24 thoughts on “Spicing Up DNA Protection

  1. Regarding to cook or not to cook turmeric – would adding a dash of it to a pot of herbal tea be worthwhile I wonder?

  2. When cooking with tumeric, remember to add a dash of freshly ground black pepper. it increased the power of tumeric by something like 2000 folds (would have to check some books at home to get the precise number, but it's REALLY significant – i think Dr.Greger mentions it in one of his videos from a few weeks back).

  3. I brush my teeth with turmeric instead of toothpaste, soothes gums, makes them whiter than white immediately, and no doubt some gets absorbed. This has got to be the best way to use Turmeric regularly. People with dental or oral issues should try it.

  4. Okay- recipe sharing time! Lightly oil a pan. Add chopped onion and let sweat for a bit, then add some chopped ginger, garlic, turmeric and a good measure of chopped kale- a fist and a half per serving. Stirfry briefly, then add some unsweetened nut milk ( a sub for coconut milk) and a bit of tomato paste. Simmer for 7 minutes or so. Serve over brown rice. 

  5. So GLAD he addressed raw vs. cooked turmeric…I recently came upon an abundance of fresh turmeric at my local Asian Food store…YES!!!! AND I always have powdered turmeric on my shelf in the spice cabinet. I've been shredding up the fresh turmeric into my leafy green salads…will make sure to cook it in a soup or stew now too! WOOT!!!

  6. Pumpkin from a can, cranberries from the freezer, pumpkin spice (with nutmeg?) from a tin, milk from a cartoon, but hey don't use that evaporated cane juice from a bag! It´s too sweet!

  7. 20%  ????????                         soya milk = GMOs  ..naa….. how about free range non pasteurized grass fed  milk with  organic turmeric                       

  8. I can't find two people who agree about soy milk.  I've heard that fermented soy products (like tempeh) somehow take care of whatever is wrong with processed soy.  I'm so confused.

  9. I heard that garlic and ginger have some substance that boost our memory DNA that can prevent our future kids to get the same sickneses we have conqured.

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