TF2 But It’s Paradigm (Episode 2: Dupa Genetics Ad) (SFM)
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TF2 But It’s Paradigm (Episode 2: Dupa Genetics Ad) (SFM)

Also a disclaimer: this video contains a “VHS-type” of effect that may bully your eyes. Not suitable for weaklings. Is your child a virgin? Have they wasted years of their lives aquiring… an arts degree? Do you make it rain on the regular basis… …only to spend it on your child’s expensive taste in Bullshit Coffee? Is your child just an asshole? These are questions we ask everyday. Here in Dupa Genetics, *we* have a solution: “Prodigy Child”, the fully customisable child of your dreams. The process is very simple. We gather your broken dreams, we combine them with our cutting edge genecting sequencing technology and finally, our secret soos and then, your precious Prodigy Child is born. Don’t leave your child’s success to chance! They can be a Prodigy Child in ANYTHING, such as scientist, bodybuilder, wizard AND… cat. You know what to do. Do you really, really, really, really, really, really, really want to risk the disappointment? Buy your Prodigy Child today! You will not regret it!

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