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A long time ago, I was a child playing video games. One of the best parts about video games was the ability to modify the game. Change how it works, change the way the game was played, change the exact type of game that you played. Eventually modding got so involved that you didn’t recognize what you were playing in the first place, and along came those few gems, that were just delightful pieces of mods that made the experience totally worth it. What the.. frick.. (2008 ALL YOUR BASE remix) If that song doesn’t date when this was made then I don’t know what does. This is “Scientist Slaughterhouse”. Now, this game.. or this modification of a game, is off of the original Half-Life engine, which was made back in 1998. This mod was made in the early 2000s, I believe, and it’s entire objective, is about slaughtering the scientists in the game. I absolutely love this, and the game was discontinued, which is a goddamn shame. Well, maybe it’s not, maybe it’s not stupid fun. I haven’t played this in years. but what I remember of it, is that it was just absolutely wonderful. If you like the idea of those whacking games and the gratuitous violence that comes with it, then you will like this game, because that’s all it is. I swear. That’s all it is. You can shut up- Okay. There we go. Now- oh my god. Number one. It’s not even in the right resolution. Hang on, Lemme do this real quick. Alright, so if you don’t know what this is, and if you don’t know what Half-Life is, There’s… *Mark trails off as the site intercom says something unintelligible* I’m sorry. Oh, hi. Hello. There’s really nothing I could do to explain what it is. Oh yeah. Oh power me up baby. Oh, give me the juice! Yeah, I love the energy armor’s S U C C. Yeah, okay. Alright. Yeah, here we go. Yeah, it’s just- *wheeze* This is literally it. That’s all there is! It’s just a game with an entire infinite possibility of different ways that you can annihilate scientists from the game Half-Life. That’s it. Antimatter Pul- *mark breaks into laughter* pulverizer mode! *Mark unleashes fury upon a scientist* Ion Discharge Cannon Mode. *more fury* Gluon Gun! *less enthusiastic fury* Antimatter Puvl- alright, okay, so Yes- Oh! Shooty! (x5) male voice: OHMYGAWD, WE’RE DOOMED!! Yeah, oh.. I forgot there were scientists under the elevator- It’s been so long since I’ve played this particular “game”. Now I can- Now I can long jump. Yeah, I forgot there were.. *giggly* I forgot there were scientists down here.. I forgot! Okay, yes, so if you thought that was it oh you just have one gun and that’s gonna be it The answer is no whoa. Whoa. Oh Okay, you can shut down thank you, okay, what is this do I forget oh, oh, OHOHOHOHOHO There you go What does this one do? OH I see- hehehehe Oh my God! Incendiary warhead Ha-BOW! *laughing* PLASMA BOOOOMB! Oh my GOD! EMP, you say? EMPeepee *explosions* OHOHOHOHO You shouldn’t run into that my bud. Alright so Half-Life is an old game. Oh what is this? Ouu! Where am I? Oh I forgot there’s a lot of loading… The game’s old So like, you know how loading screens and engines didn’t used to be a thing It kind of is now- look at that sky box! We seem to be on an aircraft carrier of some sort. I’m sure this is normal. Wait. Hang on. Let me line up the crosshairs Hello! Hey, good to see ya. *gunshots* Okay… *chuckling* *Imitates gunshots and laughs* Oh alright that was- that was fun, that was very fun. That was fun. Test fire? Oh, goodbye. *laughing* Alright go go buddy, go go. Come on. Where you goin’? Where you goin’? Where you goin’? Oh shit! Um… I don’t think I was supposed to do that. I’m not sure how I get back now *laughing* I don’t think I was supposed to fall in… Ugh. Shit okay. Well, that’s weird. Is there a load? There we go. Okay back here I guess no this is fine moving on to a different area because that’s not where we want this piece button Oh Oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh oh, oh Oh, I see oh yeah, you should be worried. Oh I see. Oh I see God, I miss half-life! Half-life was this shit! I’m gonna say it outright half-life Was this shit one of my favorite games of all time love the imagination and my god valve. What are you doing? What are you doing? Half-life 3 you got to do it at some point you can’t leave us all hanging forever here, man Whoa, that’s a that’s a quake portal Hello What’s going on in there? Oh, that don’t look good. Well, that don’t look good at all. That’s probably one of those not good things. Oh no! Hi Don’t walk into the beam Don’t walk into the-. Well, you’re not gonna walk into the beam, are you? Hey, you shouldn’t walk into this beam here Whoa Okay, what’s in here? Ou! excuse me, Oh disruptive shield avoid contact oh ow! owie! owwww I didn’t know- AAAA! Hi buddy, hey, how you doing? I weeeeeee Aw, I lost my jump assist I lost it so goodly. All right. Uh-oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh Well, that’s not what I wanted. That’s not what I wanted at all. Can I get another one? Please pretty please put another scientist on the platform, please Aaaand squoosh. Shouldn’t be laughing at that I should but that’s what this game does to you Oh, well, that’s what this mod does to you it gives you a feeling of godly power the kinds that you shouldn’t actually have and yet you do, and I know not why I enjoy it so… Oh, what is this? It’s a flamethrower It’s literally just a flamethrower and then there’s a button… Huh? Oh wait [Scientist’s dialogue overlaps] Scientist: Why are you leaving me here…?
