Studying Molecular Genetics at Curtin
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Studying Molecular Genetics at Curtin

Generally, people are interested in genetics and molecular biology. It’s something that is relevant to all of us. It’s what makes up everything about us and what makes us all a little bit different and also makes us so much the same. I was really interested in the whole molecular side of the human body and that’s what got me interested. I think it’s in all our futures. You can go into forensics, medical research, genetic engineering. I’d love to get into cancer research or diabetes research. We have a very strong laboratory focus, so our students are pretty much in labs, maybe 12 hours a week, from second year onwards. I’m a very practical learner. That’s the best way to learn, in my opinion. It also just makes it all the more interesting to actually see what you’re learning, happening right in front of your eyes. So I really like the practical aspect of it and I think will really help us when we go out into the workforce. I liked how, sort of, broad everything was that we studied but still interconnected. It’s really a broad course and it gets your curiosity flowing. It’s not one subject through the whole course. It opens you up to a whole avenue of things you might be interested in that you’ve never even thought of before. A number of students are interested in research from very early in their degree, even if they’re not quite sure what research is. and so having that very clear pathway to Honours is good for some students. I decided to do Honours because I was interested in a research career and I thought that that would be the best pathway to get me into that career. A lot of the students at the end of it really get this taste of what it’s like to work in a lab. What honors provides is a research-intensive year that allows the students to really identify what they’re really interested in and develop their practical skills in the laboratory in a research context. That was something that attracted me to do this particular course at Curtin because it seems to have a direct line into Honours and then PhD. I would recommend studying Molecular Genetics at Curtin. It’s really up-to-date, really innovative and lots of practical hands-on experience. It wasn’t solely focused on one aspect of the molecular side of the human body. It took us through a whole different journey. I’d really recommend studying Molecular Genetics at Curtin because the supervisors are all really attentive, the lab work’s amazing and the course itself is just really interesting.

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