100 thoughts on “Stanford’s Sapolsky On Depression in U.S. (Full Lecture)

  1. This sheer complexity and half of the talk is just about getting rid of common misconceptions. Interestingly, if you are invested in psychiatric disorders, you have to do both, look how the condition can be eleviated and at the same time tell the public it is actually a thing. To be quite frank, in absence of information, I would easily think you can change depression via the right way of thinking. But this is only one piece of the puzzle with an effectiveness which depends heavily on a whole lot of other conditions on a lot of levels, both endogenous and exogenous. Sure as hell, listening to this one time is not enough.

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  4. I absolutely need to accomplish something that everybody will remember me for, to make a lasting contribution to humanity,
    even if I am not always right, like Sigmund Freud before I die.

  5. Looks like I have non-depression depression then. I get up relatively late, eat more when I'm stressed, have up days and down days, can enjoy sun rises and sunsets. I've forgotten what other things he said cos i watched the video yesterday.

  6. In-short this video has told me that we are absolutely fucked considering there are so many different factors at play causing this condition. So yeah, embrace the void fellas.

  7. Depression and loneliness are easily confused. Brain imaging shows that they are not the same thing. Many people tell their doctor that they are depressed, when really they are lonely. That is why anti-depressants don't work for them. And then, their doctor wonders why. It is because the patient misrepresented loneliness as depression; and so, of course, antidepressants are ineffective.

  8. Anyone know if there is a better version of this lecture posted online somewhere? I want to share it with a friend but they wont be able to understand what he's saying over the coughing, laughing, background noise.

    I believe he filmed his lecture Stanford series after this, but I don't see an episode called Depression in the listing.

  9. Thank you for offering your class instructions with us.

    I am 68 years old & I was told that my chronic depression & PTSD were developed due to childhood trauma. I am glad to hear your more biological explanation.

    I have, over a lifetime, developed coping mechanisms to manage my depression & anxiety. I still take two meds for depression. But stress management, nutrition, & good sleep have long term improvement.

  10. i disagree that depression is mostly a biological disorder. thats most often not the case. its more starts by psychology that can affect the whole body(biology)

  11. Depression is just as socioeconomic as it is biological. Just a friendly reminder to the reductionists out there.

  12. The moment you guys associate a laugh with actual bullying is the day you reveal that you don’t really understand how nuanced emotions can be

  13. Between 2 ferns. Entities are real and have been recorder multiple times. They can be good or bad and is karma bound to that soul for a while. Those are not delusions, you should get better equipment to study the human body when scanning for truths.

  14. I've lost many loved ones and related to his quote "Depression is aggression turned inward." I'm coming out to the other side healing and moving on.

  15. Capitalism has always been the elephant in the room when it comes to mental illness. Living paycheck to paycheck causes anxiety. Not being able to see a doctor is stressful. Choosing between paying rent or having heat/electricity feels hopeless. Working multiple jobs and never being able to see our loved ones is depressing. Laboring for a wage is alienating. Marketing ourselves to capitalists for jobs that determine our worth as human beings is insulting… capitalist life is a meaningless grind for most of us. It's no wonder we're all depressed.

  16. It seems like many people say that the journey out of depression involves many different things. I've heard several people say they do a combination of psychotherapy, antidepressant, meditation, and some cope by exercise, support groups and practising their faith. I wish there were as many free support groups for people struggling with depression as there are AA groups! I have two friends who struggle with depression and they do not have insurance to see a mental health professional. So their health needs go untreated. That is so sad!

  17. Based on a hypothesis that mental illness is a biological disease there is 40 billion dollars a year in sales of psychiatric medications in the U.S. 1/4 of Canadian women take an antidepressant. 1/5 of Americans take a psychiatric medication. 1/2 of foster children are being chemically lobotomized for control and profit. I can't imagine a more diabolical form of child abuse than disempowering a child by telling them they have something wrong with their brain and can't control their behaviour unless they take a drug. Long term use of Ritalin has shown to cause a 10% shrinkage in brain mass and stunted growth as much as 2". 1/9?? American boys is being treated for ADHD. The U.S. uses 90% of the world's Ritialin. The are no biological tests or imaging of any kind that can validate any mental disorder as a disease. Quick someone call WHO there's an epidemic of chemically unbalanced people in North America! https://youtu.be/Ep1ODxCoYlI

  18. https://youtu.be/W4Xb29geVwE. I took psychiatric medications for 10 years and they caused me to think and behave in ways that were contrary to my core values, I will never touch them again. Drugs don't change your reality only your perception of it. There are 'Black Box' warnings for a reason! I needed to deal with my issues of childhood abuse, foster care and the resulting alcoholism, depression, anxiety and self destructive behaviour, it wasn't a fucking disease that could be cured by a pill. I believe that it is a crime against humanity to disempower people by leading them to believe their issues are a biological disease that need medication to correct but offer no evidence to the patient to support that claim. This is a profitable lie and 87% of Americans believe this to be a truth!