Mark: What a big baby. wHERE did you go?! Oh I didn’t do that. That wasn’t even me. Okay, caution extreme heat keep clear. What am I launching? Whoa. Oh Shit. Whoops. Bye. Be careful. You guys better. Be careful. You guys better. Be careful I think I’m getting Wallops about the volcano if I’m not mistaken. Oh, oh Oh Oh my god That’s why I should not have power in case it wasn’t obvious I should not have I just should. All right. Let’s get me out of here. I’ve taken a bit of damage I don’t want to do too much else damage to my poor innocent body. Oh Hi How are you? How are you doing? Not so good apparently according to your stump of a head Now what’s funny about this game? Is it got more sophisticated? The longer it went on like the more they updated the game The more sophisticated it became no one conquers the world alone for us Nothing is impossible like it seems weird to say but yeah the game did in fact become a lot more sophisticated A gas chamber? I don’t like the sound of that. Okay. Alright. Oh They just vanish, oh they just go into the ether. Oh, they just disappear out of this universe- What’s this do? What does this button do? Alright, so that’s pretty standard Okay, alright everyone do the flop, all right so cool good. Yeah so Nephilim, oh shit Nephilim wave. Oh Right They’re all so dancey, they’re excited The lure of of half-life is also just as bizarre as sometimes the game Thinking about the headcrabs and all that stuff and the combine and all hey Hey buddy. “Green emitter?” Oh wait ‘Please don’t mess with my laser turret.’ Oh, I wouldn’t DARE… How about you buddy? G-man. G-man! All right, whatever just back to you buddy, all right all your base are belong to us You have no chance to survive make your time All right. Good. Great. Yeah, good. Hey shaadi Gunny. What does this do? Oh, I’ll save you I Tried what? I’m sorry Hey, you didn’t tell me that was gonna happen Man, I got so many memories of playing half-life So many memories, I can’t even explain to you how far this brings me back because it really really does. Oh Shit. Oh Shit oh shit What does it do what it’s just to kill you it’s a kill you Oh, What the hell? Whoa, I bugged it. I- I most certainly bugged it. I bugged it. That’s not supposed to happen. That’s- that’s not- that’s not what you want. Oh!!! No Oooo tractor beam. Oh, yeah come with me Scientist: It appears that you need medical attention right away. Mark: I do…
Scientist: Let’s try this.
Mark: Ow. Yes. [singing] Baby I’m back! I’m on a roll, I’m back baby, Baby I’m back. Oh Where am I going, baby? I’m back mom. Oh Shit Oh, what is this? I know what this is. There’s a weird alien bug launcher, which I love Power overwhelming? Oh wait. Fuel. Oh, oh I get it Oh, I know what you want You want me to set up a bunch of things for you to get this to under waiver? Do this the thing in the stuff and that the thing you got it? Oh wow Snorks snark I’m back, baby Whoa shit. Wait, no no, no go back. I gotta get power overwhelming There we go What have I done Oh Oh Shit. Oh that that’s probably not good for the scientists outside. It is loud out there. It is really loud. It’s it’s quite loud. Oh, Shit. Oh My god Oh Weird weird. Oh, they’re fighting each other. Oh shit. It’s a war Alright cool goods war its war. I like war not really but okay. I’m out of here. Oh, okay. Good good Okay save what’s fantastic about mods and I kind of want to get back into the world of modding Especially modding way too much in games, which is always fun But the best thing about mods is it allows you to get more value out of individual games, you know You can have half-life 2 But it can last you a long Long time because so many people are in the community are making cool things like it just kind of never ends Whoo? That don’t make the most sense but whatever. All right what else we have here, what’s this kaboom? Oh Shit, what did I do? See, this is what it means it get more sophisticated as time went on this this mod was like updated month by month And so whenever they like added a new release to it. Hey You know they would do this shit for totally for free and it would just make game for the love of like making shit and I and I love that. I love that. It’s not sustainable in any way because people got to eat but man, I love hobbyist mod makers That’s the coolest stuff. It’s just so fun. It just makes it all really really fun And it makes games more fun because you can feel the community that’s all a part of it and you could feel how many people are like loving the game and enjoying the game and just like Hey, there’s something on your shirt. Hey your face Landed on you Where are you? Turns out they’re all dead. Okay, cool. I Didn’t realize it was like a wall of fire approaching you oh Omae wa mou shinderu.
