The Beginning of Everything — The Big Bang
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The Beginning of Everything — The Big Bang

The beginning of everything. The Big Bang. The idea that the universe was suddenly
born and is not infinite. Up to the middle of the 20th century,
most scientists thought of the universe as infinite and ageless. Until Einstein’s theory of relativity gave
us a better understanding of gravity, and Edwin Hubble discovered that galaxies
are moving apart from one another in a way that fits previous predictions. In 1964, by accident, cosmic background
radiation was discovered, a relic of the early universe, which, together with other observational
evidence, made the Big Bang the accepted theory in science. Since then, improved technology like the
Hubble telescope has given us a pretty good picture of the
Big Bang and the structure of the cosmos. Recent observations even seem to suggest
that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. But how did this Big Bang work? How can something come from nothing? Let’s explore what we know. We can ignore the beginning part
for now. First of all, the Big Bang was not
an explosion. It was all space stretching
everywhere all at once. The universe started
very, very, very small and quickly expanded to the
size of a football. The universe didn’t expand into anything,
space was just expanding into itself. The universe cannot expand into anything
because the universe has no borders; there is, by definition, no “outside”
the universe. The universe is all there is. In this hot, dense environment, energy
manifested itself in particles that existed only for the
tiniest glimpses of time.>From gluons, pairs of quarks were created,
which destroyed one another, perhaps after giving off more gluons. These found other short-lived quarks
to interact with, forming new quark pairs and
gluons again. Matter and energy were not just
theoretically equivalent, it was so hot they were practically
the same stuff. Somewhere around this time, matter
won over antimatter. Today, we’re left with almost all
matter and nearly no antimatter at all. Somehow, one billion and one matter
particles were formed for every one billion particles of
antimatter. Instead of one massive ultimate force
in the universe, there were now several refined versions
of it acting under different rules. By now the universe has stretched to a
billion kilometers in diameter, which leads to a decrease in temperature. The cycle of quarks being born and
converted back to energy suddenly stops.>From now on, we work with what we have. Quarks begin forming new particles,
hadrons, like protons and neutrons. There are many, many combinations of
quarks that can form all sorts of hadrons, but only very few are reasonably stable
for any length of time. Please take a moment to appreciate that
by now, only one second has passed since the beginning of everything. The universe, which has grown to one
hundred billion kilometers, is now cold enough to allow most of the
neutrons to decay into protons and form the first atom, hydrogen. Imagine the universe at this point as an
extremely hot soup, ten billion degrees Celsius, filled with
countless particles and energy. Over the next few minutes, things cooled
and settled down very fast. Atoms formed out of hadrons and electrons, making for a stable and electrically
neutral environment. Some call this period the Dark Age,
because there were no stars and the hydrogen gas didn’t allow visible
light to move around. But what’s the meaning of visible light,
anyway, when there’s nothing alive yet that could have eyes? When the hydrogen gas clumped together
after millions of years and gravity put it under great pressure, stars
and galaxies began to form. Their radiation dissolved the stable
hydrogen gas into a plasma that still permeates the universe today
and allows visible light to pass. Finally, there was light! Okay, but what about the part
we didn’t talk about? What happened right at the beginning? This part can be defined as the Big Bang. We don’t know at all what happened here. At this point, our tools break down. Natural laws stop making sense,
time itself becomes wibbly-wobbly. To understand what happened here,
we need a theory that unifies Einstein’s relativity and quantum
mechanics, something countless scientists are working on right now. But this leaves us with lots of
unanswered questions. Were there universes before our own? Is this the first and only universe? What started the Big Bang, or did it
just occur naturally, based on laws we don’t understand yet? We don’t know, and maybe we never will. But what we do know is that the universe
as we know it started here and gave birth to particles, galaxies,
stars, the Earth, and you. Since were ourselves are made of
dead stars, we are not separate from the universe; we are part of it. You could even say that we are the
universe’s way of experiencing itself. So, let’s keep on experiencing it, until
there are no more questions to ask. Subtitles by the community

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  1. I actually don't believe in any of this my theory about God is: god made time so he controls time and not time controls god that means there's nothing that's called begin or end it's maybe just some kinda other system or no system at all maybe god is the whole system who knows.
    we'll never know cuz our brains aren't strong enough to understand cuz if it does that'll mean there is no difference between us and god right? Its all about understanding how to do what god does and replicate it but we can't that's what makes us normal people actually more like week living creatures.

    and think about it!! If the world's beginning is something about science that means there must have been something that caused to something that caused the big explosion BUT THERE WERE NOTHING!!! And out of nothing comes nothing!!!!!
    This theory is about very small elements that caused an explosion but where did they come from??
    No answer but god i guess right??