  19. “The whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out people who are too independent, and who think for themselves, and who don’t know how to be submissive, and so on — because they’re dysfunctional to the institutions.” – Noam Chomsky. Psychiatry is a corporate lackey for 'Big Pharma'.

  20. Didn't Van Gogh appreciate sunsets? Didn't Rothko? In my experience what depression does is this – you appreciate sunsets but they no longer provide consolation from your sense of despair. Read more poetry, man; experience more Art. And, for the record, his dualist approach is reductive. There are far fewer differences between the two forms of the disorder, and to suggest otherwise went out of fashion (certainly here in the UK) way back in the 1980s when I trained as a mental health professional.

  21. “In truth, the ‘chemical imbalance’ notion was always a kind of urban legend- – never a theory seriously propounded by well-informed psychiatrists.” Dr. Ronald Pies – July 11, 2011 in Psychiatric Times

    We have hunted for a big simple neurochemical explanations for psychiatric disorders and have not found them. – Kenneth Kendler, Psychological Medicine, 2005

  22. Three years ago Canada passed the 'Assisted dying law', and even before it was passed news articles were appearing suggesting that people with mental health issues should have this right as well. These articles were accompanied by personal stories. The articles also pointed out that this is already being done in Europe, accompanied by a personal story as well. In 1939 Nazi Germany 100 thousand hospitalized mental health patients were sent to the gas chambers based on the hypothesis that these people were biologically and genetically damaged. The slippery slope!

  23. The american school about depression is wrong. Give them drugs because is just a biological disorder. But they don’t stress the importance of society and symbolism and the the other things that make as be human not 🐀 in a laboratory.

    Carl Gustav Jung approach and humanistic approach of French school treating the depression is much more effective. You can heal yourself without pills or drugs. The body and mind is not a static chemical thing. We are not just hormones and dopamine.

  24. "There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution." Aldous Huxley

  25. I'm a soon to be homeless again disabled diabetic with a thyroid condition and depression is the hardest thing I've ever admitted to and the hardest to battle. Psych drugs nor therapy has never worked.

  26. I have a feeling in the less developed low income countries depression is not so common. I'm staying in Nigeria and many people went through poverty and trauma but people seem to be cheerful all the time. Is this because things like they are devoted believers or just those depressed are not under the spot light?

  27. th 40th minute packs as much perspective as 1000 pages by Laurence Rickels (but if you like wordplay pun portmanteau and swushcracking your way thru dried and brittle pundergrowth with a big neologishtick, do both)

  28. If anyone has got depression There is nothing wrong with you. If you don't have depression you got to be Heartless Soulless mindless Zombie or deaf and blind . . You want to know about human behaviour go chat up another mans girl when he's at the bar . Give a cop all the verbal abuse you can when there's no witnesses screw your partners family go show you got 10 grand to a prostitute or nearly anyone who doesn't I am saying you learn more about human behaviour looking around you than listening to somebody who thinks he can put it all in a nutshell . Take 1 Breath and feel the life and in it you can find all the knowledge you don't need to know.