(You are already dead.) NANI?! That’s still going on out there. Okay bear that’s I guess that’s just forever now Can I go turn that off because that is obsessively too loud. Oh my god Thank you, yes, thank you. Thank good God who vomited who yakked no emotion, dear do Alright, oh my [???] oh, oh What?! Melt your face! Oh! Oh My god I Love it. I love it really did get more sophisticated as time went on that. I don’t even remember that Maybe I stopped playing before it Was this one? Okay one Oh there that goes okay good to potty good stuff guys good stuff Like the ones spinning on the platform way Oh What is this lab coats to kill alright sure, whatever you said, oh, yeah. Wow this this is not a tank this is This is infinitely. Oh my god. Oh my god I’m dead. Alright, cool web. Why am I here? Wait a minute. That’s not fair. We gotta get out of there. Oh my god Hey, hey hey Holy shit, it’s turned on me Wait, no, that’s not fair. Oh god. Oh god. Let me out of the crazy ride Wow Can’t make it at the door. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Oh geez, m’s, let’s uh Turn you off. Okay. Oh Alright Hello Oh No Close all the trash compactors on the detention level Oh God, not the trash compactors on the detention level and smooshy There’s just so many different ways Oh, what is this? Oh, You’re gonna love my nuts. Oh, you’re gonna love my nuts Oh, Slap chop for days. You’re gonna love my nuts. Oh and good the dumps the body parts right down into the drain That’s so good. In fact, just waste good. Yeah, let’s get that flow control up, please All right. Good. Yeah there oh Okay, oh good drown, yes, that’s good, that’s perfect. Okay. All right now let’s do squish about safety hood Oh, yes for safety. If you I want the safety definitely. Okay. Good good I’m out of here my god, they’re so much more to this than I remember. There’s legitimately so much more to this Hi buds, Oh bah bah. Oh, hey buds Okay, bye-bye. Oh, it’s whack-a-mole. It’s- it’s a game of whack-a-mole. It’s a game of whack– It’s a horrible game of whack-a-mole….! Good, great, good. See ya, see ya around buddy. Well, this looks fun. “Stop machine before making adjustments.” All right. Oh good It’s! Oh, it’s it’s just a little for everybody to enjoy. Doink. Okay, what are we? Okay Yeah, yeah, basically that’s a weird one. Cuz basically it just explodes. I’m gonna get really happy and jiggly when they do it. Oh Hi, okay, let’s go up We very fun now that’s that’s cool. Oh Hi Okay, so I’m gonna be let into the blue base but then what what does that mean for me Oh, oh My god, okay. I’m out of here. See you guys. Oh, hey and nobody’s gonna get through ever again Okay, good good, you know and go. Oh Hello Sorry, there’s probably not a whole lot more left to the game because I don’t know what other ways you could possibly slaughter Scientists but uh, I think we might be reaching close to the end here. Oh good at HEV. Okay brutes control Oh, Boots wait, no. I need to cross that I need it. I need to cross that please. Thank you. Okay. Goodbye I need that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for that I mean it’s a scientist fault for just spawning out of nowhere Like if they didn’t just pop out of existence like that, then they wouldn’t have nearly the problem that they’re at it. Oh All right. I’m in here now wherever here is and there’s this thing. Oh No, wait. No, there’s no one in there. Oh All right, okay, you could still surprise me every once in a while you could still give me the old woofer Oh, hey is this gonna go spiraling out of control as the Rams over those scientists over there? Can I get up here, please? Thank you. Good look out It’s like this scene from Austin Powers You know how it was I Don’t need to quote it for you. All right, good road. Glad I glad I did that that was worth of the journey I’m sorry who’s dying? I’m I’m sorry. Oh You’re just standing in the middle of the road. Well, that’s not that’s not that’s that. Okay Well that debts not what do you want to see? Okay. Goodbye. Yay. Where is this? This looks fun. Oh Oh shit, what did I just do what two three Oh, oh Oh my god What the hell? “H-Grunt”? “H-Grunt”?. Oh They’re fight. Oh, they’re dying. They’re not fighting. That’s a massacre. Oh, yeah, they’re getting annihilated by that alien or whatever That is put some lab coats in there. Oh I don’t know if I want to go out there. Oh boy. What did I just do? Oh, it’s following the view of Okay, all right good great. Yeah. Yeah, I’m just gonna sneak on by right this Just Slipping by poor god this is in the door. Okay. So the door is the door is the door is it or Made