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Science, Technology & Environment

Our world is becoming increasingly science
and technology savvy and opportunities to study these areas are at Ohio State are growing
every day. Students might choose to begin in Science, Technology & Environment Exploration
if they are interested in comparing theoretical and applied sciences, exploring ways to make
our environment and natural resources more sustainable, and in learning how humans interact
with these fields. Some students starting in Science, Technology & Environment Exploration
begin here because they applied to a competitive major like Engineering and were optioned the
choice to begin with us. Science, Technology, and Environment includes
majors in areas such as the biological and physical sciences, Engineering, Environmental
Science, Mathematics, and Entomology. In Science and Technology Exploration, students
will be challenged to take a rigorous science and math schedule that will keep them on track
for a timely graduation. In their first semester they will begin taking appropriate math and
science courses for their interests and work with advisors to learn to prioritize which
courses should be taken for specific options within the STEM fields.

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