Sadhguru’s vision behind INSIGHT : The DNA of Success
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Sadhguru’s vision behind INSIGHT : The DNA of Success

Music… so what I have observed with many levels of business in India is Probably for most people when they said busines they’re talking about the the mega corporations that have grown, both Indian and otherwise but India Humps Beyond world’s economic situations, India’s Commerce comes Because there’s a whole lot of family businesses individual entrepreneurs families Enterprises Which have a very strong business sense? They have the necessary Commitment to what they’re doing they have a fire to run the business They have the know-how But they’re not able to move from being a proprietry to a larger possibility The scaling up is something that a lot of them struggle with I have many personal experiences with this I’ve been watching this for a few years now, and I thought in some way if you could contribute to really help this businesses to scale-up because They have everything in place. They have the fundamentals really good. Say suppose, you are playing on a trapeze bar Unless you’re sure you can catch the other bar you won’t leave this; You’re not going to let go of this… It’s unfair to ask him to let go of this when he is not sure if he can catch the other one or not.. Of course there is a risk those few moments of leaping but still it’s a calculated risk but when you are still not able to see where the other bar is there’s no question of letting go. So, INSIGHT is an effort to help people to have the necessary insight to see where the other floating bar is and It’s not really so much of a risk as they think as many of them may perceive It is a certain calculated risk and even operating within the limitations Having a stagnant business is also a great risk Everything works. Well only when it’s succeeding and growing people you can keep people together You can keep everybody focused when something is growing and getting bigger if it stagnates There’ll be all kinds of problems that everybody faces at some point or the other So to move on to the next step Without the necessary tools and the know-how Asking them to mourn. It’s not a fair thing so it’s best we provide those tools so we thought we’ll bring the best minds in the field who have done that scaling up as as A Hands-on Knowledge towards scaling up The most basic thing is insight That is you have some insight that others don’t have You’re able to see something that others are not able to see Otherwise you’re a contrived leader you somehow gotten up there, and you’re always worried. How you will fall down Leadership means you want to sit on a perch If you sit in a perch, and you can’t see any better than the people who are not sitting in the perch You will become a joke Yes, or no once you sit on the perch You must be able to see something that others are not able to see the leader means He’s a lookout person it need not necessarily mean that you are able to do something better than somebody else But you are able to see better than somebody else Once you are able to see something that others cannot see how ever clumsy you maybe you still become a leader people will still look up to you because You are seeing something that they cannot see This is most important if you want to run a business essentially running an organization means in some way You are managing. Maybe a thousand minds or 10,000 minds if you cannot even manage yours How are you going to manage everybody else’s? Music

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  1. So when you say… 'I can do appreciation…' We want you to think about it doing you, it, finding you. 'I’m just preparing the atmosphere for appreciation to ensue."
    Abraham Hicks

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