Supplier Insider: Fulgent Genetics
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Supplier Insider: Fulgent Genetics

helping to forge genetic testing, Fulgent
genetics offers more than 18,000 single genes 800 rare disease tests whole
genome sequencing and much more we have the largest catalog of genetic
testing in the world the technology that is used to provide physicians and
researchers with clinically diagnostic information is unique
Fulgent genetics has developed a platform that integrates data comparison and
suppression algorithms adapted learning software advanced genetic diagnostic
tools and integrated laboratory processes vice president of business
development and sales Jacob Schram so you can start using that information to
better stratify your clinical trials right to get more information when you
sequence tumors not only look at the DNA but to look at RNA try to see what are
the trends right or what what kind of mechanisms are happening within the
cells and then ask the questions hypotheses like what may or may not work
in this pathway or that pathway patient care is the number one priority for the
company in fact researchers can test for more than 8,000 genetic conditions
including various cancers cardiovascular diseases and neurological disorders and
to help ease with the process potent genetics has developed a new technology
called Fulgent trac we call it Fulgent track where we use molecule tagging so
every sample that comes before we do accessioning or extraction we we insert
molecule tagging into our samples and they basically eliminate a sample mix-up
so when when pharma companies they come in and they want to do a large clinical
trial so now we have a tool that we can insert molecular tags into the samples
what is the biggest advantage for the scientists and researchers who are using
I mean they know the integrity right they know that they there are no errors
looking forward Fulgent genetics continues to transform the world of
genetic data by now offering free specimen kits for physicians in genetic
counselors in the United States whatever questions you have to practice personal
medicine we want to be able to give you those tools Ruben Galvan reporting for

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