Secret life of Honey Bees | Amazing bee facts | मधुमक्खियों की अजीब दुनिया I

Secret life of Honey Bees | Amazing bee facts | मधुमक्खियों की अजीब दुनिया I

Hello Friends! What do we know about the honeybees? First, they give us honey.
Second, they sting. But there are lots of other interesting things to know about them beside this. Like their navigation system, communication system, use of extreme science and mathematics in making hive their social structure. Their world is quite interesting. We shall also learn about their biggest contribution to the world. Without them, even our existence will be at stake. So, Stay with us. You are watching YouTube channel WiseMunch, do subscribe and click the bell icon. So, let's start. Honeybees have been around for more than 50 million years. They live in well organised societies. There are mainly two types of honey bees – Queen bee and worker bees. Queen bee lay eggs.
It can lay around 2000 eggs in one day. Duty of the workers bees are – construction and maintenance work of beehive, to collect honey, taking care of children, housekeeping. If some bee dies inside the beehive, it is taken out immediately, so that other bees can be protected from potential disease. They have to work very hard to collect honey. They flap their wings up to 190 times a second
and can fly at 24 km/Hour. To collect 1 kg of honey, they have to fly 250 thousand kilometer collectively and have to collect nectar from 2 million flowers. They have two stomachs, one is specially to collect nectar. If required, they sting to protect themselves and their group. But after stinging, that bee dies. This way, they protect their group, by sacrificing themselves. Their art of making beehive is also amazing. Mathematically speaking, it is not less than a wonder. In hive, hexagonal geometric shapes are used, which gives maximum storage volume with minimum effort. Hexagonal shaped blocks fit in the structure perfectly. Expect hexagon, none other geometrical shape has these properties – least effort, maximum capacity, and perfect fitting ability. Use of honey is very ancient. It is so amazing, that it almost never expires. Honey found in ancient pyramids of Egypt is fine and still edible. Their navigation system is also astonishingly great. They communicate in a very amazing manner. By dancing in digit eight formation, they can accurately communicate, how far is nectar source and in what direction. Nobel laureate Austrian ethologist Karl von Frisch decoded their dance accurately. This dance is called waggle dance. In the screen, you can see an example of waggle dance. Here direction of waggle run is making angle of 45° with vertical line, it means source is at 45° of the the Sun. Distance is communicated by time taken in the waggle run. One second of waggle run represents 750 meter approx. Bees also vibrate their belly while dancing. Intense vibration implies that they are excited and the source of nectar is great. Biggest gift by honeybees to us is their contribution in pollination. They go from one flowers to another while collecting nectar, this contributes to pollination. Many crops and fruits can’t grow without pollination. Their contribution is 80% in the pollination done by all insects. 30% of our food is also due to honeybees. Apples, Plums, Pears, Almonds, Cabbage, Onions, Carrots, Mustard, Cotton etc are the gifts by honeybees. They also contribute to 35% of the global fabric production. That means, we will be without food and cloths if there are no honey bees. Market value of the pollination is approximately 265 Billion USD. Beekeeping is done on very large scale in Europe and America to fulfill the demand of pollination. For this purpose, they are transferred in trucks from place to another. We can’t think of our life without honeybees. Without honeybees, hand pollinations will have to be done, which is very difficult work and its output is also not good. It's quite worrying, that their population has been decreasing drastically since 2006. They are facing Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) – in which lots of bees leave their hives and don't come back. There are many causes of CCD like – excessive use of pesticides, shortage of flowers, less diversity and many diseases. If we don't prevent these reason, then our food chain will be affected badly. Due to this, not only our gardens will have less flowers but our dining tables will also have shortage of food. We have to change our behavior. Use of pesticides must be controlled and there must be more crop diversity. Grow flowering plants in vacant places. If you want to know more regarding this, links are in the description. Do remember, better nutrition for honey bees, is our own prosperity. If we don't mend our ways – We may have to see these days – where our dining table will have no food. Hope, you liked the video and would have learnt something new. What do you think about this subject, please share in comments. Please do Share the video. It takes lots of time to make a video, please like the video. Don't forget to subscribe the channel, will shall keep on sharing such scientific, logical and fact based information with you. Thanks.

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