Shaquille O’Neal On Meeting His Biological Father: ‘I Don’t Judge Him’
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Shaquille O’Neal On Meeting His Biological Father: ‘I Don’t Judge Him’

some of these reunions go well some of them don’t go well some of them are like wow I wish I was back before we reunited here I don’t think this is one of those situations but I think this could go off the rails and you have to do things in a way that respects each other’s lives each other’s histories and shacks a really good friend of mine we’ve known each other a long time we’ve done a movie together we’ve Hank we have a good time but I did a podcast interview with him and he had not known his biological father and he talked about that and what he had to do stepwise and it’s very relevant here so I wanted you to hear this and then tell me what you think about what he has to say let’s take a look so my mother calls me says you need to meet your biological I’m like well I’m good 47 I got six kids mom it’s all good so that okay I meet him and then crazy thing is in Oakland Jersey there’s this restaurant and always go to a soul food restaurant and it was a guy in there chef he always used to look at me and you start crying and it was my father’s best friend really and my biological father lived upstairs so one day we go to the restaurant we have a good conversation and it ain’t about what happened because I’ve learned you can’t judge a man don’t judge you know he had some problems and he was young I don’t judge them I don’t follow my finger I was just up as long as we’re both here we just get to know each other I’m gonna ask him what happened I know what happened but I don’t ask them we don’t talk about it man I’ll come you I’m not to judge imagery my job was to just love them as much as I can now do you talk to him occasionally probably the public wants every other week oh yeah cuz he’s sort of like me I don’t like to bother people just you know he’ll call me hey what’s up man what’s happening what you’re doing so you get along when he’s there he talk about stuff now we’re gonna talk about in that just eat a little bit time as he met your children you met my oldest daughter but she was glad to meet him yes yeah it’s good didn’t mean the history you know you guys your roots I mean it’s you see your history with her she’s active with him or not at least she knows that piece of the puzzle right yeah yeah you know and that’s a brief excerpt from that and I’ll tell you what he went on to say I asked you if he had met all of his children yet he said no he hasn’t met all of my children yet and I haven’t moved him in with us I haven’t you know integrated him fully into our lives but I’m taking this a step at a time because when adults meet they have to build a relationship across time and I’m respecting my family who have not known him and I’m respecting his life because he has a pattern and friends and so we’re taking this a step at a time and making sure that neither of us disrespect disrupt or dishonor the lives and families that we have what do you think about his philosophy there the shacks a very bright and sensitive guy by the way and nobody counseled him about that that’s just the way he approached it what are you thinking about what he said I think that’s a good idea but I mean it’s been two years now and he did rush himself in the family

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