Studying Physiological Science at the University of Bristol (Short)
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Studying Physiological Science at the University of Bristol (Short)

The impact of studying Physiology and how that applies to the real world is really relevant at the moment. There’s a great need at the minute for researchers. Getting more people who are really
passionate into those fields to try and help that research trying to find cures is really important. Physiology is how the body works, so to
understand what happens when it goes wrong and how to understand how it works in the first instance. This is not a Science that’s going on in a test tube or a petri dish, it’s Science that we can see in our own bodies. You, as a Physiologist, can make some contribution to understand what the basis of disease is. Too many lives have been lost because of such small things. Studying Physiology, it’s incredibly important for enabling the new generation of scientists to come up and help contribute to the Science of tomorrow.

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