Student Vlog – Amy – Nuclear Science
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Student Vlog – Amy – Nuclear Science

And so here is Met and Mat where you’ll spend most of your time as a nuclear student as you’ll have lectures in here and the foyer is where people often sit to do work, hang out so as part of the nuclear course you get to do labs and so you get to fun things like this. Look how fun this all looks oscilloscope, computer beautiful diagram and you get a wonderful lab partner. Hello. So tonight is a society social night that I go to every Tuesday called oSTEM which is out in science technology engineering and maths. So we’ve had two speakers Dr. Debbie Catham who is a physics teacher and our LGBTQ committee for the TUC and Philippa who is the co-chair of the Rainbow Network here at the University and as researcher. This shows the great things you can get involved with so you can join societies, run events do lots of things it’s not just studying all the time So this very damp morning, you can see it’s raining and we also have F&F to look forward to, one of the materials modules So yeah we’re currently heading towards the shiny new library to get some work down aren’t we Shivani So yeah just come to the library got this for a little background reading so it’s my housemate’s 20th today I just provided this beautiful birthday present yep Nutella, student standard So as part of the Maths module you’ll get bi-weekly examples classes which give you a chance to discuss problems with other people in your classes and PhD demonstrators so my favourite thing to prevent me starving to death at uni is this beautiful contraption, my slow cooker. I get to put things in in the morning and come to a surprise home meal when I come back yay. Tonight we’re heading off to the theatre to see ‘A Boy named Sue’. One of the best bits about living in Birmingham so much theatre isn’t that right? So much theatre, music and just great things to do. Tutorials are your weekly opportunity to discuss any problems you might be having in a small group environment with your tutor. A chance to go through any problems and even discuss their research if you wanted to they also give you a chance to form a good and close relationship with your tutor and be able to think for yourself critically about problems as you’ll be approaching in a different way also if you have not as a chance to prepare for a lot of the questions in tutorial gives you a chance to learn how to think on your feet think of solutions to these problems with guidance from your tutor of course So I’m currently on a train to Birmingham city centre to meet my friends who have come up to Birmingham for the weekend head of to the German market should be a fun evening yay mozzarella sticks so I’ve been Amy and this has been a week in the life of a nuclear student

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