TakeAir – Enriching the indoor environment with organisms
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TakeAir – Enriching the indoor environment with organisms

TakeAir works through bio-augmentation of the air ducts, that means we constantly inject beneficial bacteria into the air ducts of a building, for example office buildings. Bio augmentation can be compared to the balance in nature We bring positive elements from nature and forests into the air ducts, creating a comfortable indoor environment. It is as efficient as it sounds: To create a healthier environment and an optimal comfort in your office, we connect the air duct to an infuse filled with beneficial bacteria. We’re standing on the roof of Claerhout Communicatiehuis There is a Daiking installation existing of two systems There’s the heat pump and the ventilation system The ventilation system inserts fresh air and restores heat. This system is perfect to apply the bio-augmentation Inside the office are the injection grids Recirculation cools down and heats up the air, the ventilation unit makes sure fresh air enters the building and that’s where the bio-augmentation is applied. TakeAir works with the technology of OpenMotics to control the system Our open source smart building platform is made to remotely controle the TakeAir technology. TakeAir is an important component for creating a healing office. Bio-augmentation of the air ducts contributes to the productivity and happiness of your employees That’s why TakeAir perfectly fits the vision of De Derde Long

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