    Hope i just changed somebody's mind 🤗🤗

  2. I don't understand the concept of expansion of the universe. How can the universe expand, if there is no space beyond it anyway. You say that it "expands into itself", but it sounds very abstract, as if someone made it up in order to get past the question. I'm not trying to deny Big bang, I just can't get the sense of it.

  3. In the beginning with that yellow ball. Representing the Universe, if you don't look directly at it, it wobbles and is really trippy.

  4. Tell less cock and bull the
    begining was word,and word
    was God,and God created the
    world by his words..

  5. All I’m going to say is 0+0+0 can never ever be one and science tries to justify that the universe came from northing?? Impossible and pathetic. This is all the amazement off Allah SWT.

  6. If time is relative think about this:

    What if the Big Bounce Theory is correct stating their were universes before our on.

    What if the technology we perceive to be advanced really isn’t.

    What if a universe before our own had the very tools we do now such as internet, smart phones, cars.. and so on.

    This could’ve happened trillions of years ago but because once again time is relative it doesn’t matter. What if we aren’t as smart as we think we are.

    What if the universe is an endless loop and we are just one of many to experience a moment in time such as this.

  7. Who thinks all this gibberish is nonsense, an educated guess at best. The language used is too confusing, if don't know the size of the universe how can we explain its beggings.

  8. Or big bang was a two way process
    Mattet created out universe
    And anti matter created another universe or anti verse

  9. I don't believe in the big bang theory because how can the world be created with no reason? It doesn't make sense, there is a true God who created this world for a reason

  10. [Quran 21.30]" Do not those who disbelieve see that the heavens and the Earth were meshed together then We ripped them apart? And then We made of water everything living? Would they still not believe?"

    [Quran 51.47] "And the heaven, We built it with craftsmanship and We are still expanding."

    [Quran 21.104] "On the day when We will fold the heaven, like the folder compacts the books, and as We originated the first creation We shall return it; a promise ; surely We will deliver."(4:48)

    [Quran 41.11] "Then He directed himself to the Heaven when it was SMOKE, and then said to it and to Earth: "Come willingly or by force" they said "We do come willingly"

  11. Sorry Folks-but there is on one way to spell "Bullshit" !! 125,000 likes–what is to like ??? Maybe –could be–we think- Get a Job !! create something worth while !!!

  12. This video explained nothing and brought things into the equation that don’t exist in the universe? Ok I’ll believe this to be factual when clearly it’s faith based but I’ll tell everyone it’s factual and in no way it’s a religion 🙃

  13. Evolution, I know you've been very busy about running outta tigers, climbing on trees and messing with branches, but possibility to comprehense universe life and other stuff would be nice (

  14. borrowing hayley jewski idea-
    GASP wait that means we are controlling by a sims that is in a a game controlling that sims universe that that sims universe is controlling our universe and we controlled a sims that we are controlling a universe that a sims making us play the game sims to controlling a sims a universe but wait… who creat the simms that controlled us that controlled the sims that controlling us?????????????
    as i say im borrowing Hayley comments so please dont throw bricks,haha shout out to Hayley Jewski thank you for your comment and please if u see this comment its Hayley idea so thanks Hayley if u see this comment plz reply kk Hayley Jewski??

    PS// sry if i spell ur name wrong

  15. Somebody took a HUGE shit not a huge shit but a un humanly possible size of shit in a second and that explains alot

  16. I find it rather interesting that assuming The Big Bang actually happened, that would also mean that it was so incredibly dense at one point that the gravity it had would have been too strong for it to have flown apart.

  17. "We are not separate from the universe… We are part of it. You could even say we are the universe's way of experiencing itself"

    STOP! I really do not need this kind of mind bender. You guys have already put my mind through so frickin much, it can't handle that

  18. Just the way he explains this, he is stating the laws and how nature is working. Someone or something HAD to make these laws. If everything came out of nothing, then there wouldn't be concrete rules of how molecules and everything act and react with one another.

    God creating the universe makes more sense. How do people believe this "theory" based purely on assumptions?

    Look around you, the chance of this beautiful world being a molecularly evolved accident is impossible.

    The sooner people realize this, the sooner you can start admiring God and all his Glory and strive for eternal life with him in his kingdom through his grace and forgiveness.

    The reason he created us and the universe is to give us the opportunity to love him. Our universe is the only scenario of creation where love is possible. But there has to be evil for love to exist. And it's too bad evil and Satan has his grasp on most of the world today. It's a miracle every time someone turns from evil and their sins to love and accept God purely on faith. But know one day he will reveal himself and destroy all evil. The reason he doesn't do that now is because it would be pointless. If everyone saw him and knew they were supposed to love and follow him to have eternal life then it wouldn't mean anything. We would be just like robots being told what to do. And that's not meaningful. He's waiting and giving each and every one of us the opportunity to turn from sin and accept him… Or not. That is the meaning of our existence.

