87 thoughts on “Sex-Linked, Limited and Influenced Traits ( GENETICS ) for NEET / AIIMS

  1. Sir test no 2…paper was good.. But please make the time for at least 25 min for 50 questions… 20 mins is too short…

  2. Yes sir its very greatful lecture…….. please make more more video upload sir……. in this chapter….

  3. Sir apse ek recvest h mujhe biomolecules and biological classification chapter ka Jo test hua h use print Karne k liye chahiye…plz help me

  4. sir pls make a video on a trick to remember examples of flowers in the chapter "morphology of flowering plants"

  5. Dear sir
    From where we can download the first and second test in PDF format if facility there then please tell and if not then make this facility available on website and when ready then upload a video or a Gmail PLEASE PLEASE SIR MAKE THIS FACILITY OF PDF it's my humble request to you
    Thanking you

  6. Respected sir,I follow you on YouTube since 6 months and all your videos really help me but today I request you to make trick on how to learn joints class 11 CH locomotion and movement and also on human evolution plzz bahut uddhar honga aapka…

  7. Sir 1 request the tricks which you can't share on you tube pls share it to the subscriber.you can surely charge extra money.i am ready to pay sir but sir I will expect help from you.

  8. sir please upload videos with such mouth watering lectures on such interesting topics.we all are waiting for your more videos.you haven't upload videos since 2 months. please sir

  9. sir bahut badhiya …..aap ka style hi kaafi badhiya h padhane ka mere ko aaj first tym koi study base video acha laga to yahi h jisse meko sbkuch smjh aa gaya

  10. Raj sir namaskar….once i m very worry for my exam bcoz my lectures said that this sex inheritance charecter r very imoportant…but i cant understood it bcoz due to heavy schedule in course it discare by us in coaching class….when i search in u tube…..i am very glad to see this video…thanks a lot sir

  11. It was so much satisfying to know the lessons on this topic from you Sir… Thank you so much I got my doubts clear…❕💚

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