it everything’s hunky and everything is dory. Hey, it’s raining Wow good. That’s cool. What is that? What is that? That is what? What am I looking at? What’s going on here? Is that a Zeppelin? Is that gonna kill people up? Yeah. Well it yeah, okay Yep, it’sit’s to death. Okay That is a new one, I gotta admit that is most certainly a new and do doom balloon That is so much better than the name that I came up with that is Infinitely better than death Zeppelin that the doom balloon that makes so much sense. It hurts. Alright, cool. Goodbye How is there more? Oh hi. Oh All right, goodbye the first one that had the brains to run away Thank you, oh, thank you You know whenever I played the game I never realized that the scientists could heal you until way way after like my 15th playthrough Hey look out behind you OK, alright, see ya buddy HUH? oh? OH! OK!!! OH! OH that’s- oh! OH! Alright, I’m just gonna keep- I’m just gona keep right on by… oookay All right, what is this, oooo this looks fun. Oh, hey buddy! [BAM BAM] “Surface access.” Not sure what that’s doing or what this is gonna do “Take off and land”…? [GASP] Take off. Oh, here we go. Oh, we’re going. Oh, I’ve got a UFO I have I have a UFO I’ve got a UFO. Oh My god, oh My god Let’s go to warp baby warp it up. I don’t know where we’re going I’ve no idea. I love this so much by the way. Oh my god. I’m in space Oh God why are you up? Why are you out there? What what The mothership it’s a god damn mothership. This is this is the beauty of Maude’s this is the absolute beauty of mods this is there is nothing better than A mod that the Creator just takes to the limit of their imagination. This is What is this? Oh Yes, like The BFG or something like that. Okay. All right. Well, sorry buddies Okay, all right good, sorry, okay. See ya around it is oh man Red Team only huh Fortunately visit the edge of the map but you can’t really go to the red sector Can you oh no, are we approaching the end? Oh No, we are aren’t we? Okay good a blue team a Any scientists out there. Whoa low grav, okay I’m very slow “Earth”, “Zen”. Let’s go to earth. Oh shit. Oh, Hey, I’m back what no, no no no no no no, no, no. No, I want to go back No, I wanted to go back. Where did I last save? Okay here. All right. Good. Great. Good. All right everybody Hold on to your hats. I just need to go to Zen Cuz that’s the way forward the way I went was going backwards and I don’t want to go backwards I want to go forward cuz forwards the only way that I know to go. Oh Never mind that that doesn’t sound like the way that I wanted to go. Oh This door died, there’s a door I didn’t see the door before I didn’t see the door before I thought that it wasn’t a door. All right, here we go. This looks prime on fire in this very slow. This is very slow Oh, okay. Goodbye Ice powers. Oh I love it. I butthole I love it even more I Don’t know what this is – are you fighting me? Oh you wanna fight? Oh you were you gonna die That’s what you gonna do. Just fire do make concern. Could you please go practice your beam attacks somewhere else? This platform is small enough without you blowing holes in it. Hi Yeah, I don’t think so. Whoopsies that’s not where I wanted to go. Okay Butthole Oh, what do we have here? Where are we? Whoa, I’m back home. I made it AYE, good for you, get frozen! Let it go in one night hi, it’s me, don’t worry Don’t know why they’re letting me through but they sure aren’t they everything’s good in my book. Everything’s great in my neighborhood Hmm. Okay, there doesn’t seem to be anything else new here. He’s gotta be something over here. Well, that’s not Well, congratulations, you’ve gone where no players gone before it as will reward The nephilim alliances giving you residents of this bio organic waste storage chamber game over next time don’t go this far the next level won’t be there until the next version of Scientists slaughterhouse. No That’s the end NOOO! AWw man! It’s all over Game over man Anyway, I played this a lot more than I thought I was going to and I guess that just goes to show like how fun It can be enough fun mods can be in general This is just really silly and weird and kind of just bizarre and meaningless But hey, that’s kind of the point of mods. Like they’re they’re cool sometimes in there They’re wonderful and they’re weird and I like that about them So thank you everybody so much for watching If you’ve got favourite mods that you’ve played in the past or that you’re playing right now for whatever game Please let me know down in the comments below I want to know what mods you guys go to all the time to have some fun with games that you know and love and have Played a bajillion times and you know mods make them a little more fun and you can always go back to it for a little Bit longer so, you know, that’s pretty cool. So thank you everybody so much for watching Let me know what you thought down the comments and as always I will see you in the next video. Buh bye! *Outro Music plays*

