Should We Bring Back Extinct Species?
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Should We Bring Back Extinct Species?

the notion of bringing vanished species
back to life some call it De-extinction has hovered at
the boundary between reality and science fiction for more than two decades most
of us remember the fantasy created by the original Jurassic Park where
scientists found the DNA of dinosaurs and use that to resurrect prehistoric
monsters this story captured the imagination of millions and there’s
quite a bit of truth to the idea however the science of de-extinction still lags
far behind the fantasies so far we have only been able to bring back one extinct
species in 2003 a team of Spanish and French scientists set out to bring back
the perennial ivic settle when texts inked when a falling tree crushed the
last one in 1999 scientists were able to preserve its cells then injected nuclei
from those cells into goat eggs emptied of their own DNA then implanted the eggs
into surrogate mothers after 57 implantation
only seven animals became pregnant and of those seven pregnancies six ended in
miscarriages but one mother carried a clone to term sadly the clone had a
large growth in its lungs and it suffocated ten minutes after it was born
so the perineum i’ve extinct for a total of ten minutes now over 15 years later
the science of cloning has become mainstream you can clone your dog for a
cool hundred thousand dollars something that many celebrities do we are getting
closer and closer to re-engineering lost species like the mammoth with new gene
editing techniques instead of cloning we can directly edit DNA like editing the
code of a website to give us whatever traits we desire everything has a
genetic sequence and editing the sequence changes the physical
characteristics gene-editing is so precise that
scientists are able to control every trait down to tusk length fur color and
ear size so potentially we could edit the DNA of a chicken to create a
genetically modified t-rex chicken hybrid we know we have the technology to
bring some of these species back from extinction
so the real question is should we imagine a future where saber-toothed
Tigers giant sloths and woolly rhinos roam the plains again and wouldn’t it be
ethical to bring back all of those species that went extinct at the hands
of mankind like the Chinese river dolphin or the Tasmanian tiger while it
is fun to fantasize about reviving lost species there is one question that must
be answered before pursuing this experiment why why bring back these
species is it for our own personal entertainment is it to reverse some sort
of guilt we feel or is it to repair the Earth’s damaged ecosystems the most
logical argument in favor of de-extinction is to bring back
biodiversity to ecosystems that humans have disrupted a hundred thousand years
ago the rate of extinction was around one species every month today 100 to 200
species of plant insect bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours we are
currently experiencing the sixth mass extinction event in Earth’s history and
it’s happening 80% faster than it’s ever happened before if you go into an
environment and take out all the apex predators the prey explodes the grass
gets eaten down and everything collapses in nature changes occur over hundreds of
generations but humans are causing dramatic changes more rapidly than
nature can adapt using de-extinction to repair ecosystems could be like
replacing a missing piece of a puzzle this would mean bringing back recently
extinct species only species that have died off in the last hundred years or so
in an effort to restore nature’s balance so it wouldn’t make sense to bring back
a saber-toothed tiger or a Megalodon but it might be worthwhile to bring back the
passenger pigeon or dodo humans are creating voids in the ecosystem and de
extinct ting species might be the key and refilling those voids although we
have yet to bring back an extinct species we have solid evidence that
ecosystems are fixable a great example of ecosystem repair is what happened on
the Channel Islands off of the coast of California in the 1800s settlers brought
pigs to the island the pig population exploded and destroyed the habitat of
the native Fox which was the top predator on the island then during World
War two the United States polluted its oceans producing chemicals for war
these chemicals contaminated the fish and eventually killed off the native
bald eagles that preyed on the fish once the bald eagles were gone smaller golden
eagles invaded the Channel Islands to hunt the pigs and foxes by 1990 there
were only 12 foxes left conservationists had to step in first by cleaning the
oceans then by getting rid of the pigs and Golden Eagles then reintroducing
bald eagles to keep the golden eagles away so finally the Fox population can
return today the native plants and animals are once again thriving on the
Channel Islands without these conservation efforts the island would
have been reduced to a barren wasteland we have an infamous example of this with
the legend of Easter Island where the ruin of a remote paradise caused the
entire human population to self-destruct and to total extinction if we don’t
intervene in the current pattern of habitat destruction we could become like
the inhabitants of Easter Island fighting over the last remaining
resources until we all disappear de-extinction maybe one of the ways we
can reverse this downward trend but it will take careful research to ensure we
are adding the right pieces to the puzzle the last thing we want is to
bring back a species just to watch it go extinct again in any case we are still a
long ways away from seeing a wild herd of woolly mammoths but the question of
why must be answered now if you like the after school animations please support
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100 thoughts on “Should We Bring Back Extinct Species?

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  2. Invasive speices are already a problem I don't want to have to call animal control because a fucking t Rex is in my backyard

  3. Make a monster that only eats human, because we are the prey if we dont have any predators our population will be crazy

  4. They spent so much thinking about if they could, that they didn’t think about if they should.

  5. If you put most of those species and bring them back they’ll die because of all of there food temperature immune system and other things could all kill them plus the competition with rival species

  6. To repair the ecosystem And we need a cybertooth or something wild to guard places so human can't go close there where ever it is and not to destroy it it can help are ecosystem heal.

  7. Oh you wouldn’t want that… They’ve become extinct for a REASON… Bringing them back will only lead us to The Lost World…

  8. Why should we revive these prehistoric or extinct animals when we can't even prevent modern animal extinctions happening today? Animal species like Tigers are slowly dying out because we are destroying their habitat and hunting them for their skin, Elephants are being hunted down as well because their precious Ivory and also Rhinos. Bringing these extinct species is a waste of time, money, energy and effort as they will all die again because of modern problems such as hunters or poachers who will value them very high because they are rare creatures and our climate today is not suited for most animals before and is also one of the main reasons why they became extinct previously. So my point is that we should not revive these animals because we can't even take care of their modern descendants.

