Not too many animals can do or handle the magnetic fields. It is important to use conservation procedures and biopsies only. The creatures reproduce and recreate damaged regions but be careful not to damage over 33% of the creature and never the brain. Thanks for the info.

  19. Sorry but we have not explored the worlds oceans we know more about the moon than our ocean's and sea's
    Also we know little about the deepest fresh water lakes in our little world.

  20. Meu cu eo meu pau sao monstros, feio e corrugado ,nem puta quer, mas quando comecam a chirar querem chuuppaaar,…

  21. 💨 🗣️ Squid worth , haha haha.🐙 . not whole truth C'mon , scientist are just looking for sea food ! or this 👾 🐽.

  22. yeah right, I bet that the REAL REASON a beautiful woman scientist was used to lure the creature is because of the creature's ability to SHAPE SHIFT!

    THERE WAS JUST ONE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN → → but now there’s TWO!!! Uh huh! Great idea!

  23. Strangest narrator I've ever seen. I don't know what would be creepier to experience in person. The 46b cartoon, or the narrator.. I think the weird dude…

  24. And american soldiers killed a giant in kandahar but miltaries wont let us know of these wonders they r greedy bastaxx who hide the truth at every oppertunity no wonder the world is a shit whole theres so much secrecy and deiceit . They found the mercy seat and the bllod of christ which is the key to eternal life but they didnt let us know the lying deceitfull peiceses of crap. U think ur doing a noble thing sending ur kids to the millitary but ur actually contributing to knowledge restriction secrecy deceit and probably the destruction of our world all in the name of secrecy. Keep no secrets but scream the truth to the heavens or forever remain on earth in hell god bless u all

  25. Man wants to capture what doesn't belong in a cage and claim it is the creature to be domesticated and not him!

  26. Ok so continents are confusin
    N america
    S america
    Australia or oceania
    Under antartica
    The plastic waste
    Land after

  27. Like the venom of a dodecapus is more dangerous a weapon that we've already got, I think the Russians would me more interested in using it to produce something medical that no others have, therefore making huge amounts of dollar for those high up in the party. Makes more sense to me. Peace!

  28. Russians so much like Americans , We can only hope for something good at some point, l fine it interesting it came up without damage.

  29. Fact of the matter the oceans have had damn little study therefore your first statement fukd you buddy not a good start

  30. You mention they reached the surface in 2012, and one of those scientists defected. You go on to say he was part of the Soviet research team that encountered 46B. In 2012. Soviets. In 2012.

  31. You keep getting new videos date stamped from years ago and the Beatles now have a song called Number 9 which says 'Turn me on dead man' in reverse. I'm wondering if I'm going to end up as one of your videos in the end.
    Why no comments enable on Dr 58?
    Sounded like life in Fallout 4 where people were replaced by synths who didn't know they weren't the real person.

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