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Science of Happiness – Commercial

The role of an educator offers unequaled professional
and personal rewards, within a complex, demanding, and ever-changing workplace. Ê
As expectations and responsibilities increase, personal well-being and managing the emotional/physical
impact of the job becomes even more critical. The Department understands the overwhelming
potential our work can create, and we stand in support of you and your happiness. Ê
If educators fail, Indiana fails. When educators are successful, Indiana is
successful. There is no separation of dependence. To promote this success, a focus on educator
well-being is critical. Educator wellness is an important factor in
the overall school environment. Ê
IDOE is proud to release The Science of Happiness course. Created in partnership with Butler University,
this course is researched-based, self-paced, reflective, and designed to provide you with
strategies to manage your own self-care, allowing you to create and maintain the happiness you
deserve. Ê
Our goal is to increase overall Indiana educator wellness. Thank you for your interest and participation. Ê
You deserve to be happy. How you feel influences the relationships
you have with students and colleagues, and ultimately how you feel about yourself.

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