  19. It's a bolocks theory. They say that matter will slowly lose energy, until everything will cool to absaloute zero, and stay that way forever…

    If this is so, and time has no beginning or end, how did the matter get energy in the first place?

  20. And now: there is a big, complex system, made by one species, which also is the only one hating it, reaching for freedom without a system. How ironic.

  21. I wonder if logic really is suspended beyond the universe?
    Here's my theory: Nothing can exist without a pre-existing environment (including the universe itself)

    Also, it really 'gets on my tits' when scientists admit they don't know what happened before the Big-Bang, but then, they carry on as if it created EVERYTHING, including the natural laws, Time, etc….

    …No! STOP!! Just stop it.


  22. It's not the big bang its god saying let there be light then he started working on the universe because before he was creating heaven then he started creating the world so yeah god wants us to find out the correct answer on our own

  23. Is the universe a white hole? It would be an interesting thought to explore considering it would mean that the wormhole theory would amount to great interlocking universes

  24. We do know what caused the Big Bang… This is a video that is biased towards agnosticism. But if we take into account the teological implications of the universe beggining to exist, we see the cosmological argument confirmed. Also, there is only one religious text that predicted all of this. And i believe that the creators of this channel know that perfectly well… God exists

  25. Ik this has nothing to do with the video but my thoughts on aliens are that we cant find aliens because if we see with a telescope years light from our planet we would just see dinosaurs or maybe nothing thats why we never found aliens also aliens might not look how we think they do they might be the same as us but with some differences like the shape of their legs based on gravity so if aliens existed they would look like us

  26. quran about bigbang ,Alanbiya (30):
    Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth
    were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every
    living thing? Then will they not believe?

  27. quran about blackhole , Al-maarij (1-2): [It is] from Allah, owner of the ways of ascent.
    The angels and the Spirit will ascend to Him during a Day the extent of which is fifty thousand years.

  28. quran about the universe continues grow ,azzariat (51:47) And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander.

  29. ⚠️ WARNING: this is long ⚠️

    I’m Catholic but I still don’t understand how ‘God’ created everything. I’m now in confusion and doubting my faith, I believe in the Big Bang more honestly but not completely. Ik some people are gonna say like “God is eternal and for us to know if he’s there we just have to have faith” but honestly God wasn’t the one who created faith it was Homo sapiens who interpreted there feelings and thoughts, and Ik what people gonna say ‘the angel visited them and whispered I there ear and they gained knowledge’ or ‘its in the testaments’ but who created the testaments. That’s the end.. for now. Thank you if your reading this till the end I just had to release everything and I can’t I that with my friends or family bc I go to a catholic school and my parents are ig semi devoted Catholics

  30. If you don't understand any of this, that's ok! It is all lies, delusion, and deception: An attempt by man to get rid of God. And so, man creates all sorts of ridiculous theories and concepts that make ZERO sense, but somehow we think it is "intellectual" and that it explains everything.

    Colossians @-17: For in Him all things were created, things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities. All things were created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

    I encourage everyone to at least research the Bible, the truths it teaches, and has taught for 1000's of years: Way before any formal mathematics…

  31. you said When the hydrogen gas clumped together after millions of years and
    gravity put it under great pressure, stars and galaxies began to form.
    but how could gravity put it under great preasure if there is litttle gravity in space ? that doesn't make sense

  32. OK listen up so you guys saying that the big bang created the world but you guys are wrong because how can the big bang boom and then create humans like that that doesn’t make sense at all Who possessed you like that’s not normal so God created the world God created people by his image you guys should repent because when God is going to come back in this world he’s gonna take the good people in heaven but all the new people who believe that God doesn’t exist ouffff. Hell is waiting on you hell is waiting on you is waiting for you so repent people of the earth because God created the world and he gonna come back

  33. If we know about the stuff after the hydrogen mess by observation, and we can't see past the mess of hydrogen, how do we know what things were like before the mess of hydrogen? Couldn't it just have well been pulled apart by a multiversal ripple?

  34. "Yo, humans. I'm really happy for you. I'ma let you finish, but your brains are really not that good at visuallizing that stuff. So if you can't, don't blame it on science but your primate brains that developed to avoid being killed by tigers and making babies"

  35. Its funny how people believe in this stupid theory. It is nonsense. The same as evolution, ufo, illuminati, reptiles, martians etc.
    You can believe in it but stop calling it science. Stop teaching this stupid theory at school.

  36. Where is earth in relation to the big bang beginning. If it started with earth, then there are no planets older.

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