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Sketching with Cazal Organism | Native Instruments

To describe my sound, I would say: Freeform, hip-hop, fusion. So with this sketch, I started with some chops I put together for a beat in iMaschine. just kinda messing around one night. Little four-bar loop like this… So I bounced that out from iMaschine, and then ran it through my DAW, some pitch-shift, some phasing, some filtering, some saturation. I got something real moody. Just kinda like set the foundation. And that’s kinda how I got going on it. And see if I can’t come up
with ideas that fit around what I’ve already laid with the chops, for things like switches or layers. So that could be kinda cool, like… in transition to what’s there. So from there, I went and started adding kicks… which are actually in the stock Maschine library. These are actually African bells, from the same original Maschine library. They roll in and out, kinda give like a…
kinda add to the ambience of the track So this baseline I put together, I really wanted to go with something very reminiscent of 70s, 80s funk, and I feel like, for me, I can’t really get that sound without using something that’s like a very powerful monophonic synth. And that’s part of why I love Monark so much is that it’s so easy for me to get anything from leads, sound effects, basslines… So basically, what I did was try to create something super analogue sounding with the Monark. Real sharp, snappy attack. With this sketch, I wanted to do something that was really something that I would wanna release myself, I wanted to do something like, “Okay, this isn’t for any project, this is just
for me to, like, while out how I normally do,” because in a sense, that’s exactly how I create a lot of tracks – it’s with these sounds. Especially the drums, like I’m always using
Maschine – original Maschine library drums – and I’ve tweaked them throughout the years.
I just wanted to do something as if it was, like… Just something really casual.

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  1. It would nice if we could get a update on NI. Notice when he said i ran it thru my daw and it switched to ableton. I know y’all want to be different than other DAWs. But let’s get the stock stuff updated.

  2. Dude you compose like me nice one! Hello NI are you guys working on a DAW would be nice to have that audio engine to use!

  3. Hit me with that VR update so I never accidentally gaze upon my reflection in horror after these long occult beat making nights in the trenches

  4. Bring it out of the box on the bass re amp it back through some really warm pre amps have fun copyright your song and your arrangements use notation

  5. A lot of people steal to stay famous and the same people you meet on the way up the ladder you will see on the way down be as kind as you can on both sides of the record. Smiling

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