  29. I think I have had depression since childhood and yes there were good years in between but somehow or the other I have a tendency to go back into it again. It seems my life's most productive years were taken from me where I could have had the energy to devote to a particular career path I wanted for myself. Instead I went from one thing to the other, and ultimately ending in a depressed/disabled condition for years together. I can't take stressful events, even the minor ones. As a result and it would be unbelievable for some: I have never had a job in life and I am in early 30s now. Not that there were no opportunities, but the kind of jobs which I was hoping for, I could never get to them. Most of my life I have been lying at one corner of my home, in my bed, unable to explain to others what I do or why I have been living like that or why don't I work. Even I don't know. For 2-3 years in between when I was fine and magically had all the energy to get out of bed, I was always afraid that my depression might return someday and I never want to go back to that state. It returned again and much worse indeed. I suffer and suffer daily and even though I live with this condition since good 16-17 years, and know how it makes me feel, I have not been able to manage it or do away with it. My point is that the hopelessness and suffering doesn't come down with years of experience. It's still the same. There are physical symptoms of depression on me and nobody around me can even tell if I am suffering. Even my parents refuse to acknowledge my depression. They feel I don't work hard or try, they feel I am mentally weak that's why I have those feelings. Hence I have never taken any medication or therapy for it, and only once on my insistence I went to the doctor which was as apathetic as anything. Honestly I have seen friends take medication and therapy for it, but never saw them get better. Infact they turned out much worse than they were before. Before treatment people could not have been able to make out that they were depressed or anything but after treatment people could definitely make out that this person is crazy or abnormal. The culprit was medication and therapy. So as much as I would love to be inspired by this person's lecture and seek treatment, I'd rather stay where I am, hoping for some miracle or as in past experience some good 2-3 years in between the onset of another phase. Let's face it many of us will only be able to afford a kind of doctor or healthcare which is miles away from the ideal, empathetic lab environments of Stanford or other such places. So I won't waste my time even thinking of going. Now at this point I question myself that if I am going to suffer all along like that because miracles don't really happen and good (depression-free) phases of life end and then again long depression awaits my life, so why don't I end my life right now so that I can reduce so much suffering, myself and yes even people around you get affected by your depression, just like people do when they get terminally ill, get euthanized. I don't have the answer to why I have still not killed myself or tried to kill myself in almost a decade. It's perhaps because of the overall beauty and charm of life, new unexpected relationships, new experiences, it's like one door closed but two doors opened, different perspectives gained or maybe plain simple lethargy to act.

  30. Law, medical, and nursing students I address you in hopes of change to come. There has been an injustice and lack of duty around patient care for decades that needs to be addressed on many fronts. It is the issue of harm from the procedure called electroshock.

    Performed at leading hospitals to include HMO Kaiser Permanente. Procedure delivers up to 450 volts to the brain and greater. No FDA testing for safety or even effectiveness. No pre-market approval ever done on devices before the FDA. This involves decades of neglect around a protected population under the ADA. This also involves fraud at best by insurers that pay out billions annually on this unproven and untested procedure. Then the government often pays out a lifetime of disability payments secondary to TBI outcomes all aware of at miniumum.

    This is not only fraud and discrimination.

    Used to be used only for severe depression, now used for many issues. Used on our children, Veterans, and even women in pregnancy. This is harm and cover ups in the billions annually in US alone.

    California courts have recently proven brain injuries at minimum from this procedure around a national product liability suit currently taking place. Electrical trauma impacts all bodily systems with damages that can evolve years out. Damages to evolve include CTE, ALS, and cardiac issues etc. Consent mentions only temporary memory loss expected to resolve in six weeks and the typical anesthesia risks. We are not warned of actual structural brain changes that result from this documented in their own research. We are not warned that bilateral ECT impacts our brain stems where our vital functions exist such as blood pressure and heart rate.

    There are medical malpractice firms also interviewing for suits around damages and two suits filed against the FDA. FDA recently declassified from experimental class to that of class 2 without any testing done before this lowering of classification. They also lowered this with an active lawsuit in place showing damages around devices. They do not test because even a layman would anticipate these damages with thought and many would be held accountable.

    Law students your material risk of brain injury for starters missing from consents for medical malpractice. This is purely trauma. All trauma is based on MECHANISM. You have a known mechanism such as blunt force with the NFL injuries and you then have anticipated and known outcomes based on this. In our population it is electrical so you have a known and anticipated outcomes in ALL populations according to trauma medicine, to include those with mental health histories. This is impacting professionals now who are unable to resume their professions secondary to brain injuries from this. This includes, teachers, attorneys, doctors, nurses. We need representation to address these damages. Please write the papers around this and ask the questions in your clinicals. Doctors take an oath and are failing criminally to warn, protect, and not cause harm. You are now aware of this situation and problem and I ask you to act. Thank you. Please see ectjustice now owned by law firms participating in national product liability suit. If you have information to contribute to law firms around this please contact the DK law group.

  31. This lecture made me realize that my bouts of depression isn't so bad compared to some others. To whomever is struggling out there: set & accomplish goals + manage stress/remove primary life stressors. That's all it really takes to get yourself out of a funk, but it takes a lot of work.

