Strawberry DNA Extraction
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Strawberry DNA Extraction

Strawberry DNA extraction is a fun
experiment that you can easily do using every day materials. You’ll need one strawberry, one ziploc bag, two small beakers, a
plastic funnel, one square of cheese cloth, a tube rack one 50 mL plastic tube,
5 mL of alcohol, a pipette, one small tube with a cap or a lid, and
20 mL of extraction solution. The extraction solution is made by
mixing 900 mL of water with 100 mL of shampoo,
and 2 teaspoons of salt. This will make enough for your whole
class. First place the strawberry into the
ziploc bag. Then pour 20 mL of the
extraction solution into the bag. Close and seal the bag removing as
much air as possible. Use your hands to gently mash the
strawberry in the extraction solution for five minutes. Place a funnel into the 50 mL
tube. Next, place a piece of cheese cloth inside
the funnel. Open your ziploc bag and pour the mixture of strawberry and
extraction solution through the cloth and into the funnel. Gently squeeze the cheese cloth. Once all the liquid has passed through
the cloth, throw the cloth away and remove the funnel. add 5 mL of 70%
isopropyl alcohol. Hold your tube to eye level and observe.
The DNA precipitate looks like fine, white strands of cotton fiber – almost like spider webs. Now you can use
the pipette to remove the DNA from the tube. Look at it, touch it, for place it into
another tube to keep. Now you’ve successfully extracted the
DNA from the strawberry.

91 thoughts on “Strawberry DNA Extraction

  1. I did this exact same experiment with banana 😀
    works with any fruit/berry/vegtable

    theres a video on here using this EXACT method, and she extracted DNA
    of her own blood ;0)

  2. @elanajoy86 It just seems to me after all my studies on what DNA actually is i sincerely doubt this is a successful method of extracting it, from anything.

  3. @Dinocrap1101 Well, apparently the soap breaks down the phospholipid bi layer that forms the nuclear envelope because it's formed from fat and the soap eats that away. After the envelope is broken down, the genetic material is released from the nucleus. The salt helps bind it together. If you carefully introduce the alcohol it creates the interface where the genetic material rises up to. Might be fake, but it does sort of make sense. Too bad you can't see it with a super high powered scope!

  4. I did this today in class except my class used the inside of our cheeks and swished salt water for 1 minute spit out into cup, added dish soap, stirred very gently with and extended paper clip for 10 sec., and waited 1 more minute. Added some rubbing alcohol by sucking it into a eyedropper and let it pour out slow and gently. Waited 5 minutes. took same paperclip and pulled out the DNA, which our teacher said, is supposed to look like clear snot.

  5. Yes! We used a bunch of things! As long as it is alive or once was alive, or has DNA you can use it! We recently did it with a fingerling brook trout. It was pretty cool.

  6. how can we be sure that we get strawberry dna with this process?why is this process valid and if it is where can i find an ans to this process ? guys plz help

  7. If you wanted to get a better separation of strawberry DNA, you would take the solution in a test-tube and centrifuge it. Very few labs have centrifuges, but if you have one handy, it's something cool to try.

  8. You should wear gloves when you do this. If the strawberry DNA mixes with your DNA you will turn into a Strawberry Mutant – monster!

  9. انا بعرف طريقة ثانيه بس باستخدام الاسيتون او المعقم و نجحت بس لازم تجمدي الفاكهة قبل اي شي عشان الجدار الخلوي يتجمد و يتكسر وتخرج كل مكونات الخليه ومن ضمنها النواه التي تحتوي على الDNA

  10. Would anyone be able to help me? I was wondering if the amount of DNA that came out of that one strawberry would be considered a lot or not?

  11. This works better if you use something a little finer than cheese cloth to filter. Also if you use a wooden coffee stir to collect the dna out of the solution it works much better to get a substance you can put on a microscope slide.

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