Students Get Field Experience Tracking Nesting Ecology of Ducks
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Students Get Field Experience Tracking Nesting Ecology of Ducks

So on a daily basis, once we get up in
the morning, we come here to the shed, hook up the four-wheelers. We use two four-wheelers that are attached to chain. We
drag these plots, flush duck nests, and then when we find the duck nests we get to
monitor them with cameras. We go through the camera footage, and we watch nesting behavior and hatching behavior with these ducks out here. I got involved with this project because
I took Bio 121 in the fall, my first semester here at UND where I met Susan
and heard about the internship, and later she had approached me, and we hit out of
conversation. She kind of explained this experience. I think it’s a
great experience, so I decided to hop on the project. Well I think the experience
is honestly like the most important. Just having that on your resume and then
gaining the field skills. I mean it’s work and then you see a
duck flush and you forget everything else, go back to this is what I signed up
for and this is what I love, so it’s awesome. I love the University of North
Dakota. The collaboration between the University and Ducks Unlimited is
something I’m really appreciative for as well, so the experiences that we get
through Ducks Unlimited just like even going to the regional office in
Bismarck, meeting all the different professionals that work there, beginning
with your kind of foot in the water with all those, just you’re learning a
whole bunch of things and you get to meet all these people that are just
gonna help you later on in your career.

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