Shapeshifting Deepstaria Jelly | Nautilus Live
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Shapeshifting Deepstaria Jelly | Nautilus Live

Oh! What what is it?!
It’s very big what is Oh, whoa, what is that??
*gasp* Oh, my lord
Whaaaa??? Is this Cousin It’s shroud?
Ok, what have we found?!! I’m gonna turn on the lasers
They look like eyes on a ghost That’s cool!
Are your dimmables all the way up? I…I think maybe it’s a ctenophore We’re just looking down, it’s a Deepstaria jelly You think that’s a Deepstaria enigmatica?
Yeah, that’s a Deepstaria Ok! Thank you Leigh It’s really big
Oh my goodness, what’s going on in there? It’s engulfing
It’s gonna eat Herc! It’s coming for us! Good lens huh?
*collective whoa* Great job
Yeah The jelly’s like “Sorry ’bout your dome, Brennan…I’m just gonna…” So usually they look like this
right? They’re all kind of morphed out We got to see this guy draped down
Wow Yeah look at that
Wow Yeah, that’s a little thruster action
That’s ok Whoa look at the inside
You really nailed it guys This is….
Oh my gosh Nice work Erin
This is definitely a highlight Yeah, no bioluminescence
Whoa Wow So Brennan, do you think we would have seen this if we had all of our lights on? I don’t know. I mean he didn’t…. We’re brightening and it doesn’t seem to respond right? It’s just kinda hanging out We could hit it with the big lights
and see if it does anything different I think that’s a great thing to close
this off with Oh my gosh
Yeah It’s like the most relaxing thing to watch
I know right? I just want to have this, like, as my screensaver
Yeah That just came up online. Someone literally just said the same thing It’s a good screensaver! Wow Very cool! Alright, um
It’s hard to leave that one behind I know
Yeah, seriously difficult

100 thoughts on “Shapeshifting Deepstaria Jelly | Nautilus Live

  1. How absolutely beautiful is that! And how cool that we get to see it! I mean, 99% of us viewers would have never even heard about one of these jellies, yet here we are, seeing it in all of its glory in its natural habitat ^^ Thank you for sharing, seeing these creatures is just amazing <3

  2. Got unsubbed for whatever reason, you guys have really good content. Resubbed, hope YouTube would leave my subscriptions alone :/

  3. Can you people give us the description of the animal size next time? People watching your videos dont have anything to reference the size of the organism you are showing. Thank you.

  4. 0:26 No it looks like some careless person just dropped a grocery bag in the water and the current is making it move like that.

  5. What I know about the sea, anything you put in it will become alive. I spit in the sea and 2 days after I go there my spit become almost like weird blob moving in strange way. Scary nature.

  6. This is one of the few random channels YT has kept suggesting that I am glad I've come to watch. I love all the amazing finds, and the sincere passion and interest of the biologists behind the lens!

  7. i love how we actually have the voices in the video guessing/talking about what it is rather than just. serene music attached to the footage and nothing helpful in the description.

  8. I'm in awe of this video…probably my favorite of yours ever. So well put together, the creature is utterly amazing, and your excitement is infectious 🙂

  9. Watching these videos and seeing you guys have an amazing time while you’re working makes me feel like I do have a place in the scientific community, I’ve been struggling with a lot of things lately and wondering if I’m good enough for the career path I want, but seeing you guys just hang out and talk like normal people makes me feel like I can. Thank you, Nautilus crew. I hope to be joining you one day.

  10. These deepstaria jellyfish are too fascinating. All jellyfish are really but these are sheer magic. And this one looks like a floating, flexing beanbag

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