10 thoughts on “Susan Llewelyn: “Clinical Psychology: A Very Short Introduction” | Talks at Google

  1. Clinical psychology has been an utter failure in curing patients . That is what gave birth to NLP

  2. We need to look for the protocol of brain and then tell the client how that protocol work. How their brain keep memories in it how it manages thoes memories. phycology is key to the healthy brain instead of fixing the brain every person can self heal of they are given the right protocol of how their memories have been collected in their brain. Each client will have a protocol their brain used for them. They just need to figure out that process

  3. I enjoyed your talk, Susan, however I think you ought to choose your words a bit more carefully (around 10:00–12:00 mark), regarding psychiatry. You're xeroxing old archetypes of how both professions perceive the other as incomplete. And it is not true what you said about psychiatrist ("whereas we (clinical psychologists) understand …") not getting the big picture or complexity of the patient's situation and just fogging it off to an illness.

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