Special exhibition on Mekong-Korea biological resources kicks off in Busan
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Special exhibition on Mekong-Korea biological resources kicks off in Busan

and after their summit president moon
together with the leaders of the five Mekong countries attended a special
exhibition on what they’ve achieved together in terms of research on and
conservation of biological resources Kim Morgan tells us more on the sidelines of
the first Mekong Korea summit a special exhibition on the biological resources
of the Mekong region has been held to look back at the past twelve years of
cooperation between South Korea and the Mekong States in the biological sector
under the theme life on the mekong connecting people creating a new future
the exhibition features various videos in real specimens of the rich flora and
fauna of the Mekong region as well as achievements of cooperative projects
between Mekong nations and South Korea on display are some 200 species of
wildlife from a Mekong region including donated specimens from each Mekong
country as well as biological resources secured through joint research and
illustrated books jointly published by researchers in the region South Korean
president moon jae-in toured by the exhibition hall together with the heads
of the Mekong States and during his joint press statement after the tour he
vowed to help preserve the biodiversity of the Mekong region and support the
region’s efforts to have a sustainable future when on the calm Gong yoga to the
Sun Tokyo that I’m gong to our chamber time zone so Darwin
silently no girl can argue destiny da president moon also said the country’s
will establish the mekong korea biodiversity Center and the Mekong Korea
Water Resources joint research center to better conserve and utilize biological
resources and work together to ensure the sustainability of the Mekong River
the National Institute of biological resources the host of the event says
that it hopes to displace could help visitors gain more interest and learn
about the biodiversity in the Mekong region the special exhibition will be
open to the public from November 30th to December 27th Kim bo-gyung
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