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So Greg and I have been in a relationship for over 10 years now And we’ve always wondered whether or not you could scientifically evaluate how compatible we are or others actually are. And it turns out that researchers are doing just that. They are looking at couples biology neurology and genetics to figure out how compatible they actually are. So we decided to take this test and find out if we’re actually meant to be together. The company that does this is called Instinct Chemistry which starts by taking a swab of DNA We’re going to analyze our oxytocin levels, serotonin receptors, HLA genes and dr4 genes Oxytocin is often called the love hormone and is related to bonding affection and empathy. There are actually two versions of the oxytocin receptors gene: the A and the G variant. If you have the G variant it means that the Oxytocin fits in perfectly to the receptor. So when you’re stimulated by it you have a big response but if you have the A variant it’s kind of like a lock-and-key that doesn’t quite fit perfectly and so the response is actually a lower stimulation from oxytocin. The oxytocin receptors related a lot to empathy. There’s affection, but it’s also how well you are able to interpret how the other person’s feeling. Okay. You are actually G. Oww! Okay, and you are actually the A. You’re the A. A. So, what does that mean? Does that mean I’m flustered, it’s hard for me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m literally forgeting about everything what we were talking about. You don’t get the same kick out of those moments that would release oxytocin. Yeah but I think I’m empathetic. No you are, I’m sure it doesn’t mean you’re not. Although like seriously f*** you. If you are a thinker it’s good to sort of communicate verbally a lot about what you’re thinking because it may not come across as serious. Ow my god are you serious. That’s his f****** thing. I’m always like I want to talk about this, and your like, you always want to talk about this. That’s crazy! Exactly, a listener would be more reading the emotion reading, reading the situation. Yeah. They don’t need the language to interpret whats going on. Oww… Yeah makes sense. So we give this combination the thinker in the listener at 75 percent. And that’s because I mean you were saying that you’re very good at talking and expressing your emotions. But in some cases the thinker is not. I think there is a party that thinks you could problobly, maybe be better off with a listener sometimes. Maybe, maybe? Many of you are probably wondering if the fact that Mitch and I are gay is going to affect our results so we actually asked Dr. Seabrook what she thought. A lot of the research that has been done has been on Heterosexual couples. What we find is that there is a similar trend? So I wouldn’t take your results and throw them out the window. They are meaningful. If a gay couple contacts us and says they want to take the test we subsidize the edge late Because there isn’t a lot of that research out there It’s true like this is something that could be so heteronormative And it’s just nice to know that brilliant scientists are not making it fully that way. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of happiness and well-being and we each have two alleles for the serotonin transporter gene. If you end up having both short alleles you’re actually worse at having your cells reuptake serotonin, which ultimately characterizes you as more emotional. Which means you feel things way more strongly? Whether or not they’re good or bad in both directions. If you have long long or long short allele combination You’re actually much more even-tempered and practical. Okay, so what do you think you think you’re lying? I’m lying because I feel like a lot of times in relationship, I’m like, okay let’s look at the bigger picture and let’s chill out, and I think that you’re short cuz they’re like your firey. And you would feel really good, too Yeah I feel like if you had to be one or the other like I I definitely like identifying more as a short and I feel like you are long. Okay let’s find out. You both carry long and short, you both are heterozygotes. Okay, so you are actually both practical. Okay? Oww… I’m sorry So we’re hetero in this case. Yeah, it’s the only time someones ever told me that. We gave you a 100% on that. Yeah girl! Everyone has HLA genes and they control the makeup of the bacteria on your skin. HLA fragments are also involved with the formation of your odor because they are in your sweat, and your saliva as well So we actually sniff out diverse bacteria and diverse genes in our lovers so that the offspring that we create will have a more diverse Immune system so as a side note obviously Greg and I aren’t gonna our own biological offspring together But scientists are actually finding that the same mechanisms that affect attraction in straight couples are actually applicable to gay couples as well So the better somebody smells to you the more likely they are to have different genes and the more likely you are to have that physical attraction with the person, The average couple when they take this test scores between about seventy-five and eighty-four percent on compatibility. Okay, so you guys actually scored? Seventy-six. Oww…okay, okay! We’re an average couple. That’s better than having to leave you. Next up was our dopamine receptor 4 gene. There are two common variants in this gene either Seven are or four are if your seven are it means that you are more risky You’re more likely to jump out of a plane and go skydiving or gamble or have an affair It’s actually known as the promiscuity gene But if you are a four are you are gonna think before you act you are way less risky. Okay. So neither of you are seven are plus. Okay. That’s kind of what I thought Yeah, we’re not as I was like impulsive yeah I’m not that promiscuous And we’re just like you know we sit at home and like we want a golden retriever for a compatibility score We actually give that a 75% a seven are pluses brings the excitement in there that is nice actually that’s why we never leave the house. And I feel like the risky behavior was probably just cuz we were young. And we’re not yound any more. We should drink so much more, it was alcohol. So we should drink more, okay thank you. Okay so, are we compatible. I don’t feel like we’re breaking up today. No, overall compatible, right? Yes, so overall you are the average couple. Can’t hope for anything better, it’s great to find out that we are averagely compatible But I think the most important thing that we took away from this is it felt a lot like therapy we were able to learn about ourselves from a physiological and mental level And we’re able to relate in a different way as to why maybe we argue or as to why maybe some parts of our relationship? Are harder at certain times it was really nice to be in an environment where they were looking for queer people And they really want us to be a part of it And we did feel like it definitely made a lot of sense to us and that is important We really want to thank the instant chemistry kit team it was such a cool experience for us, so definitely check it out We’ll put links in the description for you Go do it, make sure subscribe for more videos, and we’ll see you next Thursday for a new animated video. Peace!

100 thoughts on “Should We Break Up? (DNA COMPATIBILITY TEST)

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