Schizophrenia’s genetics revealed
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Schizophrenia’s genetics revealed

Schizophrenia is a chronic, debilitating,
psychiatric disorder, characterised by abnormal beliefs by hallucinations and by disturbances
in thought processes. It is believed to affect approximately 1 per cent in the world’s population
and in Australia that means approximately 250,000 people. So what we found in this research
was over 100 sites across the human genomes that are strongly associated with the predisposition
to schizophrenia. We were able to identify these sites by screening the DNA of over 35,000
people with schizophrenia and over 100,000 people who don’t have the illness. This is
a very exciting point to be at our research. We’ve been investigating the underline genetics
of schizophrenia for over 30 years and this represents a culmination of all of that effort
and collaborative enterprise around the world. By identifying over a 100 sites across the
genome we are now in a position to develop potential novel drug treatments for this condition.

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