  9. WHY? Well these creatures are like us living things and they deserve to live like us so we bring them back so they have a second chance to be free but if we bring back Dino’s we put them in a island so they don’t kill anything but themselves also if we bring back the beasts like Tasmanian tigers we would have another threat on our hands. Just one thing I want people to do is free all animals in zoos

  10. I think we should only have herbivors broght back and stop using oil and use electric stuff and stop wars for world Peace


  11. Scientist: What animal should we Bring back for extinction?

    Me: Abraham Lincoln

    Me: or completely get rid of the problem

    Scientist: what’s the problem?

    Me: Humans

  12. Every 5 year olds: YES!!

    r/I'mverysmart: that is illogical as this could break the balance of society and nature

  13. Answer on thumbnail:
    Eh nooooooooo!!!!! 🦖🦕 terrible idea
    I GIVE you two reasons
    1. Imagine What Will happen if jurrassic world is real, like 100.000.000 of them over the globe from a few generations with a good headstart?
    2. What is the point of doing it, getting extra money for keeping them in cages as attrations in zoo’s or museums?
    The’ve had their chance of existence, messing with nature is desasterous!!

  14. Idk but messing with Mother Nature is a force to be reckoning. Some bad things could happen like really bad

  15. What I'd love are some extinct fish, like the ostracoderms. Hemicyclaspis and Cephalaspis would look great in an aquarium, or while diving.

  16. We may be able to bring back extinct animals, but we will never be able to fix the Earth’s scars that us humans caused

  17. We should definitely learn HOW to bring extinct animals back in case the essential species we need for living die off.

  18. Honestly if we do manage to bring back extinct animals i think we should bring back the ones that went extinct because of humans first. But that's just my opinion

  19. Does wooly mammoth meat taste good? That’s the only reason to bring anything back… can’t you see it at a restaurant? Now serving the “Mammoth Burger”

  20. "you were so busy with whether or not you COULD, that you never stopped to think whether or not you SHOULD"

    until now, I guess.
    (I probably f*cked up that quote)

  21. While this is a cool idea, it wouldn't be complete, you'd never be able to know what the learnt behaviors are and the organism could be destructive as all get out.

  22. 2:40, "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should!"

  23. Even if there's the possibility to bring back extinct, there's something needed – stronger fences and deeper pit, kinda like in zoos, to prevent escaping.

  24. I don’t mean to nitpick, but aren’t golden eagles larger than bald eagles? Unless you meant smaller individuals of the golden eagle species. Also, yes, I feel we definitely should work to reintergrate lost species that will have a positive ecological benefit

  25. I recently did an essay on this exact topic. In short, no. Bringing back extinct creatures has only one intention in mind and that is human amusement. To say we did it. If we brought back a mammoth all that does is force another animal into a zoo to live out its life in a cage, since it couldn't survive in the wild. In many ways I brought up in my essay "conservation" for some non extinct species is practically useless. Animals like rhinos and tigers that have such small numbers are biologically doomed. Sure we can breed them, but breeding from a small pool = inbreeding. Breeding 60 rhinos and letting their offspring breed is going to lead to genetic problems down the line. Look at bulldogs, due to inbreeding over just a few hundred years they are mutant dogs who can hardly breathe. When we let animal numbers get down to the hundreds or even dozens in some cases, they are biologically doomed. Animals like the African elephant that have the numbers, should try to thrive and we should conserve them. But animals like the Giant Panda that probably shouldn't still be alive, are only doing so because humans WANT them alive. So we can continue to look at them in zoos. Whether its bringing back extinct species, making hybrids like Ligers or Grolar Bears, or preserving naturally self destructive species, we are ultimately doing it for our own amusement. Its just humans being selfish and coming up with reasons to do what we do. The reality is, we need to just admit we like animals, just as entertainment and not for education/science/their betterment.

  26. I love dinosaurs and I'm know around the school for it but when there was a survey in my class for who wants dinosaurs to be brought back I was the only person to say no. My reasoning was 1. I've seen the jurassic movies and 2. I know what they could do to our already dies ecosystems

  27. It’s not a puzzle or why or wtvr u say only solution is we leave earth alone an humanity goes to space an live in mechanical little boxes on a 🛳

  28. what i want is for animals that have recently gone extinct to be brought back. Dodo birds, and maybe bees if the situation worsens

  29. We're in the mids of (and cause of) the next mass extinction.
    We are also in the mids of (and cause of) the next ice age.

    Still the sun is shining bright outside of my window.

  30. By 'extinct species' you mean humans?
    All i see is 'people'.
    Greedy, power hungry 'people'.

    People apes focus on 'Should We Bring Back Extinct Species?'

    Why not preserve the life that already is?
    No profit in it?
    Life don't matter, only profit does.
    Sad, stupid little 'people'.

    Excuse my bad 'slave language'.

  31. In regards to the environment we need too;
    – Prevent Further damage
    – Repair existing damage
    – Learn to utilize resources sustainably in both the long and short term
    This technology can be a great tool in preventing further damage and repairing existing damage.

  32. Instead of bringing back extinct species, we could just expand the population of species which are endangered. Especially plant life

  33. When humans start trying to play the role of god and mess with human creation, disastrous consequences will occur. We are not god and did not create man, therfefore we have no right to mess with gods creation.

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