100 thoughts on “SCIENCE GONE (horribly) WRONG

  1. There was a mod I used to play and I can’t remember it for the life of me but it was a Kingdom Hearts mod in Minecraft and it was the absolute best!

  2. Donut Mod for The Simpsons: Hit & Run I'm pretty sure is still being updated.
    Back To The Future: Hill Valley was a mod I loved for GTA: Vice City (no clue if it's still being updated or not).

  3. Yo Mark, might I suggest playing the Russian Overkill mod for the original Doom? Either that, or Reelism, both are fantastic mods that practically deserve to be their own games.

  4. Transmissions: Element 120 is my favorite Half-Life 2 mod, adding into the game what's basically a harmless rocket jump. It's so fun, if you haven't played it, go check it out! No doubt I'll have to record it one of these days.

  5. God this mod! I played it too much back then on the original retail release of Half-Life. [Still have the disc!] I would try to find all the secrets in this mod. This and Hazardous Course were dumb fun. If you want to know what Hazardous COurse is, think of it as I want to be the guy meets simpsons humor with a little bit of Saw thrown in for good measure.

  6. Mark, I realize you made an entire video about avoiding the whole Minecraft resurgance. But it's modding community is on par IMO to Skyrims and Oblivions modding community. 100's of mods for multiple different versions of the game.

  7. There is a "half-life 3" mod on gmod. Mark should play it. Also, if you haven't played half life lost coast, you should do a letsplay on it.

  8. Hey Mark, If you like HL1 engine stuff, try out "Afraid of Monsters" it was made by the people who made "Cry of Fear" Great story and overall a scary HL1 campaign. Would LOVE too see you play it.

  9. Half-Life might be a good long-run series for you. Plenty of Mods to explore like all your Amnesia Custom Stories.

  10. I’ll always remember unwrapping Half-Life Generation on my 8th birthday!

    “Gordon! Get away from the beams!”

  11. Ok am I the only one that would like to see mark play through the old half life series
    (half life/2/2ep1/2ep2)

  12. You should do a live stream of hl1, 2 and ep1 and 2 (valves way of avoiding 3 because the holy gabe says it’s unholy or some bulshit?)

  13. You Proably Wont Listen, But Please, PLEASE Play All the Half-life Games in order, Or Just play a bunch of mods?

  14. If you want some nostalgia Mods Mark, you gotta play 'They Hunger, Heart of Evil, Azure Sheep, Gunman Chronicles, Poke646, and the list can keep going if you want? Lol. I've played all these Mods and they were my childhood too just like Half Life!

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