Space champagne science ready for celebrating space travel
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Space champagne science ready for celebrating space travel

the company has invented a way to drink champagne out of a glass in outer space they’re betting that Earth’s first space tourists will also be champagne drinkers and so they spent three years trying to figure out how to make this work because when you take away gravity everything about champagne changes first of all you can’t plate liquids without gravity that’s why astronauts drink from squeezable pouches to the champagne company music moon had to create a bottle with hand valve so when you trigger it the pressure of the co2 bubbles forces out the champagne in sort of controlled bursts then an aluminum loop over the rim helps the blobs form into spheres that you catch an especially designed glass at least in theory obviously I had to test it so I flew at the moon on a parabolic flight basically your plane goes into freefall giving you 20 odd seconds of weightlessness at a time yeah it’s also known as a vomit comet I did not bother but 20 seconds wasn’t always enough time to catch the champagne to the god also what you do end up drinking doesn’t quite seem like champagne because bubbles behave differently in space Japan is full of dissolved carbon dioxide and the bubbles expand until they hit the surface and burst we creates a tiny chip see that’s Gerrard leisure glare chemical physicist aka bubble expert those Jets are what make champagne so aromatic but in zero gravity none of this happens the bubbles don’t burst until they enter your mouth is you’re already the bubbles will not be able to rise in the glass but they can be able to burst same way on on what do you drink something the texture of phone and more bubbles pop in your mouth that changes the tape and makes it stronger it’s more soft creamy I would say but in the same and not everyone agrees that probably beverages actually belong in space but min thinks that for those who do want to travel to space the glass of champagne is worth the trouble people who are in space not to work look to concentrate on hydrogen machine see me want to see the pipe at some fun we’re down

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  1. Just stick to foil packages. This is just a mess and unsafe. Free flowing glass shards inside a chamber reminds me of anti tank shells concept.

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