  32. Over complication, too much science. Depression is a signal that you have needs that arent being met, whether they be emotional, physical, or psychological. Taking pills is not a substitute for an unfulfilling life; you need to actually change your life, which is very difficult to do when suffering from the motor impairment that comes with major depression. Just taking a shower or doing a load of laundry is mentally and physically exhausting for me.

  33. I'm having trouble believing it's a biochemical disorder. What about existential depression? Especially those who are more susceptible to it?

  34. Aggression turn inwards as a copying mechanic to keep the person frozen so he cannot harm the others,they hit you they abuse you and when you have the anger you stay there,you don't want to harm the other,you don't want to be the offender,guess what,you are the offender of your self.Cause energy return to the source if you don't let it to flow.I don't suggest to be a shitty person like many people are,just embrace the pain to be good.

  35. Gut health affects mental health. People in the US are being poisoned with their food. The govt is in bed with Monsanto and ur food is laced with round up, chemicals, additives, gmo components which is affecting ur gut health. Leaky gut and other gut issues cause depression, this is why everyone is depressed. Heal ur gut get off of grains, eat grass fed meats and organic food, no dairy or refined sugars, only honey or organic maple syrup, exersize, socialized no and sun shine in addition have been proven to cure depression . depression will go away ( praying is a good idea as well)

  36. Thanks for doing this Stanford. I am of average intelligence and will NEVER be able to attend a school like yours. So I really REALLY appreciate you uploading lectures from some of the smartest people in the world. I don't know if you've noticed but there are a LOT of unintelligent, lost, dangerous people. Flat Earth, anti-vaccination, white genocide, religious lunacy. Education is our only hope. So I truly appreciate you posting these.

  37. U know, my teenager got in trouble in automotive class for saying retard as in to retard the choke on a carburetor lol…dude isn’t being politically correct and hurt peoples feelers lol

  38. Hashimotos sucks cuz those thyroid hormones are constantly changing…depression seems too normal after awhile..then add in a psychopathic family member who isolates u from everyone including ur family because the worthless pos lives with parents at 37 and hasn’t worked in 10 years yet everyone believes this psycho…driving by threatening to burn ur place down and making the gun to head gesture every chance he gets…and yet I’m isolated…I hate people and this world

  39. I'm very interested in childhood trauma, its effects in adult life, and what can be done to overcome such experiences. The three people who i am watching to observe and absorb are Robert Sapolsky, Gabor Mate, And Paul Stamets. These three are quite literal lifesavers for me and guide me moving forward.

  40. Can a person with short or no memory be less prone to depression since depression is mostly memory! P.S. just know when someone whoever in your life that has escaped this hell by whatever means, by their will or not, just know they would want you to smile at the good times, learn from the troubled/hard/bad times, and prepare for the future times…. AND ALWAYS WORRY ABOUT YOUR HAPPINESS AND WELL BEING FIRST!

  41. OMG at 45:00 he talks about losing a parent under the age of 10 increases the risk of depression for the rest of your life. That happened to me. I was 9. I have had a serious depression 2 times as an adult. It was really bad. I could not get out of bed. Once I was exhausted from working full time, going to full-time school, broke and had no transportation. The other time I had just dealt with a wife beater and I was in therapy because of it. It was the 2nd time when I had to go on medication for a couple of years. The first time I was able to make it through. I had just been laid off.

  42. Is it normal to find breathing exhausting? I think my husband has sucked the oxygen out of my life and now I don’t want to breathe the oxygen he will allow me to use.

  43. Depression never ends you think maybe if I reach the darkest hole of depression I can start to climb back but no you only get worse. depression has changed my posture witch restricted nerves in my back now my penis is numb kinda crazy what depression can do

  44. I'm watching this in my car well cleaning it up. There's a thump from his microphone every few minutes and my fight or flight responds is almost entirely fight. That sentence may seem nonsensical, my stinging fist and dented door would have something to say about that. In short I keep reflex punching my door….

  45. Such an excellent lecture. Like someone else commented on another video – "This is what the internet was made for".

    Is there anyone here who cured their depression using psychedelics? Or anyone who tried but they didn't help?


  47. Could you please keep the camera at a constant distance? Following him pacing back and forth is making me actually seasick!! I'm not kidding.

  48. "One of the most reliable findings in the whole epidemiology of depression was, lose a parent to depression under ten years of age and for the rest of your life you're more likely to develop major depression"

    That stopped me in my tracks.
    Thats a big one.

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