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Science Mom School Visits

my name is Jenny Ballif and I run the
educational YouTube channel Science Mom each year I visit about 10,000
elementary school students in Clark County Nevada in this video I’ll share
with you more about my presentations and explain how you can get a full day of
science mom demonstrations at your school for free. When I come for a school
visit I bring all my supplies and do 30 or 45 minute lessons back-to-back. There
is enough time in the school day to fit between 6 and 10 presentations. I can see
the entire school with assemblies by grade or I can go from classroom to
classroom and visit individual or combined classes. Each teacher who sees
one of my science presentations receives a folder that has coloring pages and
worksheets that they can use as an assessment or follow-up activity to the
science lesson. The folder tells which NGSS standards align with my
presentation and has a form that the class can use if they want to do a
follow-up activity: if a class that I have visited writes letters to me, I record a video just for
that class where I answer their questions. This is a fantastic way
to bring more science to your students and to make it seem very real and
hands-on. The rate for bringing me on is a paid guest to your school for a full
day of teaching, handouts aligned with teaching standards, and the potential for
that “ask a scientist” follow-up video is 496 dollars. Each month I give away
several free visits on patreon if you would like to join us and support dozens
of schools getting a free visit from a scientist each month then you can join
us at mom. If you would like to enter your school for
a free visit here’s what to do go to my website:
and click on appearances and school visits if would like to apply, simply fill out this
form. Then on the first day of the month you can join us live on Facebook where
we announce the winning schools. If you have any questions about school visits
don’t hesitate to contact me through the form on the website or by emailing
[email protected] Thanks for watching.

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