Stretch Your Biology Vocabulary – Train with BioBush
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Stretch Your Biology Vocabulary – Train with BioBush

Hi, my name is Steve and I’m going to be your
vocabulary trainer for today. We’re going to work out your biology vocabulary
today in a short, intense workout. You might not be able to do everything today,
but do what you can and you can try again later. Are you ready to step up your vocabulary game? We’ll start with a medium-intensity workout. Ready? Say these words with me! Organism – you’re going to see this all the
time. It means a living thing. Plant, animal, bacteria, whatever. Organism. Food web – a diagram of where food comes from
for all the organisms in an area. Food web. Metabolism – everything in and out of an organism. Food in, energy out. Metabolism. Niche [NEESH] (or [NITCH] depending on where
you are from) – What an organism does in its environment. Niche. Taxonomy – how we arrange things into groups. Taxonomy. Homeostasis – How organisms keep themselves
consistent, like their temperature or water content. Homeostasis. Okay, let’s take a 30-second break. Relax, drink some water, breathe, rest those
vocal chords. We are going to bring in some Latin flair
for the next part. [Latin music]
No, like the Latin language! Lots of science words are based in Latin. Or Greek! You’re going to see how most science words
are not as complicated as they seem. No Latin workout is complete without a set
of Ologies! “-ology” is the knowledge of something. Tag on another word to say what the subject
is. Ecology. Eco- refers to a house or environment, so
this is the study of the environment. Ecology. Morphology. Morph- is shape, so this is about the shape
of things. Morphology. Ornithology. Ornith- is about birds. Bird study! Ornithology. Zoology. Zoo- is all kinds of animals. The study of animals big to small. Zoology. Limnology. Limno- is about lakes. Just lakes, not rivers or oceans. Limnology. Biology. Bio- is life. Sounds like a T-shirt, but biology really
is the study of life. And Life is awesome! Biology. Astrobiology. Astro- is stars. Bio- is still life. Astro. Bio. Ology. Aliens! Living things from space. Astrobiology. Paleobiology. Paleo- is ancient. Bio. Ology. Ancient living things. Fossils! Paleobiology. Do a high-intensity sprint – say them all
in a row. Ecology Morphology Ornithology Zoology Limnology
Biology Astrobiology Paleobiology Again! Ecology Morphology Ornithology Zoology Limnology
Biology Astrobiology Paleobiology Now let’s take the same technique and cut
up some other science words! Xerophyte. Sounds complicated but it’s not. Xero=dry, phyte=plant. A plant that is adapted to live in dry places. Xerophyte. Chlorophyll. Chloro=green, phyll=leaf. These are the chemicals that make leaves green
and let them catch energy from the sun. Chlorophyll. Symbiosis. Sym=together, bio=life. Organisms that live together. Symbiosis. Ecosystem. Eco=home, system=system. Where organisms live. Ecosystem. Great job! You did really well! Now let’s cool down with some more… exotic
words. Chitin. The molecules that make hard but flexible
beetle shells and fish scales. Chitin. Xylem. Tubes in plants that carry sugar from the
roots to the leaves and back. Xylem. Extirpation. An organism that is gone from the wild, but
still lives with people. Extirpation. Oogenesis. Oo- is an egg, so this is the formation of
an egg cell. Oogenesis. Crypsis. How an animal hides from other animals. Crypsis. Whoo! Great job! [clap] Thanks for working your
vocabulary today. I hope you feel good about your improved vocabulary. You can get out there and feel confident about
your ability to understand and use biology words. You can subscribe and let me know if you want
more vocabulary workouts, or you can learn more about biology by watching other videos
on this channel. Thanks for stopping by! Whoo!

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